Thursday, November 13, 2008

You, Me and The Moon

[updated 12.21am, 14-Nov-2008: with photos!]

It's supposed to be a romantic night tonight -- malam 15hb going into 16hb Islam i.e. malambulanterang, AND malam Jumaat.

But here I am, with Abang, in the car at the Giant Melawati car-park, killing time before an appointment with Abang's friend at 9pm, and it's drizzling outside. Hence, no moon in sight.


BUT! Man do I have THREE fullmoon pics sent to me for me to post on my blog -- one from my loveleh niece in the Big Apple, one from Awin in Pahang, and another one from the infamous renowned & celebrated *that's what i really meant, Kak Teh!* Kak Teh in London (tapi aku rasa aku suda silap kasi email add pada Kak Teh lah, coz tak dapat-dapat lagi emailnya! Hwak!).

Nanti. Tunggu aku balik rumah karang, and I will upload them all up!

Tak sabar akewwww!

Ok, time killed. 8.48pm now. Da!

And to add further for my list of fullmoon entries...

1. From Anakanda Miem:

Fullmoon above Empire State Building [don't ask me which building that is in this photo, but that's besides the point la kan. Yang penting, it's from New York, hehe].

[pic dated 12-nov-2008]

Siiiiiiiighhh.... thank you Mieeeem!

2. From Kak Teh:


Here are your moons.

The first one was taken on my door step with my son's camera.

the second and third was outside malaysia hall taken with my own camera. tak cantik laa but there you are.

now whenever there's full moon kak teh teringat you.

Take care.

kak teh."

Siiiiiiiighhh.... thank you Kak Tehhhhh!

3. From Awin:


tadi masa tengah jemur kain di beranda, tertengok di langit nampak bulan tergantung macam spotlight..isk,lama dah x keluar bulan sebab sini di muadzam hujan sokmo...
so bila ingat bulan, ingat kak lin..."

bulan malu

masih malu lagi

spotlight ka paa...

spotlight ka paa... II

Siiiiiiiighhh.... thank you Awiiiiiiinnn!

...aiyoh, my hati so tenang, lah... I just don't know how to explain it. Like the rays of the moon, I think. And I can almost feel the still of the night air at these three parts of the world.

Knowing that these people [including from the previous entries -- durian dubai and ilush] are looking at the one thing I am also looking at, here in Cheras -- simply marvelous...



Kak Teh said...

roti, , tak dapat?

Oh dear, I didnt realise that I am infamous! :( do check what it means. kesian kak teh. kak teh tak famous pun tak pa, jangan infamous.
I sent the pix of the moon to the address you gave me.

Kak Teh said...

kak teh dah hantar dua kali. maybe your email box is full. do let me know.

Kak Teh said...

adoi, tak lah sampai macam tuuuuu! kak teh dah hantar sekali lagi. ada tak?
or give me another email address.

Kak Teh said...

Okay it is me again - go to and get the pictures of the moon there.


Roti Kacang Merah said...

dear, dear, kak teh
dapat your first emaaaaaaaaaaaaaaillll!!! [it was in the spam box, for some reason!] *grins very very wide*

I thought i wanted to reply you, beritau i got the email... tapi tak sabar nak upload them on my blog instead!! Sorry, kakak!!!

but oh THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH for your lovely thoughts!!!

i SO miss the winter moon, lah. So calming!

D said...

cop! cop! cop! what's this with the moons? siap orang dari merata dunia ambik gambar moon for you?? did I miss an entry?

you ni betul la faszt... should have told me and i could have snapped a photo of the moon from coventry. ahaks. nak tau tak, masa i tengok bulan penuh semalam, some memories were evoked and an entry was subconsciously written in my mind. hehe.. hari ni ingat nak tulis la. tengok-tengok ada orang lagi la membulan!! hahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

ye la k lin, ada apa dgn bulan? but no doubt the sight is so pretty..
akak, bila nk update ttg adi, labu n labi? miss them soooo much!!!

Umi Q

nik awin said...


~nasib baik x bertukar jadi werewolf..


Countess Miem said...

Hehe. The empire state is the highest one in the pic. Malam tu sejuk gile. I was on my way to see my prof, then I saw the full moon, and tringat kaklin. After the meeting, I went back to my room, grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics. Voilah. Hehe. Hope u enjoy it. Full moon atas NewYork!

Anonymous said...

hehehe..nasib baik you tak jadi werewolf bila kala bulan mengambang!


Roti Kacang Merah said...

harlowwww. sila jangan tulis entry di fikiran sahaja, mkayyyy. Sila kongsi sama! tak sabar ni!!! fullmoon pic in Coventry too, pleaaase!

umi q
coming-up next -- what Labi & Abg Zul talk about first thing in the morning masa bangun tidur!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

werewolf? nasib baik tak tukar jadi PONTIANAK, kau! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheheheheheheheheheeeeeeee

anakanda miem
Eiii suka sangat, tenchuuuu!!! i LOVE fullmoons in winter -- the night-air can get so still and calm!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

apa kellesss werewolf. Pontianak la best, boleh melayang dari satu pokok ke satu pokok to get better view of the moon! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheheheheheheheheheeeeeeee

elisataufik said...

wah tengah2 bulan cam ni, banyaklah you dapat submissions ;)
here's mine:

You can link terus, takyah upload kat tempat lain dah.

d'Frog Prince said...

i send some moon pics to your yahoo account.

MakTiriHappening said...

Faszt, kat Melawati? Awat la tak call aku? Bleh lepak2 umah aku sambil tunggu yr hubby. Kalau bgtau awal, can even masak2 something for dinner. time gimme a ring la. Lgpun my hubby out station every week. So, the house is ours!

famyGirl said...

*waves* Harloooo :)
ohhh rupa-rupanya dia ni ada obsesi dengan bulan jugak. ingatkan obsesi dengan kucing (dan roti) je hee hee hee

Roti Kacang Merah said...

THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! chantik sangaaaaaaat!

abe tommy
banyaknya gambar!!! but i could only choose one aje sebab yang lain nampak macam ada fireworks, eh???


Roti Kacang Merah said...

aku kena pi sekali dengan laki aku coz dia tak hafal jalan pi rumah member dia! but i'll have you in mind next time otey???

Famy, yuhuuuu!
Ohhh, i think in my past life i was a lil pungguk, lah! (jangan lil pungkok, udah la!) hehe


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