Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yoga versus Silat

On our way to Yaya's UiTM Convo this afternoon, Abang received a text msg from Dr.Farish. Al-Jazeera was about to interview him about the banning of yoga, he told Abang.

Abang asked me to reply him all the best, and to challenge the Fatwa Council to put up a fatwa on detention without trial i.e ISA and the likes.

Now, I may not be practising yoga, nor do I want to sound like I'm looking down on the Council. But with all due respect, I have friends and relatives going for yoga. Some of the places siap sediakan tempat solat lagi untuk my friends/relatives. A Muslim consultant even told me that her Muslim doctor prescribed yoga for her to relieve her stress -- all those breathing techniques, realigning your backs, relieving muscle stress and knots. In fact, a very close and pious cousin told me that I should come and join her classes where they also held buteyko.

I asked some of them -- ada pantang larang ke nak practise yoga ni? You know, macam silat -- kan ada pantang larang lah, jampi serapah lah bagai.

No, not at all! Yoga tak da pantang-larang lah! They said.

Then I thought, kalau macenggitu kenapa tak da fatwa against silat, yang ada jampi serapah, mintak izin roh-roh masa nak buka langkah, and pantang larang tahapa-hapa?

Isn't that lebih memesongkan aqidah?


Later on in the evening, Abang told me that Dr.Farish texted him about a Muslim Yoga Practitioner who was also invited by Al-Jazeera for the interview. Bagus betul, kan?

Patutnya, prior to the fatwa The Council should interview that certain Muslim Yoga Practioner as well as a lot of Muslim doctors out there who prescribe yoga as part of the healing therapy. Do a discourse, will ya. Educate the public. Why so scared one...

Bukan takat jerit, "Jangan sentuh cerek panas!" without explaining that hot kettles can burn you.

At least, too, do a really specific fatwa rather than a blanket. Kindalike, "Guidelines of Yoga for Muslims" of some sort.

How I wish they don't make beautiful and peaceful Islam sounds as shallow.

While you're at that, Dear Fatwa Council, could you please also keluarkan fatwa against rasuah, detention without trials or even cronyism/nepotism?

Kalau nak sangat la keluarkan fatwa, kan.

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Jumper said...

When I hit your recommended 2nd further read, the blue & white screen with Add Life To Life pops up. What's it all about that it's being censored here?

d'Frog Prince said...

tu ler pasal, to be muslim is tough enough as it is in this modern world but to mengongkong orang as if all the common folks tak der otak, tu yang frust tu. i really hates those holier than thou attitude, irregardless of belief (trust me, it's not confined to islam alone) but unfortunately, islam one always announced in public, buat public frust je...

i always believed that God is God to everyone, it does not belong exclusively to one particular group only. the vehicle might differs, the route may differ but the destination is definitely the same, so, don't belittle any other religions or even your own peers lah kan?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

doyan meloncat
huh? got censored??? wait...

*scroll scroll scroll*

oh, no wonder, got explicit contents in there. "Dita von Teese Teese-es Audience", etc.

Back in the UK, daily tabloid TheSun is renowned for its Page 3 -- everyday would be a photo of different girls baring their tops. Hence, The Page Three Girls.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abe tommy
we the muslims don't really mind with fatwas, coz most of them really help with the kind of rulings that we're supposed to follow.

but sometimes, the council these days can get a lil bit too carried away, totally forgetting that they're handling very smart and educated muslim lot as compared to zaman dulu2 yang jenis menerima sahaja without enough resources to refer to. exasperating, sometimes.

Nona Azizah Razali said...


Amboi amboi main sedap mulut jer komplen fasal Majlis Fatwa, Please la, ada respek sikit.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Wa'alaikumussalam Cik/Puan Nona Azizah Razali,

Ini blog saya, saya bebas nak utarakan pendapat saya tentang apa-apa pun.

sekurang-kurangnya saya mengkritik DAN beri cadangan. bukan macam orang lain yang tahu komplen, kritik, tapi tidak pun beri cadangan membina.

atau cik/puan jenis yang tahu hangguk kepala sahaja tanpa guna akal fikiran???

terpulang lah!


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