Thursday, November 06, 2008

Telepathic Ramblings

When we were doing A-Levels back in 91-93, there were only two QS students among 100+ of us. Buyong and Chombi, we called them. Both are guys. Both of whom I was quite close with since we were in the same class during the 3-month Intensive English Course in Seremban, prior to the As.

With Chombi... I was quite close to him back then, up to a point when one time he would voluntarily berlakon jadi my pakwe everytime I asked him to teman me beli burger at this one burger stall 'coz the Abang selalu menggatal dengan aku. Everytime. And for almost a year he did that, I think.

And of course Chombi and I were close during the UK time, too... him in Liverpool, me in Edinburgh (like, him in Melaka, me in Pasir Mas laidat). At one time we talked so much on the phone, friends thot we were an item. Dia kata dia sayang aku, tapi "kau besar sangat la untuk jadi awek aku", he would say in a jest. Hahaha. Alah, zaman yang aku tak rasa nak berfoya-foya berawek-balak lagi, yew. Idok le aku terasa bebenor.

With Buyong... strange relationship he and I had. He was very, very endearing to me, but we tend to fight over very petty emotional matters. Kadang si Chombi tengok kitorang berdua, geleng kepala aje. We hardly talked on the phone when we were in the UK, but I knew of him going out with who and all that. Prior to his graduation day, he called me up, knowing that I was spending my summer attending other people's graduations up in Edinburgh. It wasn't my graduating year yet, and his family couldn't make it over. So he called me up so that I could become his guest, and 'sponsored' me the entire trip from Edinburgh to Liverpool, makan, minum, tempat tidur, tambang bas, teksi, you name it. Alah aku tumpang rumah awek dia aje, heh heh. And his then awek was a friend of mine, too.

After their graduation in summer 1996 (Chombi & Buyong attended the same uni) was the last I saw of them. I last spoke to Chombi before he got married in, I think, 1998? And I did bump into Buyong back in 2001 in Kg.Attap, though he was acting strangely for some reason so we didn't talk much.

So, last Thursday, during lunch time, I had this naaaaagging feeling to look for them on FB.

I searched for their real names, of course. Unfortunately I've forgotten Buyong's surname, so I had to go through payyyyyges of 'buyongs' on FB.

I remember Chombi's real name, but he wasn't listed on FB.

Quite, quite disappointed, really. They're both QSes and they are both not on FB??? Sheesh.

The next day on Friday, while I was walking along the corridor of my building after office hours and passed by the Tiger Bank downstairs nak berjalan ke arah LRT, I saw this figure walking on the road across me going the opposite direction.

Sekali imbas, aku kenal rupa tu.

Can't be, can it? I said to myself.

Is that Buyong??? I thought.

Too good to be true, kan? Semalamnya aku mencarik dia on FB macam nak rak. Hari ni dia depan mata after TWELVE YEARS tak jumpa tak berborak tak bersembang.

I went closer to the edge of the corridor where he would pass by me, squinted my eye so that I could really see him properly, and called out, "BUYONG??". I had to risk the fact if it was just a pelanduk dua serupa. Lantak la.

And then he stopped. Dead on his track. Looked up, squinted his eyes, smiled and laughed. "Sapa tu?" he asked.

He couldn't see me. Rabun.

I asked him back, "Buyong??? Kau, kan???"

"Bukan!" dia jawab, sambil gelak-gelak.

And then he ran towards me and climbed up the stairs to the corridor to have a closer look at me.

"Faz??!!!" he screamed.

And I screamed back, "Buyongggggg kau tahu tak semalam satu hari aku cari kau dalam facebook tapi aku tak ingat nama bapak kau tapi keluar beratus-ratus buyong tapi satu pun bukan kauuuu!!! Apa kau buat kat siniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?????" In one breath!

Aku ecstatic gila, aku rasa macam nak tumbang semua skyscrapers kat KL ni.

Dah 12 tahun tak jumpa nor berhubung, semalamnya aku cari dia dalam Facebook, harininya dia ada depan mata aku!

Tak gila ke?

Kami rasa macam nak salam peluk peluk peluk gitu... tapi, ni Mesia, kan. Kat UK dulu lain la.

So, I end up tak habis-habis menjerit, "EIIIII!!! EIII!!!! EIII!!!! Macam tak percaya!!!"

I asked him what he was doing there at my office building.

He said he was on his way back from work. He works near Ampang Park, so that day as usual he took the Putra back home, but stopped to change to Star at Masjid Jamek to meet up a friend in Sogo. And went to the Tiger Bank to get some money out.

I said, dalam Sogo kan ada Tiger Bank??? Keluar Star Bandaraya terus aje ke Sogo. Why detour to Tiger Bank at my building???

He said, dia pun tak tahu kenapa dia rasa nak detour and pergi ke Tiger Bank at my building instead of the one inside Sogo. Hahahaha.

Itu la jodoh namanya, kan???

I asked him about Chombi's whereabouts coz I was looking for him too. He said he hasn't been in contact with Chombi for the entire 12 years, until two days ago when Chombi bumped into him in a restaurant in KL and screamed, "Buyongggg!!!"

And the rest was history lah kan...

We caught up with our lives while he walked with me towards the LRT. He's just as funny as I had known him for. He's been married for 10 years, two kids. Chombi has four, and about to work in Riyadh after Raya Haji.

We exchanged a hell lot of infos -- his workplace, email, phone, Chombi's numbers, and I gave him quite a bit of old friends' numbers for him to catch on too!

Eii gila rasanya. But man, wasn't that a great telepathy-story to tell?

Kalau aku tahu, I could've just searched for a million dollars, or Brad Pitt, or free holiday to some island somewhere on the FB.

And they could've terpacul pacak depan mata aku that very same day! Huwak!!!

And oh, of course malam tu Chombi and I borak on the phone bagai nak rak, catching-up old times! He said he just could not believe that it was my voice at the other end, it was so good to hear my voice and laugh again! Awwwww!



d'Frog Prince said...

i love this posting!!

actually, when you are close with someone, you are someone connected, kan? like deja-vu like that.

macam i ngan my best friend, kalau i teringat cam lama dah tak call dia, pastu, my phone will ring and he is on the other line, giler ke aper?

and if we meet each other, we will end up makan and chats for hours, like yesterday from 7.00 pm till 11.00 pm, dua orang aje, and to top that off, kita orang still in contact quite often, yet so many rubbish to share. pelik kan?

like just now i pun "terasa" you will update your blog, hahaha.

rudy bluehikari said...

bestlah.manusia ada aura.glmbg disampaikan dgn bisikan hati.mahu suci Allah.

drbubbles said...

interesting story madam RKM!

nik awin said...


~apsal x panggil TV krew buat rakaman

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hak ah, i've a few friends like that, too! usually i'd just teringat ke diorang, and the next day they'd call me out of the blue nak bertanya khabar!

masa cinta monyet kat sekolah dulu -- everytime i terlintas nak makan chocolate, mesti malam tu my 'cinta monyet' hantar a bar of choc through a posmen. hehehe

alhamdulillah dapat kurniaan sedemikian. tapi kadang, agak menyusahkan juga.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

i'm sure everyone has a story like this, too!

kalau boleh, memang nak freeze the time and panggil krew tang tu jugak!!!

KONG said...

Hehehe FB jgn tak FB.

atiza said...

tanya Buyong..dia nak kerja ngan bank akak tak?..i'm looking for QS..serious ni..

Countess Miem said...

Kaklin, I like your post. Very meaningful. =]

U know what, Miem kt sini pon ade kawan lelaki 3 org yg satu batch. Kami mmg rapat jugak. So, its kinda repeating your story back when you were in Edinburgh. Hehe

P/s: Tgh kumpul duit nak tour UK. huhu. I miss you!

Iron Butterfly said...

huwaa.. Kak Lin.. i can just imagine your feeling time tu..

tapi kan ade skali tu i met my mrsm buddy (after almost 9 years tak jumpe, and we were VERY close), i je yang terjerit kat cineleisure tu when she was subdued (she was wayyy louder than i was in mrsm dulu ok).

oh well, maybe marriage does change some people. mesti dier dalam hati cakap "budak A'a nih bile laa nak insaf, dari skolah sampai skrang tak berubah2".. huehue

Roti Kacang Merah said...

menjejak kasih, woo ;-D

kak aie
aiseh nanti contact faz guna phonenumbers in my FB, ya kak...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kumpul jgn tak kumpul. UK mahal 2,3 kali dari US!

kupu-kupu besi
heh heh serupa kita... orang lain dah subdued, kita masih tak sedar2 diri lagi. hehe


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