Monday, November 17, 2008

telePathetic Ramblings

Since the Buyong and Chombi affair, I think my telepathetic is at it again.

Last Friday night, I was thinking of Nazim, the boy young man I’m currenly re-fixing with my baby sis, Celi (they were both each other’s first loves back in 2001, but broke off a week before my Big Day in December 2005).

As I was just about to sms him and ask his well-being among other things, lo and behold his text message came in! Aku siap melatah “OO MAK NGKAU!!!” lagi!

And he shared with me exactly what I wanted to ask him, concerning him and my sis and plans with his family to meet up mine.

*Twiling Zone switches into the background*

On Saturday when I realized I had very little cash with me to pay for the things in my shopping-cart, I wished the handphone could be used as a payment method – they scan the mobile screen, and payment of groceries billed in your next invoice (if it’s pre-paid, terus tolak dari the pre-paid amount). Instead, I’ve to hand over my ATM card for it to be swiped, and then go behind the counter where the swiping machine is, cover-cover sket dengan tangan to punch my PIN number and then patah balik from where I came from.

Dalam kecanggihan technology, itu pun dorang tak leh fikirkan, kan -- this pay-by-handphone method. Do you know how easy it can be if we can use our mobile phones to pay for groceries or shopping, or even kat touch-n-go lanes???

Satu kali, pagi tadi in the paper, voilah -- “Pay By Phone: Cell phone shopping makes wallets redundant in Japan”.

Ish ish ish diorang niiii. Answering my prayers from afar, lah.

*Twiling Zone switches again into the background*

Yesterday when I went back to my folks’ in Bangi, there was a belated Kad Raya for me in my room.

Hand-written address. From a Publ!c B@nk agent.

For the life of me I cannot recall the name the person had stamped on the card. Let’s call him ‘Al-Ad’.

I took the card with me back to Cheras that noon.

And this morning at the office, since the card was still in my hand-bag, I took it out, read the card back and went, “Sapa dia Al-Ad ni eh…kan bagus kalau dia contact aku ke apa supaya aku tahu sapa dia ni”, and casually threw the card in the bin.

Just as the card flew into the bin, a text message beeped through:
“A’kum, Cuma 14x pengeluaran epf, dgn jumlah pelaburan RM60k, dengan Return 10-20% p.a, bila u retire at age 55, the amount is RM1,916,880, congratulations u will be retiring as a millionaire!huhuhuhuhuhuhu.”

From, ‘Publ!c B@nk Al-Ad’, it says on the inbox!

Lerrrr…. Budak fund manager ni rupanyaaaaa!

*Twiling Zone switches again into the background*

Giler ke apa aku ni.

Satni kalau aku kata aku nak sangat jumpa Barrack Obama, ada chan tak tiba-tiba aku kena jadi emcee kat majlis yang dia ada?

Heh heh, tall order la pulak tu, kan.

[ps: by the way, aku baru keluarkan epf 2x aje for mutual funds, ok. Jadi, aku belum buleh retire as a millionaire lagi, hwaaaaak!]

Maybe lepas ni I should really telepathically ask for more monthly extras and some overseas holidays... ngeeee.



sabre23t said...

Dalam kecanggihan technology, itu pun dorang tak leh fikirkan, kan -- this pay-by-handphone method.
Mmm ... Maxis, Maybank, Visa, Nokia, & TnG; pada awal tahun ini buat ujikaji menggunakan Nokia 6131 NFC phone untuk pay-by-phone. Hanya sentuh NFC phone tu kat reader, dan bayaran ditolak dari "e-purse" NFC phone tu. Lihat untuk laman-laman berkaitan. ;-)

elisataufik said...

kalau gitu,
think good thoughts aje!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

huh??? Laaa if dah buat, ngaper depa tak hebohkan, sey... mudaaaaaaaaah idup akak dgn abang kau ni dek non oi...! dah le kami ni jenis yang tak suka bawak cash banyak-banyak! [ceh, bunyi mcam le byk cash naa!]

*thinking happy thoughts...*

*pejam mata ketat-ketat, kot dapat fly back to Edinburgh* hehe

gedek! said...

Eh? I pon pernah terpikir pasal pay-by-handphone, ni.... * Tu du du du - Tu du du du - Tu du du du.... (*Twiling Zone in the background)


Roti Kacang Merah said...

abe G
hey wot can I say... great minds think alike la bro. haha


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