Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hari-hari Panjang

It's almost 3 in the morning.

Remember the ‘Kerja Kebajikan’ emceeing story I was quite annoyed about?

Well, the days are later on today and tomorrow.

I’ve only done the full script for today (Thursday). Though I have rehearsed with Datin N (the husband just got conferred a Datukship) yesterday evening (Wednesday) at the venue itself which is the L3g3nd Hotel and she had helped me settled quite a bit.

Aiyoh, long day for me I tell ya.

¾ of yesterday morning saw me berhempas pulas to help my QS Officers and Big Boss in preparing tender documents for the tender meeting at 3pm. At 11am, I received a text message from the PRO Boss to present myself at the hotel at the behest of Datin N for full rehearsal.

Dear Gawd. Aku tak buat skrip lagi aterkau!

Apa lagi, akak pakai pulllluuuuuuuuun buat, dah le nak letak all the administrative program sekali for all three scripts [Thursday entire day, Friday half day and Friday farewell dinner on cruise]. Skrip tak sempat siap (though programs siap for two), lantak pi. I thought I could try doodle something in between the rehearsals at the hotel.

Satu kali, driver ofis aku pulak tak da nak tolong hantar aku ke hotel ‘coz kena stand-by kat KLIA for my Timbalan Ketua yang jadi Liaison Officer (LO) for the Bangkok delegates.

Masa tu la nak hujan lebat, kan. Payung pulak tak da. Kalau tak, boleh aku hop on the Star LRT nearby and turun kat Star Putra, no hal la.

Akibatnya, kena la hail a cab.

Aku ni sebenarnya paling takut naik teksi. Takut kena tipu, takut kena rampok, takut kena raba. Ni semua sebab kawan-kawan aku pernah kena.

Tapi Alhamdulillah so far my cab-rides have been most enjoyable, since I tried to make an effort to strike conversations with the cab drivers every time. Tujuannya nak kasi depa rasa guilty kalau nak buat jahat ke akak, karn. Haha

So tadi I chatted with the driver about diesel and NGV vehicles. Kebetulan cab dia guna NGV, so siap dia tunjukkan aku butang NGV <--> Diesel. Yang penting, I want the driver to be friendly to me so that depa rasa guilty kalau nak buat jahat ke akak. Ngeeeee.

Ok, anyway, I digressed.

Reached the hotel at 3pm, ngo nga ngo nge ngo nga ngo nge, habis lima steng.

Aku singgah ke Mall kat sebelah, beli mekap at Gu@rdi@n, beli payung kat P@rkson, and took the Star LRT back to my office.

I sms-ed Abang that I am on my way back to the office.

Abang called back to inform that he’s still in Shah Alam, waiting for his turn for a meeting. And then ada meeting dengan Tian at 7.30pm prior to Tian’s meeting in PKR-HQ at 9pm.

So, cemaner yeh Alin nak balik? Abang asked for my opinion.

Since I’ve to complete my scripts at home and my laptop is at the office 'coz I installed the Printer earlier on, I would have a lot of things with me to bring home -- my office luggage, my laptop, my portable office printer, and my handbag yang besar bagak. I can’t take the cab home, I said. I need someone to help me with the stuff to dibawa naik atas ke rumah [mind you, kat condo aku keta luar tak leh masuk compound. So, to carry all those alone by myself from the guard house up to my unit would be quite, quite far. Dengan hujan lagi, ok. Kena guna payung to cover the printer].

Abang sudah pening.

I said, tak pe lah. I’ll wait for you since I’ve to update my scripts.

But then come 8pm, Abang called up to say that he’s on his way to Tropicana with Tian, and that Tian’s driver, Firdaus, will be picking me up from the office with Tian’s car.

Ok tak kisah la tu kan… at least bila tiba kat condo nanti, dia boleh tolong bawakkan printer aku naik atas sambil cover dengan payung. In which he did, thankfully.

Lepas say bubye-tenchu-Dik-jangan-lupa-kasi-kak-lin-kad-kawin-nanti ke Firdaus, I realized my housekeys were inside the house ‘coz Qia and her friend was around earlier on during the day.

ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH! Letihnya aku rasa masa tu.

It was already 9pm, and when I called up Abang to tell him that I don’t have the housekeys with me, he was still in Damansara, some 30mins away from Cheras.

Apa lagi, aku pun dah tak larat. Pakat duduk kat corridor depan pintu aku. Mujur corridor kami bersih. Aku bukak kasut, duduk bersila, dan baca Malay Mail.

Sambil-sambil tu dok melayan si Labu Labi dok menggamit memanggil-manggil aku dari dalam rumah supaya masuk ke dalam. Ngau, ngau, mawoh, ngau, tak sudah-sudah. Comel cangat.

And then, tiba-tiba, dok tengah baca surat pembaca, I came across this:

Click for larger view

Lerrr, Abang Ngah (Kak Ilush’s big bro, and also Myra’s other half) wrote in to defend his mate. Tumpang bangga gitew, kan.

9 stengah, Abang pun sampai. Dah le aku tak dinner lagi and had a very light lunch. Aku masuk dalam, settlekan hal-hal rumah sepeninggalan Qia and her room-mate, and masak maggi goreng dengan telur aje sebab Abang & I dah terlalu keletihan untuk turun bawah cari makanan [sorry, rumah aku tak da stock makanan].

And only started doing my work at 11pm.


Ok gotta stop. 3.35am now, gewd lawrd!

Need to list down stuff I need to bring tomorrow. I’ve a room at the hotel -- the secretariat put up my name so that I could share with the one and only Lady L.O who accompanies the Mayor of Singapore. I’ll only sleep over on Friday night kot, right after the cruise dinner in Putrajaya.

So, la’ers, ‘gators.

Wish me luck!


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