Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cerita dari Jajahan Bersatu

'United Kingdom' tu, 'Jajahan Bersatu' bukan kaa?


Slept at 9pm last night. Sakit perut. Dah 3 hari. Dok memulas kat bahagian pusat. Tapi tak rasa nak 'membuang'.

Woke up at 4.30am to do work. Ni sebelum nak berenti untuk Subuh...


Dari Kak Ilush in Manchester. Harini baru 13hb Islam. Tunggu esok 14hb till 16hb. Breath-taking, pasti!

"Full moon on a very cold clear manchester evening. Took one pathetic pix with my mobile of the full moon (almost full moon) just outside my office but forgot how to zoom in. Plus it was cold. I don't think we'll get a clear night like tonight any time soon in the future- but hey you never know."


Tenchu for the thots, Kak Iluuuuuuuush!!! *mwaks*

So, anyone else with fullmoon pics???


Really interesting story from a friend who's now doing her Masters in London...

"a lesson to learn.

this morning, while walking to class, i heard loud noises screaming 'you f****** obama, f****** obama, go back you imigrant!!!'. 4 white guys in a car, were screaming at me. what did i do to incur their wrath? since i got here more than one month ago, i do sometimes feel paraniod that people will isolate me, for being an asian, for being a muslim. but thank Allah, it didnt happen..until today.

or so i thought. walking just behind me, a young black lady with her two young children. she looked petrified, i felt angry for her. i tried to say something but no words came out. she said to me, 'it's ok, i'm fine. some people are just angry. the racists just cant accept that a black guy is on top of the world'. served them right!

i feel sad that there are still people who are so narrow-minded in this country. then i realise that who am i to judge them. back in malaysia, i know some people who think that the malays are superior. malay supremacy, looking down at other races, looking down at imigrants...i'm ashamed to admit that i was one of them (long time ago..really :)..) until someone pointed it out to me that i was a racist,without realising it.

dare i say now, served me right!"

Had to admit, a looooooong time ago, I was once one of them too, unknowingly. *head hangs in shame*

Ok Subuh nak habis, nak siap-siap pi kerja.



d'Frog Prince said...

tak per lah, it's called "indoctrination", not your fault entirely what.

and to be fair, irregardless of race, all humans have the tendency to be racists, cuma the level of it je, so the chinese, india dll are also equally guilty.

dulu, in our country, probably people are racists in good humour way, only now it is in a very scary twisted kind of way.

also, "tak kenal, maka tak cinta" plays a very important part, last time, people tend to learn about each other, nowadays, all are "onaks", no time to stop and care about the others, makanya, timbul lah misunderstanding dan racism.

Saya said...

cantiknya full moon tu. dulu when I was in aussie, I tengok full moon dorang lebih besar and nearer than kita kat mesia hehe.

neeway, I think I will be going to mexico next year. nanti I ambik full moon kat sana kalau full moon time tu.

nik awin said...

la ni musim ujan....
ujannnn manjaaaaaangggggg..bulan pun malu je nak kuar

~berselimut ternak badan ,bes nih.......
(tgh fenin nak kurangkan lelemak badan ni)..
gasp...oksigen...<---tgh pakai girdle..


Roti Kacang Merah said...

yup i blame the indoctrination almost entirely! kalau dari kecik dulu tak da all these rubbish, jiwa kita takkan pernah ada tertanam perasaan prejudis towards each other, kan?

kak rose
haaa, ya, ya, PLEASE take a photo of the mexican moon! very big also!

pakai girdle boleh kurangkan lemak, meh??? ;-p

Kak Teh said...

salam, I have been here almost 30 years, the first and only time it happened to me was after the bombing. Its just their anger and I allowed that, but of course I was shaken.

elisataufik said...

i think kalau you pegi mrsm, memang tak boleh lari from being 'indoctrinated'.
Good thing we were also taught to think for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

hi faz,
thanks for adding my comment. rasa bangga pulak..hehehe.
anyway, after doing research on cultural unqueness & diversity for my presentation, i have different outlook & perspective about other races now..white, black, chinese, indians etc..i have 38 classmates with 25 different nationalities. everybody is so proud of their race & will defend their culture wholeheartedly. but at the end of the day, everybody is equal, no one is superior. we learn to understand & tolerate each other. it really opens up my eye. i hope i will become a better person after this.

Kak Teh said...

salam, boleh tak bagi email. I have something for you.

Countess Miem said...

i have a full moon above empire state building for kaklin. trying to send it to you using YM but you werent online. any other way? hehehe

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak teh
back in Scotland, my friends and I had quite a few incidents ourselves. Maybe bcoz there were not many of us Asians up there back then. Ilush got spat at, topi i kena tarik, etc. usually by teenagers, though. not by the adults.

ya lah. but, come to think of it... back then, i never thought there would be any 'propagandic motifs' (ada ke perkataan ni?) behind all the Lagu Warisan or BTN. Dah besar nak masuk Uni baru terfikir balik.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

it was a well-written thought and i thought your writing deserve a spot on my lil blog. hehe. hey you're lucky that dapat 'hidayah' pasal benda-benda ni. you should share it and become an advocate on it further on the FB. banyak pahalanya. ;-D

kak teh
dah attach email to your comment box!!! tak sabar niii!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

anakanda mieeeem
email to kak lin or pak ngah, please!!! eiii bestnya!!!


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