Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Blaming Game

I am, at best, knackered beyond reason today. Aku rasa macam, macam, nak pi somewhere and jerit kuat-kuat and maki hamun ikut suka hati aku. Sangat frust dan disappointed ke ofis aku hari ni. Nak cerita pun tak larat.

[Spare for the news I received this morning that my office has scored NUMERO UNO (#1) among the 27 departments in the organisation yang mempunyai projek-projek yang rancak berjalan (based on financial spending). Last year kami yang paling corot; this year nombor satu. And all four of my projects, I was told, played a huge part of the contributing factor, Alhamdulillaaaaah! I've to admit that I have a grrrreat team working with me!

and oh! oh! My bro Ahy has been offered to work with MARDI's Technical Team - bahagian exhibition and all that, so I heard - starting this 1st of December!!! Happy sangaaaaaaaaaat!!!]

Walau bagaimana pun, in between settling paperworks, phonecalls and running around between offices, aku sempat buat quiz ni... and the result is as below:

Now, boleh la aku blame my thyroid and also this syndrome as well for my sluggishness and weight-gain, kan?

Heh heh.

Aku dah letih asyik kuar masuk jumpa doktor kat Sri Permaisuri tu mintak muscle relaxant la pain-killer bagai, dan aku siap tanya kenapa masa bulan puasa aku makan sangat berjaga tapi satu kilo pun aku tak hilang -- but the doctor never provide me answers. Like, macam, malas nak fikir ke, malas nak diagnose ke... aku pun tak pasti. Patutnya kalau tengok my history in the card, perhaps dah leh conclude on what sort of further test or diagnosis that I could undertake, kan?

When I went to see the cardio doctor at the HUKM two weeks ago, she suggested that I should come back next year for a blood test to test on my thyroid since I complained as such. Ye lah, maybe something wrong with my hormone ka, metabolism ka. Dr.Shah nama dia. Doctor yang ada akai ni, sesuai aku letak namanya kat blog aku, kan.

Aku rasa, mungkin aku tak nak tunggu next year. Dalam masa terdekat ni, aku nak buat blood test kat klinik organisasi aku. Lesser fee [or if I'm lucky, free]. Pastu aku nak print the articles on fibromyalgia and pass to the organisation doctor yang akan check aku nanti.

And then maybe aku nak print the results of my thyroid quiz apart from the fibromyalgia, and tampal dua-dua article kat dahi aku supaya my family and relatives sayang mulut sikit kalau nak kutuk aku macam aku ni orang paling gemuk dan hodoh di dunia.

Orait tak?




D said...

ish, sayang oi, janganla be too hard on yourself with the "orang paling gemuk dan hodoh di dunia"!!! If i may be honest, you are the sweetest la - sikit je tembam but definitely NOT NOT NOT hodoh..

just make sure kita sihat sudah la. janji hidup happy dan boleh beramal ibadat. nanti kat hereafter you can ask for your perfect size zero!(kot teringin)

oh, btw, yez, sila print and laminate the quiz and tampal kat dahi eh..

d'Frog Prince said...

yup, as long as you are healthy my dear friend.

as i am, everyone complained that i looked ugly, as if i am orang kurus yang paling hodoh dalam dunia ini, when i don't feel kurus at all.

they never leaves me alone and never try to understand that i like being thin, as long as i am happy, let me be, asyik2 suruh i eat more and gain wait....

so, to you, and to me, i'll say, do as you please as long as your heart is happy.

F manchester said...

I think its just our culture... kurus tak leh, gemuk tak leh, pendek tak leh, tinggi nor tak leh... at the end of the day, what ever your shape, size, complection, job, car, house, clothes, children/less,... mesti ada orang yang nak comen negetive.

It is sometimes a real shame... But for what its worth RKM you may not have the looks to sell clothes down the catwalk of Paris, but you most certainly do have the personality, heart, talent, and GREAT hair to make most of your friends very green with envy.

F manchester said...

By the way... a holiday won't hurt either....

Anonymous said...

aiyoo makcik... aku ni pun sama ler.... org dok bising... tak mao kurus balik ker...
so my standard answer..." 34 tahun aku tunggu nak dapat lemak cenggini.. takkan aku nak give it up gitu aje.." terkesima mereka sume itewwwww.....hehehehe


Roti Kacang Merah said...

alah you know lah how some people (especially relatives or family) can shove your 'kekurangan' (or 'kelebihan', in this case) to your face at times, kan...and you thought you're supposed to be unconditionally beautiful in the eyes of your relatives or family members... and so i will laminate and tampal those articles whenever i see them, haha!

abe tommy
like my above reply to dijji -- so, how to be happy when they, of all people, think you're ugly?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
great hair is now a past tense, lah...hehe

but, yeah, you're right. something is really wrong with the culture. asyikla nak tengok kekurangan orang lain. prolly it's something to do with their own self-esteem kot, that they need to look down on other people so that they'd feel better about themselves...?

kau boleh la jawab cenggitew sebab dulu kau selimemlim. ngeeeee

nik awin said...

ala kak..
saya pun skrg dah tambun jugak..lagi2 lepas puasa...ade dekat 7-8kg lemak berkumpul

ni dok fenin nak kasi buang camne...

Jumper said...

Reality checks...You're adorable, lovable, smart, witty, committed and talented. Enough said.

Other superlatives like paling gemuk or paling hodoh are imaginary, not real.

Be happy with what you are.Forget what you are not.

If it's a thyroid, it can be fixed.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

acu la try thyroid test tu. tah2 your thyroid plays a part?

durian meloncat
alorrr, you and my other friends -- i really love you guys larrr... tenchu... *sniff*

yeah if it's thyroid i really want it to be fixed before having a baby. InsyaAllah!

elisataufik said...

Oprah pun ada thyroid.
Eh you kena jaga sikit pasal thyroid ni. Can get very dangerous. Tanya Sunflora.
Cepatlah2 pegi berubat.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hak ah sebab itu dia kata dia dah tak boleh jaga weight dia dah due to thyroid. itu yg i bengang tu -- over the couple of years i dok komplen dengan doktor i pasal sudden weight gain, tapi dia tak pernah nak suggest apa2. bengang gila.

Ahmad Nurfarhi Rosley said...

Hey, whut with sume org nak jd kurus nih? Skang BIG is new black you know, kene dengar lagu Mika-Big Girl You Are Beautiful. suke sgt lagu tu..

Kak Lin hodoh? I don't think so.. Kalau Rafidah Aziz tuh bole dikategori hodoh, luar and dalam. opsss... ggagaga.. Ak Lin, u're beautifully, warm n fuzzy inside thus org nampak tu jer. :)

Awat susah sgt dorg nak buat test darah? Doc fahy haritu senang jer buat test darah nak tengok thyroid gak, takut I mess up my hormon. Mehla jumpe doc fahy nak? Dah la doc tu very baik, ckp slow2. Tapi on weekdays je lah. nak? gegege...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alaaaa mana aci Ahy puji-puji, mesti la Ahy nampak kak lin tak hodoh... you're my baby brother and i pernah cuci you berak kencing, maa... hehe

nanti kak lin jumpa doktor ofis kak lin je lah. kat bangi, jauh nah la... nak kena ambil cuti la pulak, karn.


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