Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Respectable Foe???

Something really… strange? sad? frustrating?... happened a moment ago when I went out to the pharmacy nearby.

Those of you who are familiar with Permaisuri would know the horrendous double-parking practice at the shop area, since no one wants to park at the vast parking lot provided and pay RM2 for mere minutes.

People have double-parked behind us so many times, too. Yang paling kami marah – dah la dalam baaaaaaaaaaaaanyak-banyak kereta yang park, kereta kami yang jadi mangsa. Lepas tu, tak tinggal nombor telefon for us to call for them to remove their car pula tu. Bila hon pun, lamaaaaaaaaaa baru nak teringat yang dia double-park belakang kita.

With that in mind, Abang & I have long prepared our phone numbers on an A-5 size paper (A4 paper lipat dua) in the car. A number on each side. Kalau aku yang bawak kereta, I’ll put the side yang ada my number if I double-park (or even tumpang parking kat space orang). If Abang yang bawa, he’ll put the side with his number.

So far, we’ve never being called for us to remove our car, which is ok la kan. Maybe sebab kami tinggalkan kereta sekejap aje.

But tadi, this noon, I had to double-park behind a certain red MyVi since I was just going to be very quick in the pharmacy (quick tak quick pun, mau 5-10 jugak la I needed). As usual, I left my phone number on the dashboard. Mind you, on A5 size paper, tau. Big and bold the number is. Bukan tulis kecik-kecik on some decrepit old receipts ke apa.

You know when you’ve left your number like that, you tend to ‘let go’, like, less aware of any honking whatsoever. Ye la, nombor dah besar-besar terpampang kat atas dashboard, you tend to be at peace dah la kan. Asal jangan pegi jauh-jauh dari kereta, dah la.

And also I put my handphone on loud so that I’ll hear the first ringing from deep inside my bag.

True enough, five minutes in the pharmacy, I got a call from an unfamiliar number. I said, “Hello?” And I got a reply from some really irate Indian guy, “You’re blocking my car lah!!!”.

Calmly I replied, Ok Ok I’m coming out now, sorry!

Wow, I told myself. Marahnya dia??? Itu aku letak nombor, tu. Kalau tak letak nombor macam orang lain yang selalu buat kat kami, macam mana la agaknya ya??? Kira akak macam bengang la jugak, kan.

I excused myself from the adik-adik kat pharmacy yang tengah melayan aku, walked out deras-deras to cross the road to remove my car. Before I got into my car, I smiled at the guy, who was with his family maybe (I saw a big elderly woman, a couple of kids and a lady behind the wheel) and said, “Ok sorry!”.

And as I was reversing back, the owner of a Wira car beside the irate red MyVi (whom I also double-parked him) datang berlenggang dari arah Supermarket with his trolly. So, I reversed lagi jauh sikit, selang satu kereta (lepas la kalau dua-dua kereta nak keluar), ‘coz the Wira guy decided to park the trolly right behind his car-boot to transfer his groceries. And I gave a light-signal so that cars behind would know that I’m about to take over the parking space from the red MyVi.

Cars were coming, streaming the one-way road, making it hard for the lady in the red MyVi to reverse. Macam biasa la kat M’sia ni, lagi nampak lampu reverse, lagi nak lalu. Bukan reti nak kasi chan ke apa.

Satu kali, pompuan tu bukak tingkap, suruh akak ke belakang lagi. Aku tunjuk la gesture – aku dah ke belakang. It’s the trolly who’s blocking your way, dammit. Part ‘dammit’ tu dalam hati aje la kan.

Makna kata, baik la dia suruh Abang Wira tu to alihkan sikit the trolly, kan??? Itu pun akak reverse lagi sikit, Dik non! Kot la dia ni tak berapa pandai reverse tempat sempit ka, kan.

And dia STILL nak suruh akak ke belakang lagi! Ya Tuhan apa kena dengan pompuan ni, ni??? Kereta macam aku aje, bukannya besar lebar macam SUV ke apa.

Bila dia akhirnya dapat reverse keluar habis, dia naikkan fist dia (or maybe she was making a gesture too, but glad I didn’t see) and jerit “BODOH!!!” kat akak!

WOW!!! Hell-looo???

Kau yang bodoh tak pandai maneuver kereta, kau marah orang lain pulak??? Kalau dia tahu yang akak ni pernah bawak keta kat segala tempat sempit di celah-celah makbeydah Scotland, Isle of Skye or even the hillocks of tea plantation in the Highlands dulu, pasti dia tak maki akak… agaknya la.

Pastu dia pun ciao, sebelum sempat akak nak react. Ye la that was really uncalled for, okay!

Eh, geram gila akak, dik non oi!!!!

Akak pun park baik-baik, and masuk balik Pharmacy to continue with my shopping. Akak pun cerita la what telah happened to the adik-adik pharmacy yang tengah tunggu akak, kan. Depa pun naik geram. Ye la, akak kan dah tinggalkan nombor phone for them to call, bukannya I left my car double-parking others irresponsibly, kan?

Adik-adik pharmacy tanya akak, akak tak maki dia balik ke?

Akak kata, kalau dia dah bodoh, nak maki dia balik pun tak guna sebab dia memang bodoh, aku kata.

I went back with some sense of… unfinished business, I would say. Bukan sebab akak nak marah orang tu balik ke apa, but akak nak their explanation kenapa yang dorang marah sangat ke akak padahal every single thing that I did tadi I had them in the best of my interest.

And then I remembered, oo yeaa, kan mamat tu ada call aku??? Hence I have their number!

So, lepas aku park keta kat condo and sebelum keluar dari keta, I sent them an sms. But not first without reversing the car back and imagining a trolly right behind my neighbour's car and another imaginary car behind the trolly, just to gauge and understand the lady's frustration. Hmph, tak susah apa pun. Aku rasa mungkin dia dah tak tahan nak berak pagi ke apa, tak sabor nak keluarkan kereta, pastu marah ke aku pulak. Ye la, takkan nak marahkan ke trolly, kan. Doubling her bodohness.

This was what I sent:

“Dear kind Sir, Good Afternoon. I’m the lady who blocked your car, but at the same time left my number for you to call/sms to remove my car. I’m deeply disturbed that your lady had, for whatever reason, ‘maki’ me (I think she was angry at the trolly that made her difficult to reverse, but vented out on me instead. So, I would like to forgive her for that). Just so you know that perhaps next time you should marah people who block your car WITHOUT phone numbers just like they do ALL THE TIME HERE in Permaisuri, instead of me. The world is small, kind Sir. We may be living/working in the same block, no? Peace.”

Haa mak ngkau. Panjang lebar akak nulis nya. But at least akak rasa lega lepas tu, kan.

Akak ingat nak add “Makkal Sakhti” ke kat belakang. Tapi takut depa orang-orang kuat MIC la pulak, kan. Mana la tau! So I ended with “Peace” aje, cukup la tu.

(FYI I did that "Makkal Sakhti" wish to my contractor once, not knowing that his cable in the organisasi terdiri dari orang-orang kuat Amenok, hence, dia tak pernah respond when I first said “Makkal Sakhti” to him. Mujur contractor aku tu kuat kerja gila, completing my job three months in advance! But at least now he knows that he doesn’t need to kipas me for any jobs. As long as he’s darn good in his work, he deserves what he’s due.)

Do you think they’d be fuming mad further after receiving my sms like that?

I haven’t received any reply, nor do I expect to get any reply from them. I hope if they do not have any kind words to reply my sms, then they better don’t.

* * *

Hey, by the way, do you guys know any supplier that could make (and then also sell) car sticker (or even yang boleh gantung kat kereta guna that plastic sucker tu) that says…


… or something funny along the line.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unity Under One Roof

Now di Kongres. As spouse to Abang, obviously, rather than a perwakilan.

Ayah and uncle Tapa are around somewhere in here. Stadium agak penuh. Maybe...10k?

Oh I just LOVE being here... tis where Malaysians of ALL races can be under the same roof without prejudices, with one thing in common: ketuanan rakyat.

I LOVE being around 'pahlawan-pahlawan rakyat'. They humble you, you know. Mana taknya, they were the ones fighting for you and for generations to come, tanpa berkira warna, kaum, ugama. They never, never cease to humble me.

Madam emcee is someone a celeb in the blogosphere. Di belakang aku also ada RPK and family, Mr.Haris, Zorro and their lot. Aku juga nampak Abg Matsamankati lalu-lalang, tapi segaaaaan nak tegur! Tadi aku jumpa the very lovely lovely Polytikus -- RETARD akew! Ngeeee.

I tell you, the pidato by YB Hutan Melintang and also by the Dr.Lady ex-MCA really made segala bulu in this stadium berdiri.

Oh, by the way, the congress is being streamed 'live' on tvantara.

Can't wait for Pak Anwar's pidato. Pasti lagi fiery.



Not until it practises impartiality, non-partisan and non-racial, jangan nak HARAP aku akan contribute to the profitability or gaji kakitangan Utusan Meloya.

Harap maklum.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Celi!!!

Hari ini hari jadi ke-28 my one and only blood-sister in the whole universe.

Why I emphasize the 'blood-sister' is that I've way too many adik perempuan. Man, I've lost count lah. Yang anak-anak angkat to my parents; those yang I anggap as my own sisters; those yang dorang anggap I as their big sister. I can't even tell them apart dah which is which. Haha.

But I only have one and only blood-sister in the whole universe.

No matter what happens, good or bad, she's my one and only blood-sister in the whole universe. And that's my promise to Umi Ayah. Apa-apa pun berlaku, I'm the only big sister that she has. Big blood-sister, that is. And literally at that, too. BIG. hehe

Even though the rebellious she is, she has the kindest of hearts. She maybe 'cengeng' and 'tebuan', but she will drop everything else when it comes to her siblings.

Oh, oh, and a one-man woman, too.

Celi and I may be adik-beradik paling panas -- we argue the most among adik-beradik lain -- but we know we can depend on each other at a drop of a hat.

She may be seven years younger than I am (so now you can guess how old I am now, kan), but believe it or not dia lah yang selalu marah-marah aku or perintah-perintah aku. Haha. Aku ni pulak jenis yang malas nak gaduh dengan dia walaupun kadang rasa macam nak cekkkkikkkk aje dia, so aku selalunya mengalah dan ikut aje cakap dia.

Paling-paling tidak later on I'll just cry sebab nak lepaskan marah. haha. Apa punya Kakak besar, lah. Tak reti nak exert authority.

Celi's very much like Umi -- sangat particular about cleanliness and tidiness. You should see her wardrobe... macam tak pernah berusik barang. Kemas gila!

But kalau nak keluar mana-mana dengan dia, dia lah yang siap paling lambat. She has to mandi and scrub herself off her skin, I guess. Some more nak pakai tudung lagi -- selagi 'atap' tudung (the roof of the tudung) tak lurus dan straight... jangan harap dia nak berganjak! Pastu terus semua orang jadi hangen. hahaha

She, like me, only cooks because of keperluan rather than interest. That said, her specialties are telur dadar, all crispy and so so sedap *drool* and sup sayur kuah blended-potato *drooooooooool*.

She loathes taugeh. She loves everything else especially chocolate, ice-cream and masak merah asam pedas ikan pari.

She loves trekking, mountain-biking, running and, oh yeah, raves over Mini Coopers. She loves Rock music. She used to swear on Bon Jovi at one time, which I never complained since I thought Jon Bon Jovi could make up to be that long-lost really cool Big Bro that we both wished we could have. *drool*

InsyaAllah by next year, she ain't be my unmarried baby sis anymore... sigh. And to think that I used to help my mom bathe her, tukar lampin dia and all... kejap aje masa berlalu, kan?

This is 7-year old me, so very happy dapat adik after being anak tunggal for such a long time. I showed Abang these photos, dia punya la sengih besar. I asked him, Abang sengihkan siapa? He answered dia sengih to both -- to Celi who was so so small, and to his 7-year old wife. haha funny.

Eii kau tengok la Dak Celi ni kan. Muka nakal gila.

Rambut dia dulu panjaaaaang. Kalau nak buang air, mesti dia kena timang rambut dia tak kasi kena bonts.

Nahhh... ini dia si pingitan 28. Still nakal, though.

So Kak Celi...


We love you like the entire universe-loads, all around and back. Our prayers semoga perjalanan Kak Celi dipermudahkan dan penuh dengan hari-hari bahagia yang mendatang... Aaaaamiiin.

Cepat lah Kak Celi balik. Rindu sangat Kak Lin nak berkumpul adik-beradik lagi. Nazim pun dah rindu sama, tuuuuu *winks* hehe

See ya in January 2009!

And this is a song for you, Kak Celi. A cover of Europe's The Final Countdown, by Toy Dolls.

Miss ya!!! Muaks!!!


Rindu Seorang Kakak

I missed my adik-adik lah hari ni. Tah kenapa.

Back when I was in Edinburgh, the nearest that I could let my adik-adik experience the Scottish accent was the songs by The Proclaimers.

I saw them on the YouTube, and made me missed my adik-adik hari ini.

Especially so since it's Celi's 28th Birthday today... which I will be putting-up a wee birthday-dedication entry later.

Kak Lin windu kat korang...

- The Proclaimers

I'm on my way from misery to happiness today
I'm on my way from misery to happiness today
I'm on my way to what I want from this world
And years from now you'll make it to the next world
And everything that you receive up yonder
Is what you gave to me the day I wandered

I took a right, I took a right turning yesterday
I took a right, I took a right turning yesterday
I took the road that brought me to your home town
I took the bus to streets that I could walk down
I walked the streets to find the one I'd looked for
I climbed the stair that led me to your front door

And now that I don't want for anything
I'd have Al Jolson sing I'm sitting on top of the world

I'll do my best, I'll do my best to do the best I can
I'll do my best, I'll do my best to do the best I can
To keep my feet from jumping from the ground dear
To keep my heart from jumping through my mouth dear
To keep the past, the past and not the present
To try and learn when you teach me a lesson

And now that I don't want for anything
I'd have Al Jolson sing I'm sitting on top of the world.

There's kindufa funny song by them that I've just found, 'Throw The R Away' -- vid/song here.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dok 'Gaduh

Tiket kata wayang mula 9.20pm. It's 9.20pm, but there are only 8 adults and 5 kids in the panggung.

We're watching Madagascar 2 at C@psqu@re. Sempoi, kan.

Kalau nak tengok wayang tapi takmo 'gaduh (bak kata orang Klate. I.e nak rilek-rilek, takmo rebut-rebut), mai la sini.

Parking pun free kalau tengok wayang. They will stamp it at the tix counter.

Ok chiachinchao. Nak start.

Retard Metard

Alhamdulillah, my Matchmaking No.3 has now upgraded to another level -- the aweksbalaks phase. The phase where you'd fall asleep while talking on the mobile in the wee hours. Or even fall asleep with your mobile in your hand, waiting for that much missed nightly call.

heeeeeehehehe... retard ni, can't you tell??? heeeeeehehehe...

InsyaAllah, December would be the month when Matchmaking No.4 shall be formally commenced. Merisik, that is.

I shall now have to start planning on the hantaran, baju-baju and kad for next year’s Do [planningnya la].

Hey it’s my One and Only Baby Sis’ special day. I hope it’ll turn out really special, pretty and memorable! InsyaAllah.

Yesterday morning, I checked my organisation’s website for the Jadual Peperiksaan PTK.

Remember the 2nd PTK exam I sat last June? Haven’t received the results by then, but I can almost tell that I’d have to take the darn exam again to get Aras 4.

And then I saw this…

Aik??? Exam patutnya on last Monday??? Dah la we’re supposed to register a month earlier! Panic akak!

Akak pun cepat-cepat call Bahagian Peperiksaan and inquired about the exam.

Owh, dah tunda rupanya. To 18th Dec. Lega!

And then I inquired about my results for the June exam.

The officer checked… “Puan dapat Aras 3. Boleh naik pangkat ni!”


Tapi saya bukan nak naik pangkat, sebab mana ada post kosong untuk Arkitek J44 sekarang??? Saya nak naik gaji!!! Saya nak Aras 4, jadi, boleh saya daftar untuk exam bulan 12 ni? I asked.

“Maaf Puan, kami tak benarkan kakitangan ambil peperiksaan 2 kali setahun. Exam kali ni untuk mereka yang tak dapat hadir bulan 6 hari tu, atau yang pertama kali ambil untuk tahun 2008.”

Tapi, bulan 6 tahun depan telalu lama bagi saya!!! Sementara nota saya tak hilang dan saya boleh ingat lagi apa-apa yang saya baca… boleh laaaaa. I pleaded.

“Maaf Puan. Itu memang sistem kami. Kalau Puan nak merayu, mungkin boleh contact Timbalan Pengarah Encik M sendiri?”

Lerrrr, macam ini also got ah? Aku yang rajin nak sit for PTK exam, dorang tak kasi chan. Orang lain yang sibuk nak ponteng exam, dorang masih beri peluang! Mujur aku dengan Encik M tu agak kamcheng la jugak. Tadi aku cuba call, tapi dia sibuk dengan KMK dia.

Esok aku akan call dia lagi. Dia pernah kata yang mulut aku manis, pandai pujuk reluctant Bosses to sing to the audience. Hopefully mulut manis aku berjaya nak merayu domba ke dia pulok. hehehe

Aku perlukan the Aras 4 for Umum. Badly.



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kita Si Ikan Kecik

I need to be fair, here.

This morning, I read from the Sunday's Harian Metro (yes, I read no-brainer papers on Sunday mornings. So, sue me :-p) that Chairman of the Council said they ban the yoga because of the two other principles of yoga that can memesongkan aqidah para penganut Islam.

Yoga has 3 levels -- physical, spiritual/mantra, and connectivity to the Divine.

He said, the 1st level is ok and acceptable, tapi harus mengharamkan the entire thing supaya the 1st level tak berjangkit into 2nd and 3rd level. And The Council will also do a road-tour to educate the Muslims on this.

Ok la I applaud the road-tour thing. If it's a discourse, the better.

But I still think that for something that has benefitted others, like the Silat, there must be a better way to guide the Muslims into not doing something syirik or memesongkan aqidah, like they did the guide on Silat, kan?

Else nak tak nak they would have to ban tai chi or qi gong after this. These two also have all those 3 levels as Yoga does, what. No?


Menjadi ikan-ikan kecil yang dipanggil mengadap ikan-ikan besar, memang perit.

Bila sang ikan besar mengaju soalan-soalan pada si ikan kecil and question ikan-ikan kecil's 'limitations of power to run certain jobs', apa si ikan kecil sepatutnya jawab? That si ikan kecil hanya sekadar menurut perintah dari ikan-ikan besar lain yang satu 'level' dengan sang ikan besar yang menanya itu? Tidak, tak mungkin si ikan kecil harus menjawab soalan tersebut dengan kehadiran ikan-ikan besar lain yang sebelum ini telah memberi perintah pada si ikan kecil untuk melaksanakan tugas sebaik mungkin.

Si ikan-ikan kecil hanya mampu diam, dan telan perasaan aje lah.

Oh ya, juga terkumat-kamit membaca Doa Pelembut Hati di dalam hati, supaya Allah permudahkan jalan to have things on ikan-ikan kecil's side.

Alhamdulillah, itu sebenarnya lagi mustajab. Berkat doa, ikan besar jadi lembut hati, dan faham sendiri akhirnya bahawa ikan-ikan kecil hanya sekadar melaksanakan arahan yang diterima.

Ya, aku dan senior QS baru balik dari mengadap Datuk KSU di Putrajaya. Alhamdulillah it went well, walaupun sang ketua dari salah satu jabatan yang berkuasa di organisasi ada hadir di situ dan sikit pun tidak defend kami tadi. Malah, she even had the cheek to suggest a surcharge (potongan gaji kami) on the things that we in the Unit decided what is right in order to carry our duties, in which membuatkan Datuk KSU question our limit of powers and reprimanded us for not referring back to the source of power.

Like. Whot. Tha. Fandango. kan.

No, not to Datuk KSU. But W.T.F to that sang ikan besar organisasi yang hadir, yang tahu dari mana kami menerima arahan untuk menjalankan 'misi' dan 'visi' tapi dia sikit pun tidak mempertahankan kami tadi.

Tapi, akhirnya kesombongan ikan besar organisasi memakan diri mereka sendiri bila Datuk KSU puas hati dengan penerangan kami and told the ikan besar organisasi -- "Puan, no issue lah ni sebenarnya! I think you better go back and settle these internally lah, before Pejabat PM tahu."

There you go.

Nengkali jangan sombong berlagak naa, boleh tak kak? I tak suka lar, taw.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yoga versus Silat

On our way to Yaya's UiTM Convo this afternoon, Abang received a text msg from Dr.Farish. Al-Jazeera was about to interview him about the banning of yoga, he told Abang.

Abang asked me to reply him all the best, and to challenge the Fatwa Council to put up a fatwa on detention without trial i.e ISA and the likes.

Now, I may not be practising yoga, nor do I want to sound like I'm looking down on the Council. But with all due respect, I have friends and relatives going for yoga. Some of the places siap sediakan tempat solat lagi untuk my friends/relatives. A Muslim consultant even told me that her Muslim doctor prescribed yoga for her to relieve her stress -- all those breathing techniques, realigning your backs, relieving muscle stress and knots. In fact, a very close and pious cousin told me that I should come and join her classes where they also held buteyko.

I asked some of them -- ada pantang larang ke nak practise yoga ni? You know, macam silat -- kan ada pantang larang lah, jampi serapah lah bagai.

No, not at all! Yoga tak da pantang-larang lah! They said.

Then I thought, kalau macenggitu kenapa tak da fatwa against silat, yang ada jampi serapah, mintak izin roh-roh masa nak buka langkah, and pantang larang tahapa-hapa?

Isn't that lebih memesongkan aqidah?


Later on in the evening, Abang told me that Dr.Farish texted him about a Muslim Yoga Practitioner who was also invited by Al-Jazeera for the interview. Bagus betul, kan?

Patutnya, prior to the fatwa The Council should interview that certain Muslim Yoga Practioner as well as a lot of Muslim doctors out there who prescribe yoga as part of the healing therapy. Do a discourse, will ya. Educate the public. Why so scared one...

Bukan takat jerit, "Jangan sentuh cerek panas!" without explaining that hot kettles can burn you.

At least, too, do a really specific fatwa rather than a blanket. Kindalike, "Guidelines of Yoga for Muslims" of some sort.

How I wish they don't make beautiful and peaceful Islam sounds as shallow.

While you're at that, Dear Fatwa Council, could you please also keluarkan fatwa against rasuah, detention without trials or even cronyism/nepotism?

Kalau nak sangat la keluarkan fatwa, kan.

Read further:
1. Dr.Farish's Race And Islam
2. Michael Jackson converts to Islam


Monday, November 24, 2008

WTF -- Wow That's Funny?

7.35pm, aku masih di ofis menunggu Abang ambil aku. Pagi tadi dia kata deadline pukul 6pm. Tapi sudah 7.35pm, aku masih di ofis menunggu Abang ambil aku.

ti-toot! SMS masuk. Dari Abang.

"Lagi sduemah jam - naik tdks atau naj tunggu?"

What tha???

Aku tekan butang 'Majukan' (ya, handphone aku berbahasa Malaysia) dan mula menaip.

"Pa kebenda maksudnya ni? --> Lagi sduemah jam - naik tdks atau naj tunggu?"

Dan hantar ke Abang.

Lat 10 minit, ti-toot! SMS masuk. Balasan dari Abang.

"Lagi setengah jam - naik teksi atau nak tunggu?"

Laaaa, acu cakap kasi teghaaaaaaaaaaaaang sikiiit.

Sabar je la,karn.

"Tunggu". Aku balas.

Lat 15 mini, ti-toot! SMS masuk. Dari Abang.

"Nak pergi dah ni"

"Ok. Nak miscall nanti, sampai." Aku balas. Menguji.

Lat 5 minit, ti-toot! SMS masuk. Balasan dari Abang.

"Ok nak sampai nanti Abang miscall."

Hehe, mujur akai ada teghaaaaaaaaaaaaang lagi, hehe.


Gambar Gatal

Aritu akak ada cerita yang sebelah akak ada adik jepun videographer cungmelecung like as if he came out from those Japanese soaps ke apa and that akak akan try curi amek gambar dia and try put it up in here, kan?


Akak dapat ambil gambar belakang dia aje... sebab akak malew, yew...

Akak ni bab-bab nak amek gambar dengan orang cun, memang pemalew. Takut nanti orang ngata -- eiii orang tua ni, dah la gedempol, tak sedor diri gatalnya nak ambil gambar dengan budak muda yang kiut! Pedophile kapa???

Karn ke malew itew.

Ini pun amek sambil tutup-tutup tangan kat skrin handphone, takut orang belakang akak (yang juga reporters dari jepun) perasan yang ada mamat ni in my frame. Like, can I not be more subtle than this, kan???

Tapi tu la, sayangnya gambar belakangnya tidak mencerminkan kekiutan mukanya itewww.


Thursday, November 20, 2008


Alhamdulillah, the opening ceremony went very very well and smooth. I'd say the secretariat team was fantabulous, made my job very very easy, thus akaaaaak pulak yang dapat puji-pujian tadi. Alhamdulillah, makin kembaaaang akak kau ni, dek non.

This morning I was told by the LOs that the m.c for last night's welcoming dinner went disastrously wrong. It was the 1st time for the young lady, she was dead nervous and thus accidentally missed ALL the salutations at the opening of the night -- tak alih-alih dia terus jemput makan!

Kesian dia. Dia terus menangis, kau. Datin N was so upset, she instructed one of the Directors to replace her....

It could've been me making such unforgivable error too, kan...? One can never tell.

But I was glad akak tak datang dinner tu malam tadi...kalau tak, dah pasti-pasti akak kena buat kerja kebajikan lagiiiiiiew!

Anyhoos, the photo above was taken near the presentation podium soon after the opening ceremony tadi.

Sesambil akak tunggu Mr.Chairperson datang, akak pung snap-snap la karn.

Now tengah presentations of implementation report from all 8 asian delegates. Boring gak...tapi apakan daya, akak kena stand-by dalam hall innew.

Sebelah akak ada adik jepun videographer cungmelecung like as if he came out from those Japanese soaps ke apa. Nanti la kalau akak dapat curi amek gambar dia, i will put it up in here, ngeeeee *sengih gatal dari orang tengah bosan*

Getting Ready at 4am

Taken from the emcee podium, this was the welcoming dance of the event's opening ceremony.

I was told that these dancers had to apply their make-up as early as 4am this morning!

Aku baru nak tidur, dorang dah mula nak bersiap-siap pi keja. Renewed respect. They certainly did not show any signs that they've been up since 4am in their very splendid performances.

Hari-hari Panjang

It's almost 3 in the morning.

Remember the ‘Kerja Kebajikan’ emceeing story I was quite annoyed about?

Well, the days are later on today and tomorrow.

I’ve only done the full script for today (Thursday). Though I have rehearsed with Datin N (the husband just got conferred a Datukship) yesterday evening (Wednesday) at the venue itself which is the L3g3nd Hotel and she had helped me settled quite a bit.

Aiyoh, long day for me I tell ya.

¾ of yesterday morning saw me berhempas pulas to help my QS Officers and Big Boss in preparing tender documents for the tender meeting at 3pm. At 11am, I received a text message from the PRO Boss to present myself at the hotel at the behest of Datin N for full rehearsal.

Dear Gawd. Aku tak buat skrip lagi aterkau!

Apa lagi, akak pakai pulllluuuuuuuuun buat, dah le nak letak all the administrative program sekali for all three scripts [Thursday entire day, Friday half day and Friday farewell dinner on cruise]. Skrip tak sempat siap (though programs siap for two), lantak pi. I thought I could try doodle something in between the rehearsals at the hotel.

Satu kali, driver ofis aku pulak tak da nak tolong hantar aku ke hotel ‘coz kena stand-by kat KLIA for my Timbalan Ketua yang jadi Liaison Officer (LO) for the Bangkok delegates.

Masa tu la nak hujan lebat, kan. Payung pulak tak da. Kalau tak, boleh aku hop on the Star LRT nearby and turun kat Star Putra, no hal la.

Akibatnya, kena la hail a cab.

Aku ni sebenarnya paling takut naik teksi. Takut kena tipu, takut kena rampok, takut kena raba. Ni semua sebab kawan-kawan aku pernah kena.

Tapi Alhamdulillah so far my cab-rides have been most enjoyable, since I tried to make an effort to strike conversations with the cab drivers every time. Tujuannya nak kasi depa rasa guilty kalau nak buat jahat ke akak, karn. Haha

So tadi I chatted with the driver about diesel and NGV vehicles. Kebetulan cab dia guna NGV, so siap dia tunjukkan aku butang NGV <--> Diesel. Yang penting, I want the driver to be friendly to me so that depa rasa guilty kalau nak buat jahat ke akak. Ngeeeee.

Ok, anyway, I digressed.

Reached the hotel at 3pm, ngo nga ngo nge ngo nga ngo nge, habis lima steng.

Aku singgah ke Mall kat sebelah, beli mekap at Gu@rdi@n, beli payung kat P@rkson, and took the Star LRT back to my office.

I sms-ed Abang that I am on my way back to the office.

Abang called back to inform that he’s still in Shah Alam, waiting for his turn for a meeting. And then ada meeting dengan Tian at 7.30pm prior to Tian’s meeting in PKR-HQ at 9pm.

So, cemaner yeh Alin nak balik? Abang asked for my opinion.

Since I’ve to complete my scripts at home and my laptop is at the office 'coz I installed the Printer earlier on, I would have a lot of things with me to bring home -- my office luggage, my laptop, my portable office printer, and my handbag yang besar bagak. I can’t take the cab home, I said. I need someone to help me with the stuff to dibawa naik atas ke rumah [mind you, kat condo aku keta luar tak leh masuk compound. So, to carry all those alone by myself from the guard house up to my unit would be quite, quite far. Dengan hujan lagi, ok. Kena guna payung to cover the printer].

Abang sudah pening.

I said, tak pe lah. I’ll wait for you since I’ve to update my scripts.

But then come 8pm, Abang called up to say that he’s on his way to Tropicana with Tian, and that Tian’s driver, Firdaus, will be picking me up from the office with Tian’s car.

Ok tak kisah la tu kan… at least bila tiba kat condo nanti, dia boleh tolong bawakkan printer aku naik atas sambil cover dengan payung. In which he did, thankfully.

Lepas say bubye-tenchu-Dik-jangan-lupa-kasi-kak-lin-kad-kawin-nanti ke Firdaus, I realized my housekeys were inside the house ‘coz Qia and her friend was around earlier on during the day.

ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH! Letihnya aku rasa masa tu.

It was already 9pm, and when I called up Abang to tell him that I don’t have the housekeys with me, he was still in Damansara, some 30mins away from Cheras.

Apa lagi, aku pun dah tak larat. Pakat duduk kat corridor depan pintu aku. Mujur corridor kami bersih. Aku bukak kasut, duduk bersila, dan baca Malay Mail.

Sambil-sambil tu dok melayan si Labu Labi dok menggamit memanggil-manggil aku dari dalam rumah supaya masuk ke dalam. Ngau, ngau, mawoh, ngau, tak sudah-sudah. Comel cangat.

And then, tiba-tiba, dok tengah baca surat pembaca, I came across this:

Click for larger view

Lerrr, Abang Ngah (Kak Ilush’s big bro, and also Myra’s other half) wrote in to defend his mate. Tumpang bangga gitew, kan.

9 stengah, Abang pun sampai. Dah le aku tak dinner lagi and had a very light lunch. Aku masuk dalam, settlekan hal-hal rumah sepeninggalan Qia and her room-mate, and masak maggi goreng dengan telur aje sebab Abang & I dah terlalu keletihan untuk turun bawah cari makanan [sorry, rumah aku tak da stock makanan].

And only started doing my work at 11pm.


Ok gotta stop. 3.35am now, gewd lawrd!

Need to list down stuff I need to bring tomorrow. I’ve a room at the hotel -- the secretariat put up my name so that I could share with the one and only Lady L.O who accompanies the Mayor of Singapore. I’ll only sleep over on Friday night kot, right after the cruise dinner in Putrajaya.

So, la’ers, ‘gators.

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Blaming Game

I am, at best, knackered beyond reason today. Aku rasa macam, macam, nak pi somewhere and jerit kuat-kuat and maki hamun ikut suka hati aku. Sangat frust dan disappointed ke ofis aku hari ni. Nak cerita pun tak larat.

[Spare for the news I received this morning that my office has scored NUMERO UNO (#1) among the 27 departments in the organisation yang mempunyai projek-projek yang rancak berjalan (based on financial spending). Last year kami yang paling corot; this year nombor satu. And all four of my projects, I was told, played a huge part of the contributing factor, Alhamdulillaaaaah! I've to admit that I have a grrrreat team working with me!

and oh! oh! My bro Ahy has been offered to work with MARDI's Technical Team - bahagian exhibition and all that, so I heard - starting this 1st of December!!! Happy sangaaaaaaaaaat!!!]

Walau bagaimana pun, in between settling paperworks, phonecalls and running around between offices, aku sempat buat quiz ni... and the result is as below:

Now, boleh la aku blame my thyroid and also this syndrome as well for my sluggishness and weight-gain, kan?

Heh heh.

Aku dah letih asyik kuar masuk jumpa doktor kat Sri Permaisuri tu mintak muscle relaxant la pain-killer bagai, dan aku siap tanya kenapa masa bulan puasa aku makan sangat berjaga tapi satu kilo pun aku tak hilang -- but the doctor never provide me answers. Like, macam, malas nak fikir ke, malas nak diagnose ke... aku pun tak pasti. Patutnya kalau tengok my history in the card, perhaps dah leh conclude on what sort of further test or diagnosis that I could undertake, kan?

When I went to see the cardio doctor at the HUKM two weeks ago, she suggested that I should come back next year for a blood test to test on my thyroid since I complained as such. Ye lah, maybe something wrong with my hormone ka, metabolism ka. Dr.Shah nama dia. Doctor yang ada akai ni, sesuai aku letak namanya kat blog aku, kan.

Aku rasa, mungkin aku tak nak tunggu next year. Dalam masa terdekat ni, aku nak buat blood test kat klinik organisasi aku. Lesser fee [or if I'm lucky, free]. Pastu aku nak print the articles on fibromyalgia and pass to the organisation doctor yang akan check aku nanti.

And then maybe aku nak print the results of my thyroid quiz apart from the fibromyalgia, and tampal dua-dua article kat dahi aku supaya my family and relatives sayang mulut sikit kalau nak kutuk aku macam aku ni orang paling gemuk dan hodoh di dunia.

Orait tak?



Monday, November 17, 2008

telePathetic Ramblings

Since the Buyong and Chombi affair, I think my telepathetic is at it again.

Last Friday night, I was thinking of Nazim, the boy young man I’m currenly re-fixing with my baby sis, Celi (they were both each other’s first loves back in 2001, but broke off a week before my Big Day in December 2005).

As I was just about to sms him and ask his well-being among other things, lo and behold his text message came in! Aku siap melatah “OO MAK NGKAU!!!” lagi!

And he shared with me exactly what I wanted to ask him, concerning him and my sis and plans with his family to meet up mine.

*Twiling Zone switches into the background*

On Saturday when I realized I had very little cash with me to pay for the things in my shopping-cart, I wished the handphone could be used as a payment method – they scan the mobile screen, and payment of groceries billed in your next invoice (if it’s pre-paid, terus tolak dari the pre-paid amount). Instead, I’ve to hand over my ATM card for it to be swiped, and then go behind the counter where the swiping machine is, cover-cover sket dengan tangan to punch my PIN number and then patah balik from where I came from.

Dalam kecanggihan technology, itu pun dorang tak leh fikirkan, kan -- this pay-by-handphone method. Do you know how easy it can be if we can use our mobile phones to pay for groceries or shopping, or even kat touch-n-go lanes???

Satu kali, pagi tadi in the paper, voilah -- “Pay By Phone: Cell phone shopping makes wallets redundant in Japan”.

Ish ish ish diorang niiii. Answering my prayers from afar, lah.

*Twiling Zone switches again into the background*

Yesterday when I went back to my folks’ in Bangi, there was a belated Kad Raya for me in my room.

Hand-written address. From a Publ!c B@nk agent.

For the life of me I cannot recall the name the person had stamped on the card. Let’s call him ‘Al-Ad’.

I took the card with me back to Cheras that noon.

And this morning at the office, since the card was still in my hand-bag, I took it out, read the card back and went, “Sapa dia Al-Ad ni eh…kan bagus kalau dia contact aku ke apa supaya aku tahu sapa dia ni”, and casually threw the card in the bin.

Just as the card flew into the bin, a text message beeped through:
“A’kum, Cuma 14x pengeluaran epf, dgn jumlah pelaburan RM60k, dengan Return 10-20% p.a, bila u retire at age 55, the amount is RM1,916,880, congratulations u will be retiring as a millionaire!huhuhuhuhuhuhu.”

From, ‘Publ!c B@nk Al-Ad’, it says on the inbox!

Lerrrr…. Budak fund manager ni rupanyaaaaa!

*Twiling Zone switches again into the background*

Giler ke apa aku ni.

Satni kalau aku kata aku nak sangat jumpa Barrack Obama, ada chan tak tiba-tiba aku kena jadi emcee kat majlis yang dia ada?

Heh heh, tall order la pulak tu, kan.

[ps: by the way, aku baru keluarkan epf 2x aje for mutual funds, ok. Jadi, aku belum buleh retire as a millionaire lagi, hwaaaaak!]

Maybe lepas ni I should really telepathically ask for more monthly extras and some overseas holidays... ngeeee.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

You, Me and The Moon II: Retard!

Back during MRSM years, the senior girls of batch SPM 1988 somehow coined a certain expressive word to precisely convey their feelings of lunyai with their bfs or happy over something or overwhelmingly ecstatic or just plain thankful.

The word was... "retard".

And oh, another one was gantinama "ong", a short from "orang".

So, for example... if dapat note/bunga/chocolate dari boifren, "Arrrrgh, ong retaaaaaard! Ong dapat note/bunga/chocolate dari Abaaaaaang!"

If someone had a crush on a boy and the boy happened to return her gaze and smile back at her, you can hear the friends giggling, "Eiiiii retardnya, dia senyum kat kau!!!"

If a test or quiz had been postponed, "Cikgu ong tak jadi buat quiz arini, retard gila!!!"

Kira macam perkataan "retard" ni jadi the salt in our daily conversation. Perisa paling mujarab to emphasize our expressions of happiness.

[kak aie, shabar, nana, zaila, mus or sesapa lagi bebudak Jasin yang drop-by, sila perbetulkan kalau ong ada cakap salah, eh? Heh heh]

The reason why I tell you this???

'Coz I nak jerit "Arrrrgh, ong retaaaaaard!" over the fullmoon submissions I received today -- dari Elisa, dari AbeTommy, dari Nuni my-supposedly-silent-reader-but-now-not-that-silent-anymore (hehe) and her dad!

Tak gila retard akewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Cerita Retard No.6
[after Jumper's, Ilush's, and the previous 3 fullmoons]

Another Saudi Moon from Dear Miz Elisa...

"... Mula2 I suspen gak nak tanya taufik, nanti dia tanya "Nak buat apa??"

But then I just said "Amik gambar bulan ngambang, jom?"

Dia pun, "jommmmmm" terus amik tripod and camera.. heh heh... "

Sigh... cantiknya MasyaAllah...

Setiap kali aku tengok gambar yang first tu, rasa macam I'm being transported to wherever Elisa is.

Mana nak dapat bulan terang macam tu kat Malaysia ni!!!

Thank you Elisa&Topiiiiiiiiik!

Cerita Retard No.7

Dari Abang Tommy...

"I purposely pergi amik gambar full moon tepi sungai langat untuk you but stupid sd card tak save kan, lakhnat betul.

Nasib baik ada back up amik pakai handphone tapi kualiti, Allahu a'lam lah....

Nanti, I try again, tapi I am in need of a camera yang boleh focus.

And today's moon betul2 punya cantik!!! Wasted.....and sorry....


Abang Tommy, ada fireworks juga ke masa tu?? Bestnya, main fireworks underneath the fullmoon!

Eh jangan la sorry sorry... next month kan insyaAllah ada lagi! It's the thought that counts! Tengah retard ni!!! Thank you AbgTommyyyyyyyyy!

Cerita Retard No.8


i'm one of your (many) silent readers tapi terasa terpanggil la pulak untuk mengambil gambar bulan utk akak sbb macam syok je ambik2 gambar bulan ni (mmg saya pun suka admire bulan esp time dok kat apartmen lama... katil saya tepi tingkap... selak je langsir terus nampak bulan kalau dah after midnite).

mula2 tu malas tapi semalam ada kawan datang hantar barang kat saya... pastu terbersembang la pulak kat pondok pak guard tu. time tu la ternampak bulan penuh. cantik. saya pun lari la naik atas ambik kamera tapi bila turun balik, tengok2 bulan dah kena tutup ngan awan. :-(

maka hari ni (sabtu; walaupun saya hantar email ni dah kira pagi ahad tapi sebab saya tak tido lagi, rasa macam masih sabtu) dengan tak puas hatinya saya pun keluar lagi la utk ambik gambar bulan tu... tapi dah tak penuh la. :-(

Harap2 akak suka la kan. :-)

Penang, 16 November, 2008 2:39 AM"

The second photo tu, serious ke Nuni ambil sendiri??? Hebat gila!!!

Nak pukul 3 pagi anak dara ni email gambar-gambar ni ke akak... ish! Kak Lin suka yang amat meretardkan sangat-sangat, Dik! Thank you Nuniiiiiiiiiiiii!

And to end, would be Cerita Retard No.9, fullmoon photo from Encik Naim, Nuni's Daddy!!!

"from baah.

Here's my full moon contribution.

Taken at 36000 ft above central Canada 5.45pm local time, 14 Nov '08. Aboard Boeing 777 Cathay Pacific CX840, from Hong Kong to New York. 16-hr flight!"

Fuwallauuu! Beat that!

Thank you Nuni's Daddyyyyyyyyyyyy!

*retard retard retard!*

The last photo actually reminds me so much of my first time above London airspace back in end of September 1993. It was 6am London time, my first time in UK (or rather, above UK), and since the plane was full of new Malaysian students to the UK, the pilot took us hovering above the London city lights for a morning sightseeing.

From the window, I could see the fullmoon right on top of me, and I remember this sudden void in me... I missed my family. I realized I was almost at the end of the 6,000-mile journey away from them, and the moon was about the only thing that made me felt closer to home at the time -- I was hoping that back at home, they were all looking at the same moon, at the same time as I was on the plane.

And then the pilot made a u-turn for the Heathrow runway. He maneuvered in such a way that the moon was underneath us -- almost exactly like the photo from Mr.Naim.

It was a real breathtaking sight. I was deeply mesmerised by that then... I could still remember it quite vividly, even though 15 years have passed.


Have I mentioned that I'd die a very happy woman this month? Oh yes I would...

Thank you for all the thoughts, y'all... You wouldn't have any idea how much your efforts have lifted up my spirits. Thank you... *sniff*


You, Me and The Moon II

Labi and I, in the room, underneath the moon, which is right outside the bedside window on top of my head.

While the husband is heard cussing away at some footie game on the telly.

Such is life, ey.

Watch this space tomorrow... Two more fullmoon pics from thoughtful friends -- Elisa Dahling and Abe Tommy!

The Moon indeed deserves a Datukship in my book for 'connecting bridges' far and wide...

Good night, good people.

And a very Happy Birthday too to a good friend out there. May the light of The Moon on the eve of your birthday brings you the neverending happiness you rightly deserve. XOX.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You, Me and The Moon

[updated 12.21am, 14-Nov-2008: with photos!]

It's supposed to be a romantic night tonight -- malam 15hb going into 16hb Islam i.e. malambulanterang, AND malam Jumaat.

But here I am, with Abang, in the car at the Giant Melawati car-park, killing time before an appointment with Abang's friend at 9pm, and it's drizzling outside. Hence, no moon in sight.


BUT! Man do I have THREE fullmoon pics sent to me for me to post on my blog -- one from my loveleh niece in the Big Apple, one from Awin in Pahang, and another one from the infamous renowned & celebrated *that's what i really meant, Kak Teh!* Kak Teh in London (tapi aku rasa aku suda silap kasi email add pada Kak Teh lah, coz tak dapat-dapat lagi emailnya! Hwak!).

Nanti. Tunggu aku balik rumah karang, and I will upload them all up!

Tak sabar akewwww!

Ok, time killed. 8.48pm now. Da!

And to add further for my list of fullmoon entries...

1. From Anakanda Miem:

Fullmoon above Empire State Building [don't ask me which building that is in this photo, but that's besides the point la kan. Yang penting, it's from New York, hehe].

[pic dated 12-nov-2008]

Siiiiiiiighhh.... thank you Mieeeem!

2. From Kak Teh:


Here are your moons.

The first one was taken on my door step with my son's camera.

the second and third was outside malaysia hall taken with my own camera. tak cantik laa but there you are.

now whenever there's full moon kak teh teringat you.

Take care.

kak teh."

Siiiiiiiighhh.... thank you Kak Tehhhhh!

3. From Awin:


tadi masa tengah jemur kain di beranda, tertengok di langit nampak bulan tergantung macam spotlight..isk,lama dah x keluar bulan sebab sini di muadzam hujan sokmo...
so bila ingat bulan, ingat kak lin..."

bulan malu

masih malu lagi

spotlight ka paa...

spotlight ka paa... II

Siiiiiiiighhh.... thank you Awiiiiiiinnn!

...aiyoh, my hati so tenang, lah... I just don't know how to explain it. Like the rays of the moon, I think. And I can almost feel the still of the night air at these three parts of the world.

Knowing that these people [including from the previous entries -- durian dubai and ilush] are looking at the one thing I am also looking at, here in Cheras -- simply marvelous...


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Dari bulan Januari, dah berapa kali Kak Lin sempat cukur janggut menunggu Ahy (my make-over artist cum FæmësAhÿ®cookie-maker brother) update blog, taw!!!

Nah, everyone, do visit my bro and bookmark for his updates, mkayyy!

Ahy, pi persetankan Casa Impian ka, DBE ka, even Impiana ka. Do you know I have not bought Impiana eversince how they and Bad had treated you in January? I still have no kind words for them.


My OneParagpraph Story

[Just to emphasize and to vex out my frustration, I'd like to post this entry in one para. Maaf if nampak macam too much to read, haha. Panas hati, siut.]

His 'Class A' company is the earthworks and piling contractor of my site. He's a Dato', and his site staff are so incompetent up to a tee, from Day One mind you. Dari A sampai Z nak kena tunjuk, nak kena suruh, nak kena push. Since they were first awarded last year December. Like this morning, the site Manager couldn't even tell off-hand which pile-points of a column that they have just started piling the last two days (which, should've started in July, by the way). They don't have a full-time piling surveyor on-site to keep track of the points, nor a Site Engineer to run the technicalities of the project as required in their contract... well hell, their so-called surveyor (who's a part-timer, which should've been a full-timer!) are still doing up the drawings of pile-numberings! So incompetent are they, that the Building Team has regarded them as 'gone case'. Even the Architect took a bold initiative to step up and provide the contractors an example of how the setting-out drawings should look like even though this task was supposed to be undertaken by the Engineers, or at least the contractor's own Site Engineer! They have manipulated us the client & Consultants so so many times, that today at the Site Meeting, we decided to list down the things that the contractor have not complied in lieu of the work they're doing. Their work has delayed 198 days, even after we have granted them an EOT (extension of time, to you non-technical readers) of 84 days previously. Pile machine masuk on the 6th of October, yet they submitted very incomprehensible drawings on the 23rd. And then they want to claim idling cost 'coz they claim my consultants asyik ada comment to their drawings when they (the contractor) don't even understand how to do setting-out drawings. Then, the Dato', who only makes appearances boleh dikira jari sebelah tangan je, came in for the Site Metting today, shouting around saying that the consultants are incompetent lot ~ asyik comment on their drawings, lambat reply on their submission... when in truth we have been asking (even minuted it down) for their piling setting-out drawings to be submitted to us for as long as before July. They expect the consultants to comment on their unruly drawings in a day padahal kita dah minta berbulan-bulan. Crazy buggers. And oh, last week the Dato' called me too, shouted at me on the phone on the same issues and demanded to have an Emergency Meeting. And so we did, with my own Big Boss chairing it. Which the Dato' came in, apologized for having only 5 minutes to spend 'coz he had a plane to catch for some Family Day in Langkawi and blabber away at my Boss. Before my Boss could say anything, the Dato' had to say goodbye. Just because he 'comolot' (cium mulut = kamcheng) with Najibs and a Class A Bumiputera contractor, he has so so many other government projects the past months. From what I heard, he only attended site meetings where client/consultants shout and scream. Ooo, like that eh. Just because for some reason my Big Boss has never shouted and screamed at him (Boss aku memang bukan that type) izit? Yang aku dok jerit-jerit kat Site Manager kau tu, tak diambil pot ya? Now, I have a question here: just because he's a Dato' or 'comolot' with Najibs, would that make him any more invincible and give him the rights to tell me and my consultants off, and that aku ni hanya bilis kecil so I don't have the rights nor the capacity to tell him that his team is incompetent? Well, that was too late a question, really. I've done raising my voice back at him many times the past week. Bloody hell my organisation is his paymaster, and he's the one not performing! Why should I be shouted at??? I even wrote a nasty memo last week, requesting him to remove his site staffs to a more competent and knowledgeable team. Lantak la kan. At least, my conscience is clear, no? Kau Dato' ka, Tan Sri ka, Tun ka. Bagi aku, dalam kubur esok malaikat tak tanya kau, "Wahaiiiii Dato'/Tan Sri/Tun so-and-so, siapa Tuhan kamu...", kan? Oh yeah, we've issued them warning letters, CNC (certificate of non-compliance, etc)... but you knowlah how termination process goes in the gomen sector. Panjang berjela-jela that we the client would still be on the losing end.

*pant pant pant*

Like I said, exasperation, no end. Ugh, menci akak, tawww.

Another big huge farking case of NEP abuse and misuse, that I can tell ya.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cerita dari Jajahan Bersatu

'United Kingdom' tu, 'Jajahan Bersatu' bukan kaa?


Slept at 9pm last night. Sakit perut. Dah 3 hari. Dok memulas kat bahagian pusat. Tapi tak rasa nak 'membuang'.

Woke up at 4.30am to do work. Ni sebelum nak berenti untuk Subuh...


Dari Kak Ilush in Manchester. Harini baru 13hb Islam. Tunggu esok 14hb till 16hb. Breath-taking, pasti!

"Full moon on a very cold clear manchester evening. Took one pathetic pix with my mobile of the full moon (almost full moon) just outside my office but forgot how to zoom in. Plus it was cold. I don't think we'll get a clear night like tonight any time soon in the future- but hey you never know."


Tenchu for the thots, Kak Iluuuuuuuush!!! *mwaks*

So, anyone else with fullmoon pics???


Really interesting story from a friend who's now doing her Masters in London...

"a lesson to learn.

this morning, while walking to class, i heard loud noises screaming 'you f****** obama, f****** obama, go back you imigrant!!!'. 4 white guys in a car, were screaming at me. what did i do to incur their wrath? since i got here more than one month ago, i do sometimes feel paraniod that people will isolate me, for being an asian, for being a muslim. but thank Allah, it didnt happen..until today.

or so i thought. walking just behind me, a young black lady with her two young children. she looked petrified, i felt angry for her. i tried to say something but no words came out. she said to me, 'it's ok, i'm fine. some people are just angry. the racists just cant accept that a black guy is on top of the world'. served them right!

i feel sad that there are still people who are so narrow-minded in this country. then i realise that who am i to judge them. back in malaysia, i know some people who think that the malays are superior. malay supremacy, looking down at other races, looking down at imigrants...i'm ashamed to admit that i was one of them (long time ago..really :)..) until someone pointed it out to me that i was a racist,without realising it.

dare i say now, served me right!"

Had to admit, a looooooong time ago, I was once one of them too, unknowingly. *head hangs in shame*

Ok Subuh nak habis, nak siap-siap pi kerja.


Monday, November 10, 2008

My OneSentence Story II

When people really get out of their ways to help you prioritize your life at the price of their own lives turning topsy-turvy and in turn badly in need of re-prioritizing, it would certainly be nice if you could kindly treat them with utmost, unconditional respect and appreciation instead of you being tetchy and putting yourself as if you're still far more sorrier than anyone else when in truth, God could've put you in the worst sorrier state than sending these people to you to help you what you want instead of naturally leaving you having to put-up with His wrath you're supposed to receive.

*pant pant pant*

Exasperation, no end.


Friday, November 07, 2008

My OneSentence Story

No matter how I keep complaining of Abang's lack of time (and soul) for me these days, I am still grateful that he still comes home every night for me to creep into his arms and let me release all the pent-up frustration, sorrow and exhaustion.

Syukur Alhamdulillah.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kalau Obama itu bapaknya Melayu ~ sajak dari Dubai

Read this sajak here, by Abang Fudzail.

Pedas. Tepat.

And to know that he is Abang's close friend. Bangga!



Telepathic Ramblings

When we were doing A-Levels back in 91-93, there were only two QS students among 100+ of us. Buyong and Chombi, we called them. Both are guys. Both of whom I was quite close with since we were in the same class during the 3-month Intensive English Course in Seremban, prior to the As.

With Chombi... I was quite close to him back then, up to a point when one time he would voluntarily berlakon jadi my pakwe everytime I asked him to teman me beli burger at this one burger stall 'coz the Abang selalu menggatal dengan aku. Everytime. And for almost a year he did that, I think.

And of course Chombi and I were close during the UK time, too... him in Liverpool, me in Edinburgh (like, him in Melaka, me in Pasir Mas laidat). At one time we talked so much on the phone, friends thot we were an item. Dia kata dia sayang aku, tapi "kau besar sangat la untuk jadi awek aku", he would say in a jest. Hahaha. Alah, zaman yang aku tak rasa nak berfoya-foya berawek-balak lagi, yew. Idok le aku terasa bebenor.

With Buyong... strange relationship he and I had. He was very, very endearing to me, but we tend to fight over very petty emotional matters. Kadang si Chombi tengok kitorang berdua, geleng kepala aje. We hardly talked on the phone when we were in the UK, but I knew of him going out with who and all that. Prior to his graduation day, he called me up, knowing that I was spending my summer attending other people's graduations up in Edinburgh. It wasn't my graduating year yet, and his family couldn't make it over. So he called me up so that I could become his guest, and 'sponsored' me the entire trip from Edinburgh to Liverpool, makan, minum, tempat tidur, tambang bas, teksi, you name it. Alah aku tumpang rumah awek dia aje, heh heh. And his then awek was a friend of mine, too.

After their graduation in summer 1996 (Chombi & Buyong attended the same uni) was the last I saw of them. I last spoke to Chombi before he got married in, I think, 1998? And I did bump into Buyong back in 2001 in Kg.Attap, though he was acting strangely for some reason so we didn't talk much.

So, last Thursday, during lunch time, I had this naaaaagging feeling to look for them on FB.

I searched for their real names, of course. Unfortunately I've forgotten Buyong's surname, so I had to go through payyyyyges of 'buyongs' on FB.

I remember Chombi's real name, but he wasn't listed on FB.

Quite, quite disappointed, really. They're both QSes and they are both not on FB??? Sheesh.

The next day on Friday, while I was walking along the corridor of my building after office hours and passed by the Tiger Bank downstairs nak berjalan ke arah LRT, I saw this figure walking on the road across me going the opposite direction.

Sekali imbas, aku kenal rupa tu.

Can't be, can it? I said to myself.

Is that Buyong??? I thought.

Too good to be true, kan? Semalamnya aku mencarik dia on FB macam nak rak. Hari ni dia depan mata after TWELVE YEARS tak jumpa tak berborak tak bersembang.

I went closer to the edge of the corridor where he would pass by me, squinted my eye so that I could really see him properly, and called out, "BUYONG??". I had to risk the fact if it was just a pelanduk dua serupa. Lantak la.

And then he stopped. Dead on his track. Looked up, squinted his eyes, smiled and laughed. "Sapa tu?" he asked.

He couldn't see me. Rabun.

I asked him back, "Buyong??? Kau, kan???"

"Bukan!" dia jawab, sambil gelak-gelak.

And then he ran towards me and climbed up the stairs to the corridor to have a closer look at me.

"Faz??!!!" he screamed.

And I screamed back, "Buyongggggg kau tahu tak semalam satu hari aku cari kau dalam facebook tapi aku tak ingat nama bapak kau tapi keluar beratus-ratus buyong tapi satu pun bukan kauuuu!!! Apa kau buat kat siniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?????" In one breath!

Aku ecstatic gila, aku rasa macam nak tumbang semua skyscrapers kat KL ni.

Dah 12 tahun tak jumpa nor berhubung, semalamnya aku cari dia dalam Facebook, harininya dia ada depan mata aku!

Tak gila ke?

Kami rasa macam nak salam peluk peluk peluk gitu... tapi, ni Mesia, kan. Kat UK dulu lain la.

So, I end up tak habis-habis menjerit, "EIIIII!!! EIII!!!! EIII!!!! Macam tak percaya!!!"

I asked him what he was doing there at my office building.

He said he was on his way back from work. He works near Ampang Park, so that day as usual he took the Putra back home, but stopped to change to Star at Masjid Jamek to meet up a friend in Sogo. And went to the Tiger Bank to get some money out.

I said, dalam Sogo kan ada Tiger Bank??? Keluar Star Bandaraya terus aje ke Sogo. Why detour to Tiger Bank at my building???

He said, dia pun tak tahu kenapa dia rasa nak detour and pergi ke Tiger Bank at my building instead of the one inside Sogo. Hahahaha.

Itu la jodoh namanya, kan???

I asked him about Chombi's whereabouts coz I was looking for him too. He said he hasn't been in contact with Chombi for the entire 12 years, until two days ago when Chombi bumped into him in a restaurant in KL and screamed, "Buyongggg!!!"

And the rest was history lah kan...

We caught up with our lives while he walked with me towards the LRT. He's just as funny as I had known him for. He's been married for 10 years, two kids. Chombi has four, and about to work in Riyadh after Raya Haji.

We exchanged a hell lot of infos -- his workplace, email, phone, Chombi's numbers, and I gave him quite a bit of old friends' numbers for him to catch on too!

Eii gila rasanya. But man, wasn't that a great telepathy-story to tell?

Kalau aku tahu, I could've just searched for a million dollars, or Brad Pitt, or free holiday to some island somewhere on the FB.

And they could've terpacul pacak depan mata aku that very same day! Huwak!!!

And oh, of course malam tu Chombi and I borak on the phone bagai nak rak, catching-up old times! He said he just could not believe that it was my voice at the other end, it was so good to hear my voice and laugh again! Awwwww!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kulit Lain-lain, Darah Tetap Merah

Alhamdulillah, 10 orang officemates yang aku bawa ke Pusat Derma Darah tadi, 7 orang dapat derma (termasuk BigBoss 1 and 2). 3 yang lain tak lepas sebab low blood pressure.

Aku sendiri dah derma di blood-drive kondo last Saturday. Mujur aku derma on the day. Or else by semalam aku dah masuk kategori tak layak menderma dah.

Wot a historical day to mark, ey... First black president in the U.S! Hopefully this will spark off some global race against racism, including here at home!


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Boundin' Jackalope

Minta maaf, kala ini aku sedang menjunjung seribu tan beban di atas bahu.

Mungkin, sehari dua lagi (atau sebulan dua lagi? Setahun dua lagi?), batu-batu beban ini akan berkurangan, insyaAllah.

Paling tidak pun, by some time bahu aku boleh adjust to the weight.

C'est la vie, no?

Please pray for an everlasting strength for my wilting soul. InsyaAllah will be back on bouncy sekali-sekala.


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