Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stressed On A Test

My compulsory morning nescafé-kaw panas ("susu tak maw kacau atau tarik, aaa"). Wajib.

I'm supposed to go for a stress test tomorrow at haitch you kay em for the palpitations I had previously. And I'm scared.

That day, I watched on Oprah about a man who had back pain after some labour-work and was advised by his GP to go for a stress test.

He went. When the results came out, he was diagnosed of having major blockages in his artery.

I mean, it all started from a back pain??

Ok perhaps the back pain is a clear indicator of excessive weight, which subsequently caused the blockages which were spotted through the stress test.

Hence, I'm scared.

At the mo, I've enough problems to tackle til end of the year. A discouraging prognosis may not be a good idea for my spirit to stay strong for everybody. Abang suggested that if I'm not ready, I should just call the hospital for postponement. As it is pun I've two project meetings I've intentionally arranged tomorrow even though I've clearly noted down on my schedule : "stress test on 23-10".

Kalau la aku boleh jumpa DocYana sendiri and let her check on me personally, kan best. At least I can make her "susun ayat" should the results turn out to be not that encouraging. Heh heh.

Hey we all have fragile hearts lah. And I wouldn't bet on the doctors here in M'sia to go McDreamy* or even George* on me.

[That said if it was McDreamy who comes to the rescue, and if he tells me in that soothing voice and dreamy eyes of his... " need to lose weight", I'd prolly ask him back dreamily, "sure doc... tell me how much you want me to lose?", nyahaha.

Helllooooooo, it's McDreamy yo! *drool*]

* characters from Grey's Anatomy


nik awin said...

harap semuanya akan okay..

Roti Kacang Merah said...


eh ahy dah contact awin belum ek???

Thomas Mok said...

rkm - early detection is always better lah. you mean back pain also can be attributed to blockage kah? OMG...wish I hadn't read this post, huhuhu, had back pain last week for no particular serious reason.

anyway, just go and face your worst fear lah, i did that and actually, it is better, doesn't nag at the back of your mind.

mcdreamy biaso je, kenaper tak request mcsteamy terus? mcsteamy leh buat lipo str8 away, tak payah nak exercise bagai, kakaka.

i pray that all that is just suspicion je, that you are sihat walafiat selalu, dulu kini dan selamanya (cam tagline ada satu parti tu eh?)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abe tommy
yeah i thot that too, just face my worst fear. but i've too much baggage to handle at the mo, don't think i would want to add another one SHOULD the test come out positive.

McSteamy? McSteamy mulut jahat.

and thank you for your prayers, abetommy!

MakTiriHappening said...

Faszt, go and get it over with. It's scary but it's better to know much earlier. After all, this is your health we're talking about...your precious!

Yonne said...

take the hurix (wonder drug) I tell u...

Thomas Mok said...

mcsteamy mulut jahat ke? tak perasan pulak.

skang ni nonton season aper? i dah habis season 4, i think ler. banyak sangat pun dah blur ada berapa season total.

nanti pi penang, beli lagi latest season, hehehe. ngan csi sekali.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

i just called haitch you kay em. if nak postpone, next year baru kosong. So, my appointment with Cardiologist this coming 4th Nov would still go on despite not having any reports to base on...hehe.

takut lah. not this year. next year je lah.

this year ada terlalu byk perkara nak kena settlekan, sampaikan my plans to go off for holidays pun kene hold sama...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ginseng awak kasi tu untuk sakit pinggang, bukan untuk palpitations lah weh.

eh kak lin dengar awak nak mintak jadi pentadbir? Waaaah,a da chan jadi KP lah nanti ni ;-D

abe tommy
hak ah mcsteamy jahat, kerja dia nak scr*w women aje.

yang tgh tayang kat tv tu season apa, ek? entah la. nak beli DVD set dia (pirate, kat kedai depan rumah aje), tapi tah bila la nak tengoknya nanti....

Jumper said...

It's only a test. You're always a fighter and you'll brave through this one. Watch Braveheart, before you go. You have me praying for the best for you.

F manchester said...

Eh? What do you mean you want to postpone!!!! You don't postpone these kinds of things dear. Insya'ALLAH its nothing- but sweeping it under the carpet won't solve the problem and will add more stress in the long run. I know it's easier said then done- but you know its the right way to go about it.

nik awin said...

kak lin..pasal ahy thru email jer lah

atiza said...

so how? how?

Ummi365 said...

hope everything will be alrite with you...

pugly said...

Celebrity blogger??? Tolong lah. Tak ada maknanya ok :-)

Anyway, so sorry to hear of your predicament. InsyaAllah, it's nothing to worry about. Hope the results come back clear.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

jumper durian
ok, before my next appointment i'll go watch Braveheart :-D hey thanx for your prayers, mate...!

kak ilush
ok ok cardio appointment this 4th november, i promise i won't lari otey??? *grins* Promise!!!

ah win, aaa
nanti kaklin also sms my mom's number, otey??? mwaks!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak aie
like dot lorrr... tak pi pung tadi. tapi 4-nov nanti terus pi jumpa doc.

hopefully there's nothing to worry about, too. InsyaAllah....

but you know lah these days, kan Ummi. people get a lot sicker than before.

HAH!!!! THE Pugly came a-visit???!!!
palpitate teruk, akewwwww. hehehe

well... i could almost tell the results won't be AS clear as i would want it to be... but perhaps i still have time to improve by next year???

pssst: jealous tau, you hilang 7 kilos! argh!


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