Friday, October 10, 2008

Makan Atas

I'm fed-up and so tired of being taken for a ride for my emceeing services for tomorrow night, for the previous jobs, and for this up-coming two-full-days-from-morning-till-night at the end of November. 'Contribution' to the organisation, katanya.

I'm fed-up and so tired of not being able to get away from, from, from, West of Peninsula Malaysia to say the least.

I'm fed-up and so tired of not being able to wrest my husband out of his work and his handphone. God i just don't bloody care if the government tukar ke tak anymore, i just need my husband back, goddammit!

I'm fed-up and so tired of people getting preggers by the second, and people giving me the tips as if I'm the one with the problem [ye la takkan aku nak beritahu problem siapa sebenarnya, kan?]. And it sure doesn't help when he is also expecting a baby, perhaps, by my upcoming 3rd Wedding Anniversary.

It's certainly very tiring to be angry and annoyed and fed-up (or is it fed-ed up? fed-upped?), but it's also so, so annoying being tired and not being understood... know wot I mean.

Oh, on a wayyyy happier and chirpy note, malam tadi we went to visit IluShidin at Ilush's parents' house in Taman Alam Shah... seronok gila! They're flying off back to Manchester tonight at 1am...sigh, kejap aje dah 3 minggu they're back here for hols. But of course, dear Abang had to make and early exit 'coz kartun dia tak siap lagi. Ugh. Tak puas hang out dengan dorang and other ex-Edinburghers who dropped-by too.

Esok malam's my organisation dinner in what-was-once-known-as-Holiday-Inn-In-The-Park. Wish us luck. No, wish me luck. My 'token' got slashed big time. "Take this as 'volunteer work' for the Persatuan", the Bos Kewangan said. 'Volunteer work' my sorry @$$ lah kan.

Aiyooooh marahnya akewwwww.

*inhaaaaaale, exhaaaaaale*

Hey I've so, so much to update -- my Raya photos, a Raya video for anakanda Syamiem in Jersey, and about Fairuz&Shidin's visit for tea at my office last Wednesday.

Tah bila boleh update tah. Tengok je le nanti bila-bila. Masih tengah rasa fed-up nih.



Omecool20 said...

Goodness gracious .. sabar byk2 la dearie .. mmg ramai bosses perangai mcm tu ( govt n private )..depa dpt nama, u dpt kerja :( .. kira2 tu sebagai pengalaman u for the future. Sabor2 :) ..u still rock !

Thomas Mok said...

sedekah je lah kat dia orang tu, banyak sikit dapat pahala, hahaha

kenaper slash the remuneration? naik yang orang atas punya kot?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

tu la diorang, dengan staff pun nak berkira. sekali aku buat tak taw and forced them to outsource and bayar lagi mahal, baru tahu kan? kan? hehe

hey thanks for the encouragement by the wayyy!!!

abe tommy
entah la kenapa. kalau pasal project2 direct nego, kemain lagi. kalau pasal token, nak berkira. tak pe la, i'd still do my best esok malam! mujur ada partner emcee...hingaq sket nanti! :-D

atiza said...

alaaaaaa...u got henpon oso what..can hapdet from there oso..while waiting for the Veeps to 'mennyeh nyeh' and membongak at the podium...sempat...still sempat..

kewl babe..kewl..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak aie
got many pics to upload, that's why. if update from henpon, can only upload 1 foto aje!

Saya said...

hi alin

about the preggy thing, dont you hate it when ppl give you free advice. I hate it so much. Apparently this world is so full of ppl giving others free advice heheh I guess that will make them feel good about themselves.

take care.

Anonymous said...

weh pompuan...
jgn tensen2 laaa.... aku tgh gile upload gamba zaman skolah kita...g ar tgk kat fb tu...bolehla hiburkan hatimu yg lara itewww..
oopppsss mungkin ada sedikit perasaan yg tercalar juga nantiiiii


cakapaje said...

Salam Lyn,

Hehe...I just love your cats. In fact, I nak pinjam gambaq satu for a later entry. Off course, the credits will be given :)

Shabar said...

Faszt, let those people talk. They'll never stop mind you. Bila tak pregnant, tanya bila nak pregnant. Bila dah ada anak 1, tanya bila nak tambah lagi. Bila anak ramai, tanya kilang tak tutup ke lagi....macam2 la. Just be who you are and know there're friends backing you up 'kay? Take care friend.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak saya
i'm sure they have good intentions. but don't you wish they have better sensitivities over it?? just like unsolicited advice on losing weight jugak la, kan.

tak nyenyabor ni akew nak tengok akew di waktu 30kilo lebih ringan gitewwww

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bro shah
alaaah, amek aje la apa-apa gambar Labu/Labi/Adi dari blog alin ni, tak yah minta izin pung tak per!!!

asal jangan ngaku depa tu kucing AbgShah, dah ler. hehehe

everytime aku rasa bengang, mesti aku teringat your advice dulu. tapi, bila dah berkumpul-kumpul, dah pasti meletupsss jugak, karn?? thanks for the advice, mate... *hugs*

cakapaje said...



By the way, you have just been 'Raya' tagged with 15 Dalil :)

F Manchester said...

Oh dear... hope it wasn't my mum you're anoyed with about the free advise? Orang tua.. inentions nye memang ikhlas & penuh kasih sayang, I get a lot of free advise from my sister with 6 kids too. They think its easy and as if we're not trying hard enough just because it was easy for them. Hope you just take it with a pinch of salt. There is a condition called 'Unexplained infertility', pretty much means you're physicaly ok just belum ada rezeki je lagi.

Lots of drama in the UK at the moment with the economy. Shiddin and I are basically living by the month here and hope we can survive at least 2 more years here. But the reality is pretty morbid.

Doa je lah M'sia won't be it as hard.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bro shah
aiseh, that "alyn" tu, is ME kaa??? *tepuk dahi*

abgshah punya pasai, nanti alin try buat ok??? cannot gerenti if as kelakar as yours, though!!!

kak ilush
aiyooooh, your mom tak da masuk langsung dalam kepala i, UNTIL you mentioned today, hahahaha! Your mom's advice tu tak da apa-apa, lah... very very mild and almost negligible! and i'm sure your Umi means well, not an mili-inch of doubt on that, ok!

tapi ada orang2 lain advice i LAGI menyedihkan i. macam, tak sensitive langsung! like, they think i tak rasa seksa ke, having to pendam THE REAL reason behind the misery??

and i don't know how else to make znr understand the sadness on me when these comments being thrown AT ME instead of at him... :'-/

but hey i read today that globally ada sedikit improvement on the stock and all... insyaAllah, ok..? knowing you, i know Allah has ALWAYS been kind on you! Aaaamiiin!


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