Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Kerja Kebajikan'

I've an emcee job tomorrow night in Berj@y@ Xs Sq. A joint-function with this Jabatan.

I wonder, do I need to study this, you think??? Maybe I should. 'Coz I'm doing this while carrying the organisation's banner. So, there's this extra-responsibilty that I've to convey and portray, and also to impress people upon, no???

Entah. Rasa macam malas pun ada. Why? Because I found out this noon that the Pengurusan Tertinggi had chosen and approved Chinese Courses for the dinner. And I failed to say 'No' to the job. Aiyoooohhhh, there goes my intention to melaram pakai kasut tumit 3 1/2". Kalau nak rasa kena injek sebab sakit belakang after tomorrow night, boleh la kot. I've written about why I detest having to emcee a Chinese Course Dinner Function here. I mean, if underpaid, that is. Ngeheh.

And oh ya. While I was at the office of the PRO Officer, I also inquired about my emcee assignment this coming end of November. I was given THREE assignments (2 full days and a dinner) yet I'm being paid token for just two.

[Hey aku kena la tanya, kan. These 2-day jobs will be taking me off of my tugas hakiki, okay!!! Kalau ada orang tolong buatkan skrip and aku hanya boleh duduk diam and just sit prettily and just read, okay la jugak, kan.]

And the PRO Officer told me that actually, for the end of November job, he already had a professional emcee in mind for the entire two days. The fee is by the thousands, ok. Per day. Ok lah, RM2,000 per day to be exact. Ye lah, professional engagement apa.

And you know what the Lady Pengurusan Tertinggi, Puan N, replied when the PRO office presented the matter for budget approval?

"Kita engage aje lah RKM. Flat fees of 10% of the pro fee, for two days of emceeing including for the Dinner as well."

Kejam gila. Kerja-kerja kebajikan & contribution to organisasi katanya. Tiga skrip kena buat sendiri pulak tu.

"Tapi Kak Lin, si E kat ofis kitorang ni pun kalau dia buat keja emcee he doesn't get paid, tau."

Ye la... aku kata. Dia keja with PRO's office. If that's not your tugas hakiki, well, you guys just have to do it anyway 'coz you are the Public Relations, maa.

"Tak pe lah Kak Lin... anggap ini macam bakat Kak Lin dihargai, sebab itu she mentioned your name."

Awal-awal dulu, boleh lah... tapi bila dah 20 kali jadi emcee, ini kira diambil kesempatan, Dik oiii... aku kata.

Dah la untuk setiap event, ofis PRO dapat pakai baju batik cantik-cantik (like, 1 bulan diorang ada at least 2 events, kot. Usually it's more). Cuak, ni.

Agak-agak boleh ke Kak Lin say no untuk yang November tu???... aku tanya adik PRO lagi.

"Boleh, tapi kena mengadap Puan N lah."

Aiyoh, tu yang aku malas tu. Dah la dia 2nd Boss after the Director-General. Aku ni only some dirt at the bottom of Loch Ness.

So, I figure, buat aje lahhhhh. By then [end November], aku pun memang perlu some extras dosh for some family matter.

Lagipun if I reject aku tahu Abang would say, "...laaaaa, ambik aje la job tu. At least you get paid, what. Just that, limit yourself lah, jangan rajin-rajin nak manage the floor. Let other people take the blame for!"

So, for that mere pittance, apa lagi. Baju guna baju ofis je la. Ambik selendang memana, sangkut kat bahu. But for dinner kali ni, aku nak arrange with the cultural dancers to tumpang make-up artist dorang sekaki. Esok, I'll get the list of foreign dignitaries from PRO's office, and I'll just google for basic foreign words to amuse and impress them. I'll add more pantuns, including Kak Elida's. Siap ada translation lagik. [*checks the comments on the entry* Aiseh, Kak Elida tak kasi green-light lagi la. Hmmm.]

Let me make them all feel more guilty for paying me pittance, ey?

That said, I did try make them feel guilty for slashing my token for the job I did in what-was-once-Holiday-Inn-In-Park-hotel last two Saturdays. My partner & I did a marvelous job entertaining [and so we were told, lah kan], the Pengurusan Tertinggi commented that they had fuuuuuuuuuuun [this called for another entry actually] and congratulated us both no end at the end of the function.

But you know, I don't think they 'faham baser' and really do feel guilty, lah. Huak.



elisataufik said...

Elida baru start kerja lah. i dont know whether she checks her blog regularly. Try sending a msg on FB lah.
Wah MC job dapat RM2k per day meh? Itu sudah bagus.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

elisa, she hasn't even replied my request on FB, she still no fren-fren wimmeeeeee :-(

RM2k/day -- MC job yang luar, lah. I kijer kerajaang, mana bley buat kijer luar. So, dapat le ceto-et aje...

But I bet your Kak Elida gets more than RM2k/day coz she's goooood!

Thomas Mok said...

wah, must learn from you ler cam ner nak emcee ni. i naik pentas, suara tak dengar, bunyi kepala lutut berlaga yang kedengaran...

but kejam jugak lah, kalau luar 2K, at least orang dalam kena bagi 500 ke, 1000 ke, per day, baru lah aci.

anyway, pay peanut, get monkey ler, like your abang said, tak yah ler nak manage semua, biar masing2 pergi buat, their job wot. u emcee, emcee je lah kerja, baru berpatutan.

MakTiriHappening said...

Faszt, you might wanna get them feel guilty by doing your best. But I'm scared it's gonna backfired...tau la perangai org2 gomen nih. The moment they see you're capable (and good), they'll just press for more...and more and more. And expect you to be better and better. But the tokens will remain the same..careful friend.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abe tommy
ish there's nothing to learn from lah...it'll call come naturally once you get the hang of it!!!

hmm i also thought of giving them peanuts...but not too sure if my conscience would allow me to do so.. :-(

tu la aku nak careful ni...tapi tak sure what the best tindakan so far would be.


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