Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jottings From The North-South Highway

Now at Sg. Perak, on the way up to Pendang, with my good ol' cimut gentel.

Yesterday (1st day Raya) started off very quiet.

Morning after the prayers, when it was salam-salam & angpow-angpow for umi ayah adik-adik & the photo session time, that was gereks. We had fun doing the 'photoshoot' since Udi used his Olympus digital SLR on a tripod along with camera remote control, all hell breaks lose. Macam-macam gaya keluar, especially since it was Ahy who held the remote.

Will put the photos online once back to real world (ya lor, now in festive world mah).

And then, things were quite quiet apart from the entire jinggeng of nearby neighbour (where my colleague Emi married the son of the said neighbour), then my 2nd aunt Cik Wan and family and cucu-cucu came, then youngest aunt Cik Su and family, and lastly Udi's family angkat came from S.Alam.

By 3.30pm it went back quiet.

"Tak macam tahun lepas, kan Mi?" I said to Umi.

Then, at almost 6pm Tian and his PA, Chin, came to visit, as last year.

And then the pandemonium began.

SEVEN full-load of cars of relatives, who heard from ayah that Tian was coming, started arriving all at the same time! Some drove all the way from Labu (near Seremban), some from Bangi itself.

Capol sangat mulut aku, kan.

Wahlauu I tell ya, we panicked like hell, coz makanan tak cukup!!! Umi dah tambah kuah for her lontong and 4 additional packets of adabi nasi impit (apart from the 10 earlier on), dengan pantas those too started to diminish!

We even had to hide sepaket nasi impit and semangkuk kecik lontong for a Hasrul's family who'll be coming after maghrib.

So, by the time semua 7 kereta dah makan, makanan memang ngam-ngaaaam cukup! Siap dorang kaut licin lauk-lauk dalam mangkuk, hahaha.

Eh anyway I actually planned to tell all these in my post raya rants. Terbabas bercerita pulak.

Tunggu lah, k.

In the mean time, ni dah kat area Bukit Merah, and kaki aku punya la sakit dan sengal dok bertungkus-lumus di Bangi semalam, hari ni nak pijak bumi pun perit.

Don't know how my 58-yr old Umi boleh tahan. Respect kat dia. Muamuah.



Thomas Mok said...

gr8 that you are having a good time. have fun in pendang

shabar said...

hehehe...the first thing i noticed from the photo...MAS blanket! sudah kidnap satu ka? hehehe...selamat berayo! den kek pilah laie nih..esok nak balik london lek..pastu baru balik kl.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abe tommy
i'd prefer to just bawak lari the entire family to some ceruk-ceruk mana for holidays, really... THAT will be more fun.

sudah kidnap BANYAK daaa... hehe


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