Friday, October 24, 2008

Emcee M.C

I stand guilty for skipping the stress-test yesterday.

But it was not without a blessing.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling so tired from the emceeing the night before. I told myself, "Ni kalau aku memang tak da plan nak skip the stress-test pun, dah sure fail cemerlang punya..."

Fatigued, more like it.

This morning I woke up more lethargic than ever. Back-pain, my neck ache (on the right side) since Raya that has spread to the shoulder and tulang selangka depan, the tingling sensation on my second toe on my right foot, the swollen left hand and foot, feeling bloated and ugly, like as if 10kilos had piled on me overnight. God oh God I felt like lying back there and then.

I told Abang I wanted to see the doctor today, and we went. Not before having roti telur and my compulsory nescafe-kaw panas for breakfast.

I told the doctor, Dr.Rose, all of the above...lethargic, back-pain, my neck ache (on the right side) since Raya that has spread to the shoulder and tulang selangka depan, the tingling sensation on my second toe on my right foot, the swollen left hand and foot, feeling bloated and ugly, like as if 10kilos had piled on me overnight.

I also inquired whether there's any symptoms for not losing any weight (and felt like putting on more instead) during Ramadhan, when I had rice only once a day.

Dr.Rose looked a wee bit concern.

She checked my BP... quite normal. 120/80.

"Do you have diabetes in your family?"

Not in my immediate family, no.

"Did you just have breakfast before coming in?"

Yes, like, 15 minutes ago. Roti telur and nescafe for that matter.

And she checked my glucose level.

"Aik, quite normal, lah. 6.6. Usually for someone with diabetes AND just had breakfast, the reading would be above 10. Normal would be less than 6."


"I think you just need some exercise, lah. Your muscles and blood circulation are all in the knots. I'll give your more muscle relaxant, and a one day off for you to rest, ok?"

Ok, thank you doctor. But could you give me something that will not put me off my blood drive with my officemates this coming 5th Nov?

"Certainly! Pain killers will not put you off your plan!"


And yeayyy, I can rest. FINALLY.

I think I may be burning out a wee bit.

Esok will be a very long day of helping out my cousin for his wedding, malam ada Edinburgh reunion at Sara's open house, Sunday morning ada wedding brunch at Subang Golf, noon to balik kampung in Labu to join what is going to be the ending part of the Labu Clan Family Day.

I'm just so so so glad that Monday is a public holiday... though I will be celebrating the public holiday alone without my other half coz it's his deadline day. Not that it's anything new, right?

I called haitch you kay em last two days, asking for a postponement to my stress-test. Unfortunately the schedule's full till next year. But my appointment with a Cardio on the 4th is already registered in the computer.

So how ya? I asked.

"Perhaps you should just come over and meet the Cardio on that 4th, even without any test results to base upon. Then the doctor will see what the next recourse would be like."

So, like that lorrr Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan. See the cardio on the 4th, blood donation on the 5th (Jom join!!!! Di Pusat Darah KL Jalan Tun Razak, pagi pukul 9++!!!), and another appointment for stress test next year, hopefully.

I rated my emceeing job in Berj@y@ Xs Square last two nights as, probably, between B- and C+.

I had 6 out of the 8 Chinese Courses they served, where usually I would skip the entire dinner totally to concentrate fully on the coordination between the musicians and dancers.

That says it, no, how 'lepak' I was that night? heh heh.

However, at the end of the night, when I 'jual' pantun Kak Elida (not first without mentioning "... with translation done by a dear friend..." as promised to Kak Elida) :

"Dari mana hendak ke mana,
Tinggi rumput dari padi;
Tahun mana bulan mana,
Hendak kita berjumpa lagi.

Tell me where you go from here,
The grass grows taller than the padi grain;
Tell me the month, tell me the year,
When you and I shall meet again."

I had a big huge applause from the floor, and cheers of "Eyyyywah!!!" from The Mayor and the DG of Defense Dept.


So, Kak Elida, please do send in your invoice to Zunar, otey? He's agreed to pay you. I wouldn't know what kind, but something la. hehe

And thank YOU for beri izin Alin guna your pantun, kakak. You're the Greatest!

Last weekend I felt like melayang perasaang. So I bought three DVDs.

Sepi, Ayat-ayat Cinta, and Pensil where my B2M2 -- that's "Bekas Bakal Mak Mertua" for the uninitiated :-p -- berlakon.

Haven't found the time to watch them. But I guess after this post would be most suitable *grins*




Katak said...

best giler punya pantun, pandai betul tuan empunya yer.

escape test? huhuhu, you shouldn't.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alarrrr boleh laaaa [escape test]

F manchester said...

RKM- Personally with your hectic schedule and lifestyle, 1 day off wouldn't do it... I think you should just inject zunar with something so laloq sikit, hop on a plane with him and go to somewhere like Perth Australia for a week (preferb 2 weeks)and relax. Bangun mid-day, jalan2 to parks, go sailing, whale watching, fruit picking, etc...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
i dah almost give-up nak tunggu dia whisk me off for a break. TWO WEEKS??? nak mintak dia cuti two days for me pun dah kira cukup bertuah.

i might just hop on a plane alone.

tinggal nak hidupkan passport, je. heh heh

nik awin said...

salam kak lin..
ahy kemana?
kalau dia bz..kukis bole postponed cuti sekolah mid-nov pun okay gakx

saya okay jer

atiza said...

faszt..pinjam dvd ayat2 chenta..boleh?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

by now dah dapat kukis, kaaan ;-)

kak aie
faszt beli DVD lanun je kak.. RM10 jek. hehe

Zetty said...

i think a day of pampering at spa will do u good. try Andana Spa @ Glenmarie. Syiok!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

will DEFINITELY put that in mind!!!


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