Saturday, October 25, 2008

Arabian Moon

An old friend of mine just got back to Dubai from a very brief Raya break with his loved ones in Malaysia.

Kesian dia, mesti terlalu pendek masa kat M'sia, sampaikan tak sempat pun nak sms Raya to me, ya??, I joked through his FB.

And when he finally did text me Raya wish underneath the breath-taking sight of the Arabian fullmoon, I promptly replied and dengan tak malu requested him to get some snapshots of the moon and email them to me!

And here is what I received in my inbox:

"From: Jumping Durian
Subject: Full Moon
To: rotikacangmerah
Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 3:22 AM

I don't know how to attach photos in FB inbox.
If you know, tell me.
Anyway, sorry to keep you waiting for the full moon photos.
It was taken on my way back from work.
I saw the moon up in the Arabian sky as I walked from the parking lot to the entrance of my building.
It was a tiring more than 12 hours work.
The sight of the full moon was beautiful and calming.
I thought of crying out loud like a wolf.
But then I thought the only persons in the world who'd probably do that would be YOU and Y in those loving years of yours.
I came to know about your lunar fascination from one of your blog entries.
Then I made a mental to-do list.
'SMS to RKM for the belated raya and mention about the moon'
Then also, I was thinking about my loved ones who might be staring at the same moon.
They'd probably in the middle of their dreams by now.
Too late to call home to say good night.
When I was up in my apartment, I sent the SMS to you.
Then I got a reply, quite promptly.
Damn, I have to go down again to snap the photos because I couldn't see the moon from my balcony.
I live on the 4th floor.
I took the elevator to the ground floor and headed to the front garden. shown in the file : Full Moon 1
I reviewed the photo.

Full Moon 1

My Nokia N95 mobile phone photoshot didn't do justice to the full moon.
It was not as good as I saw it with my naked eyes.
I squated down to the cat's eye view to add the garnishing with the garden's weed. shown in the file : Full Moon 2

Full Moon 2

Still a bleak and blurred full moon and too much garnishing. Messy. shown in the file : Full Moon 3

Full Moon 3

"That'll do", I said and went inside."

Thanks a lot for the extra effort, mate. Terharu gitew, taw...

You inspired an idea, lah. I think I wanna start posting fullmoon photos from around the world.

Kak Fairuz in Manchester? Next, you and fullmoon photos in Manchester, can???

And anyone else for that matter, too!!!



bluewonder said...

ur fren gets a million stars from me for his effort in capturing just "the right" moon for you!

nik awin said...

full moon dari hutan mau ka?
hutan tebuk la tapi nyer...
tempat dok la ni

d'Frog Prince said...

full moon from tepi sungai langat mau kah?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ngah
the reason why i decided to post his email here.. his effort so so very commendable!!!

mau mau mau!!!!

abe tommy
mau mau mau!!!!

F Manchester said...

Will try- but please be reminded that manchester does not boasts for clear skies....

Kak Teh said...

Salam, I have tried taking pix of the full moon with my N95 - tapi tak elok. So frustrating.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
eh lupa la Manchester not like Edinburgh. Hey remember our walk back from Tollcross to St.Cat's, along the snow-covered meadows underneath the fullmoon???

sigh. wot a sight to behold.

why la masa tu tak da hp with camera, ek...

kak teh
w'kumussalaaaaaam wwb!!!
aiyoh even your effort of trying to snap one warms my heart, lah!!! Thank you for the thots!!!

Jumper said...

When I see the photos here, I realize that we tend to long for the far-fetched things to covet. We often see through other things, closer to us. My point is...the garden weeds aka lalang seemed desperately....trying to present themselves as elegant as they could in that wind-blowing night. Perhaps, someday I'll blog about their unnoticed & unappreciated existence, and how they might envy the celebrated moon....

F manchester said...

Yes of course I remember, esp the bouncing blue moonlight off the snow.

I also remember us howling songs (more like you singing and me howling)while walking home to keep ourselves warm.... those were the days!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

durian melompat
deep, tu. ;-p but no one also knew the real story behind the existence of the lalang, no?

kak ilush
yeaaaaaaa lah...

miss those days, lah. things were simple.


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