Friday, October 31, 2008

The Devil In The Bowl

Before going off for my site meetings yesterday, as usual I'd empty out my bladder and bowel sebab tak mampu nak 'layan' toilet kat site [melainkan kalau terpaksa sangat sangat sangat].

Satu kali, I saw this, floating in the bowl. Of the Executive Toilet.


Okay, a mendiang it may be, but somehow reminds me of the story of the shaitanirrajim (The Devil) seeking shelter in toilets/bathrooms/tempat-tempat najis after him being 'amputated' by the laungan 'adzan maghrib, then 'bathe' himself under the glorious streams of pee and golek-golek in the poo where his limbs would grow back and he would thereon be more alive than ever. Allahu a'lam.

This story, in itself, is enough to make me believe that the dead roach is the devil... patiently waiting for by-products of my bladder and bowel (and not anyone else's but mine) to shower upon him so that he could rise from the dead, back being merry and haunt my vajayjay and my bum for the rest of my adult life.


With that, aku tarik balik seluar ciknek aku, snapped one shot for this entry, keluar dari toilet eksekutif tu dan cari toilet lain.

Biar lah ada setan kudung pun, jangan ada itu.

Aku kena jadi emcee untuk kempen bersih bandar esok pagi-pagi buta. Tapi baru tadi aku diberi list of VIPs and the aturcara. Aiyoyo. Wish me luck.

SAH, I'm now full-swing into my Matchmake #04. The baby-sis' ex is no ex no more [Alhamdulillaaaah!]. He requested to meet up Abang and I tonight to 'discuss further plans' before both parties, i.e him and us two, present the plan to both parents.


I'd usually 'let go' when the people I introduce start to make contact. But this time, it's different. It's my baby-sis we're talking about. Nak tak nak I'm still needed in the picture as the immediate orang tua. I could almost see very busy months ahead, oh yes I could.

*palpitate* *palpitate* *palpitate*

But very, very happy!

Tolong doakan agar menjadi, yea.... Aaaaamiiin...

Hey, engkau di sana. Kalau nak berkira sangat tentang 'race' of your Big Boss... sila tukar nama PKNS tu dulu kepada PKOMS -- 'Perbadanan Kemajuan Orang Melayu Selangor', boleh tak?

Apa la yang nak ditakut sangat, unless you're a selfish, incompetent bigots.

Sampai bila kau nak berlagak macam Tuhan, acting like you're God, dictating other people's rezeki and destiny, ni???


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sunyi Sepi

*updated Thursday 14:23: with photos and links*

Sejak-menjak ni, Labu became so very manja with me.

Out of nowhere, he would sidle-up to me just so his body would touch mine.

[err, bunyi macam lucah la pulak,kan]

FYI, Labu would do the sidling-up only to his Abg Zul, not to me. He so the very manja with his Abg Zul, ok.

So, I'm just guessing that these days Labu is feeling rather lonely. Sepi. Disconnected from his beloved Abg Zul.

Hence I'm not entirely wrong when I been feeling the same, too. No?

Talk about Sepi, I watched it 3 times over the weekend.

My first time during my m.c day last Friday. 2nd and 3rd on both weekend nites.

I cried buckets on all three occasions.

I personally think the editting and interweaving between the 3 storyline was the best thus far, and there were no lines yang 'menjelejeh' -- you know, lines yang membazir-bazir berleter tahapahapa, or buat sesuatu yang terlalu panjang kekdahnya.

The lines in Sepi were short, sharp, direct, sweet, simple... and the feelings brought forth by the actors run deep. This film easily takes the cake in that section.

I tell you, daripada beri Datuk kat Shah Rukh Khan, baik la kasi anugerah ke the director Kabir Bhatia (and KB was born in 1982?? Betul ke?? So young, meh??) and the scriptwriter Mira Mustaffa, both of whom also worked together for the film Cinta. To me, even Kak Min pun boleh kalah sikit la. Skrip Kak Min tend to digress 'jela-'jela sikit at times. Can get quite frustrating. But Mira's script was spot-on and direct, though can be quite cheesy and corny, like it's been translated from an English play or something.

Ce-ce-ceh, jadi pengkritik la pulak, kan. Haha.

I just LOVE Sepi. Afdlin, Nasha Aziz, Tony Eusoff and Eja were simply MARRRRVELOUS up to a t. Oh, and Syed Husin, too!

While I know Afdlin is the most sempoi-est and versatile actor (you just RAWK, Chief Kodok!!), I was deeply surprised with Tony's acting! Langsung tak kayu! Well, to me la kan.

It was Tony and Eja's part yang buat akak menangis berbakul-bakul, dek non oiii.

Sapa tak tengok lagi Sepi, sila la tonton. Beli la dvd. Berbaloi beli yang ori.

Tak pun, beli je la akak punya yang lanuns copy, ni. Akak nak beli yang ori nanti.

Kenapa akak nangis berbondong-bondong? Well, skripnya, aktingnya, soundtracknya (ohhhh!! contoh, sini dan sini)... and everything in it just struck a familliar chord in me.

Lu tengok sendiri, baru lu boleh fikir sendiri.

Alamak akak baru teringat akak ada hutang Abg Shah Talk Only a tag!! Aiseh. Will see to that very soon, insya-Allah!

My beautiful newborn niece (dob: 9-oct-2008) was named 'Eva Alina'.

She's being called 'Eva' apparently. Only her Cik Lin (akak la tu) calls her 'Alin'.

My Ma (maternal nenek) said sebab tak mo Eva badan besar macam Cik Lin dia yang orang panggil Alin, sebab tu tak panggil 'Alin'.

Terasa? Mustahil tidak. Betapa buruknya akak rasa, kan, walau itu hanya suatu gurauan dari nenek akak dan onyang 'Eva'.

Ma and her cicit.

Tapi Cik Lin akan tetap panggil dia 'Alin'. Kot besar nanti dia pandai emcee ka, melukis ka, menyanyi ka, dan juga mencarut dalam blog ka. Haha.

Baby Alin's qeqah cupcake that her mother made for the guests.

Baby Alin's Abang Long yang encem.

Udi sekarang in induction course in Perm@t@ Bangi.

Weekends pun ada lectures/latihan dari pagi sampai malam. Kesian ke dia. Bila Udi rindu sangat ke Umi, he would sneak out in the middle of the night, drive back to UmiAyah's place (which is only 7-mins drive away), tidur bawah ketiak Umi that nite(yes, he's turning 24 this xmas) and drive back to Perm@t@ right after Subuh the next day.

Kesian dia.

But last Sunday, as UmiAyah and I were about to get ready for a relative's wedding in Paroi, Udi came a-knockin by.

Aik, Adik?? Boleh balik ke siang-siang buta gini? Umi tanya.

"Boleh. Tengahari ni tak da kelas, malam karang sambung balik. Udi nak potong rambut, tapi kedai yang Ayah selalu pergi tu, tutup."

Aku belek-belek kepala dia dari jauh. Idak le panjang sangat rambut dia. Still can do la.

Kenapa, dorang suruh Udi potong rambut, ke? Tak la panjang sangat pun. Aku kata.

"Taaak, dorang sibuk kata muka Udi macam muka K.J bila rambut cenggini. Udi rimas la dengar!"

Tergelak besar akak.

Rupanya, ada juga manusia yang take it as an insult bila rupa macam menantu Pak leLah. And I thought hanya orang-orang macam aku ni yang jadi benchmark for people not to have their kids turn into.


Naik balik self-esteem akak... with gazillion thanks to KuJil! Hehe.

Ok, dah letih. Da.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Arabian Moon

An old friend of mine just got back to Dubai from a very brief Raya break with his loved ones in Malaysia.

Kesian dia, mesti terlalu pendek masa kat M'sia, sampaikan tak sempat pun nak sms Raya to me, ya??, I joked through his FB.

And when he finally did text me Raya wish underneath the breath-taking sight of the Arabian fullmoon, I promptly replied and dengan tak malu requested him to get some snapshots of the moon and email them to me!

And here is what I received in my inbox:

"From: Jumping Durian
Subject: Full Moon
To: rotikacangmerah
Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 3:22 AM

I don't know how to attach photos in FB inbox.
If you know, tell me.
Anyway, sorry to keep you waiting for the full moon photos.
It was taken on my way back from work.
I saw the moon up in the Arabian sky as I walked from the parking lot to the entrance of my building.
It was a tiring more than 12 hours work.
The sight of the full moon was beautiful and calming.
I thought of crying out loud like a wolf.
But then I thought the only persons in the world who'd probably do that would be YOU and Y in those loving years of yours.
I came to know about your lunar fascination from one of your blog entries.
Then I made a mental to-do list.
'SMS to RKM for the belated raya and mention about the moon'
Then also, I was thinking about my loved ones who might be staring at the same moon.
They'd probably in the middle of their dreams by now.
Too late to call home to say good night.
When I was up in my apartment, I sent the SMS to you.
Then I got a reply, quite promptly.
Damn, I have to go down again to snap the photos because I couldn't see the moon from my balcony.
I live on the 4th floor.
I took the elevator to the ground floor and headed to the front garden. shown in the file : Full Moon 1
I reviewed the photo.

Full Moon 1

My Nokia N95 mobile phone photoshot didn't do justice to the full moon.
It was not as good as I saw it with my naked eyes.
I squated down to the cat's eye view to add the garnishing with the garden's weed. shown in the file : Full Moon 2

Full Moon 2

Still a bleak and blurred full moon and too much garnishing. Messy. shown in the file : Full Moon 3

Full Moon 3

"That'll do", I said and went inside."

Thanks a lot for the extra effort, mate. Terharu gitew, taw...

You inspired an idea, lah. I think I wanna start posting fullmoon photos from around the world.

Kak Fairuz in Manchester? Next, you and fullmoon photos in Manchester, can???

And anyone else for that matter, too!!!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Emcee M.C

I stand guilty for skipping the stress-test yesterday.

But it was not without a blessing.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling so tired from the emceeing the night before. I told myself, "Ni kalau aku memang tak da plan nak skip the stress-test pun, dah sure fail cemerlang punya..."

Fatigued, more like it.

This morning I woke up more lethargic than ever. Back-pain, my neck ache (on the right side) since Raya that has spread to the shoulder and tulang selangka depan, the tingling sensation on my second toe on my right foot, the swollen left hand and foot, feeling bloated and ugly, like as if 10kilos had piled on me overnight. God oh God I felt like lying back there and then.

I told Abang I wanted to see the doctor today, and we went. Not before having roti telur and my compulsory nescafe-kaw panas for breakfast.

I told the doctor, Dr.Rose, all of the above...lethargic, back-pain, my neck ache (on the right side) since Raya that has spread to the shoulder and tulang selangka depan, the tingling sensation on my second toe on my right foot, the swollen left hand and foot, feeling bloated and ugly, like as if 10kilos had piled on me overnight.

I also inquired whether there's any symptoms for not losing any weight (and felt like putting on more instead) during Ramadhan, when I had rice only once a day.

Dr.Rose looked a wee bit concern.

She checked my BP... quite normal. 120/80.

"Do you have diabetes in your family?"

Not in my immediate family, no.

"Did you just have breakfast before coming in?"

Yes, like, 15 minutes ago. Roti telur and nescafe for that matter.

And she checked my glucose level.

"Aik, quite normal, lah. 6.6. Usually for someone with diabetes AND just had breakfast, the reading would be above 10. Normal would be less than 6."


"I think you just need some exercise, lah. Your muscles and blood circulation are all in the knots. I'll give your more muscle relaxant, and a one day off for you to rest, ok?"

Ok, thank you doctor. But could you give me something that will not put me off my blood drive with my officemates this coming 5th Nov?

"Certainly! Pain killers will not put you off your plan!"


And yeayyy, I can rest. FINALLY.

I think I may be burning out a wee bit.

Esok will be a very long day of helping out my cousin for his wedding, malam ada Edinburgh reunion at Sara's open house, Sunday morning ada wedding brunch at Subang Golf, noon to balik kampung in Labu to join what is going to be the ending part of the Labu Clan Family Day.

I'm just so so so glad that Monday is a public holiday... though I will be celebrating the public holiday alone without my other half coz it's his deadline day. Not that it's anything new, right?

I called haitch you kay em last two days, asking for a postponement to my stress-test. Unfortunately the schedule's full till next year. But my appointment with a Cardio on the 4th is already registered in the computer.

So how ya? I asked.

"Perhaps you should just come over and meet the Cardio on that 4th, even without any test results to base upon. Then the doctor will see what the next recourse would be like."

So, like that lorrr Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan. See the cardio on the 4th, blood donation on the 5th (Jom join!!!! Di Pusat Darah KL Jalan Tun Razak, pagi pukul 9++!!!), and another appointment for stress test next year, hopefully.

I rated my emceeing job in Berj@y@ Xs Square last two nights as, probably, between B- and C+.

I had 6 out of the 8 Chinese Courses they served, where usually I would skip the entire dinner totally to concentrate fully on the coordination between the musicians and dancers.

That says it, no, how 'lepak' I was that night? heh heh.

However, at the end of the night, when I 'jual' pantun Kak Elida (not first without mentioning "... with translation done by a dear friend..." as promised to Kak Elida) :

"Dari mana hendak ke mana,
Tinggi rumput dari padi;
Tahun mana bulan mana,
Hendak kita berjumpa lagi.

Tell me where you go from here,
The grass grows taller than the padi grain;
Tell me the month, tell me the year,
When you and I shall meet again."

I had a big huge applause from the floor, and cheers of "Eyyyywah!!!" from The Mayor and the DG of Defense Dept.


So, Kak Elida, please do send in your invoice to Zunar, otey? He's agreed to pay you. I wouldn't know what kind, but something la. hehe

And thank YOU for beri izin Alin guna your pantun, kakak. You're the Greatest!

Last weekend I felt like melayang perasaang. So I bought three DVDs.

Sepi, Ayat-ayat Cinta, and Pensil where my B2M2 -- that's "Bekas Bakal Mak Mertua" for the uninitiated :-p -- berlakon.

Haven't found the time to watch them. But I guess after this post would be most suitable *grins*



Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lawak Bodoh II

Baru 5 minit tadi.

"Bang, semalam berapa haribulan eh? 22hb, ke?" Aku.

"Entah, la. Kalau arini 23hb, tak mustahil semalam 22hb." Abang.

Eiiiiiiih bodddddddohnya! Heheheheheheee.

Lawak Bodoh

Semalam pagi, dengan Abang, dalam kereta, di simpang empat Jalan Raja Laut - Jalan Tun Perak.

"Dah lama kita tak nampak Bas Syed Kechik Foundation. Biasanya waktu-waktu gini kita mesti ada sama-sama dengan dia kat traffic light ni." Aku.

"Tah, dia dah besar kot." Abang. Referring to the name. Seolah-olah dulu si Syed budak kechik yang selalu beratur bersama-sama kami di simpang empat Jalan Raja Laut - Jalan Tun Perak.

Bodddddddoh betul. Hehehehehe.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stressed On A Test

My compulsory morning nescafé-kaw panas ("susu tak maw kacau atau tarik, aaa"). Wajib.

I'm supposed to go for a stress test tomorrow at haitch you kay em for the palpitations I had previously. And I'm scared.

That day, I watched on Oprah about a man who had back pain after some labour-work and was advised by his GP to go for a stress test.

He went. When the results came out, he was diagnosed of having major blockages in his artery.

I mean, it all started from a back pain??

Ok perhaps the back pain is a clear indicator of excessive weight, which subsequently caused the blockages which were spotted through the stress test.

Hence, I'm scared.

At the mo, I've enough problems to tackle til end of the year. A discouraging prognosis may not be a good idea for my spirit to stay strong for everybody. Abang suggested that if I'm not ready, I should just call the hospital for postponement. As it is pun I've two project meetings I've intentionally arranged tomorrow even though I've clearly noted down on my schedule : "stress test on 23-10".

Kalau la aku boleh jumpa DocYana sendiri and let her check on me personally, kan best. At least I can make her "susun ayat" should the results turn out to be not that encouraging. Heh heh.

Hey we all have fragile hearts lah. And I wouldn't bet on the doctors here in M'sia to go McDreamy* or even George* on me.

[That said if it was McDreamy who comes to the rescue, and if he tells me in that soothing voice and dreamy eyes of his... " need to lose weight", I'd prolly ask him back dreamily, "sure doc... tell me how much you want me to lose?", nyahaha.

Helllooooooo, it's McDreamy yo! *drool*]

* characters from Grey's Anatomy

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Kerja Kebajikan'

I've an emcee job tomorrow night in Berj@y@ Xs Sq. A joint-function with this Jabatan.

I wonder, do I need to study this, you think??? Maybe I should. 'Coz I'm doing this while carrying the organisation's banner. So, there's this extra-responsibilty that I've to convey and portray, and also to impress people upon, no???

Entah. Rasa macam malas pun ada. Why? Because I found out this noon that the Pengurusan Tertinggi had chosen and approved Chinese Courses for the dinner. And I failed to say 'No' to the job. Aiyoooohhhh, there goes my intention to melaram pakai kasut tumit 3 1/2". Kalau nak rasa kena injek sebab sakit belakang after tomorrow night, boleh la kot. I've written about why I detest having to emcee a Chinese Course Dinner Function here. I mean, if underpaid, that is. Ngeheh.

And oh ya. While I was at the office of the PRO Officer, I also inquired about my emcee assignment this coming end of November. I was given THREE assignments (2 full days and a dinner) yet I'm being paid token for just two.

[Hey aku kena la tanya, kan. These 2-day jobs will be taking me off of my tugas hakiki, okay!!! Kalau ada orang tolong buatkan skrip and aku hanya boleh duduk diam and just sit prettily and just read, okay la jugak, kan.]

And the PRO Officer told me that actually, for the end of November job, he already had a professional emcee in mind for the entire two days. The fee is by the thousands, ok. Per day. Ok lah, RM2,000 per day to be exact. Ye lah, professional engagement apa.

And you know what the Lady Pengurusan Tertinggi, Puan N, replied when the PRO office presented the matter for budget approval?

"Kita engage aje lah RKM. Flat fees of 10% of the pro fee, for two days of emceeing including for the Dinner as well."

Kejam gila. Kerja-kerja kebajikan & contribution to organisasi katanya. Tiga skrip kena buat sendiri pulak tu.

"Tapi Kak Lin, si E kat ofis kitorang ni pun kalau dia buat keja emcee he doesn't get paid, tau."

Ye la... aku kata. Dia keja with PRO's office. If that's not your tugas hakiki, well, you guys just have to do it anyway 'coz you are the Public Relations, maa.

"Tak pe lah Kak Lin... anggap ini macam bakat Kak Lin dihargai, sebab itu she mentioned your name."

Awal-awal dulu, boleh lah... tapi bila dah 20 kali jadi emcee, ini kira diambil kesempatan, Dik oiii... aku kata.

Dah la untuk setiap event, ofis PRO dapat pakai baju batik cantik-cantik (like, 1 bulan diorang ada at least 2 events, kot. Usually it's more). Cuak, ni.

Agak-agak boleh ke Kak Lin say no untuk yang November tu???... aku tanya adik PRO lagi.

"Boleh, tapi kena mengadap Puan N lah."

Aiyoh, tu yang aku malas tu. Dah la dia 2nd Boss after the Director-General. Aku ni only some dirt at the bottom of Loch Ness.

So, I figure, buat aje lahhhhh. By then [end November], aku pun memang perlu some extras dosh for some family matter.

Lagipun if I reject aku tahu Abang would say, "...laaaaa, ambik aje la job tu. At least you get paid, what. Just that, limit yourself lah, jangan rajin-rajin nak manage the floor. Let other people take the blame for!"

So, for that mere pittance, apa lagi. Baju guna baju ofis je la. Ambik selendang memana, sangkut kat bahu. But for dinner kali ni, aku nak arrange with the cultural dancers to tumpang make-up artist dorang sekaki. Esok, I'll get the list of foreign dignitaries from PRO's office, and I'll just google for basic foreign words to amuse and impress them. I'll add more pantuns, including Kak Elida's. Siap ada translation lagik. [*checks the comments on the entry* Aiseh, Kak Elida tak kasi green-light lagi la. Hmmm.]

Let me make them all feel more guilty for paying me pittance, ey?

That said, I did try make them feel guilty for slashing my token for the job I did in what-was-once-Holiday-Inn-In-Park-hotel last two Saturdays. My partner & I did a marvelous job entertaining [and so we were told, lah kan], the Pengurusan Tertinggi commented that they had fuuuuuuuuuuun [this called for another entry actually] and congratulated us both no end at the end of the function.

But you know, I don't think they 'faham baser' and really do feel guilty, lah. Huak.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Mana Islamnya???

If the corrupters in M'sia are being tried as he was in what's supposed to be a communist country, imagine how many times those here in Malaysia would have to die.

So much on Islam Hadhari, ey?

Also today on StarOnline.


Six Degrees of Separation

Who do you think you see when you see this cute lil boy who came to my parents' house yesterday for Raya...??

I saw him, Calvin, of Calvin & Hobbes...

Entah-entah si Calvin dengan the cutie-pie ada bau-bau bacang, mana tau?

Comeyl, kan??? hehe

And this is 'Calvin' a.k.a Firas, and the elder sister Nurin. My mates' kids.

Tis a funny story, their parents and I.

Masa Edinburgh dulu, the father, Syahriz a.k.a Tan suka menepek kat rumah aku. Makan apa aje yang aku and housemates aku masak. Semua sedap (ye ler kalau tak dia tak leh jejak lagi kat rumah kami!). Paksa kami keluar dengan dia kalau dia bosan. Even cuba nak tackle one of my housemates.

Tak alih-alih, one day we both found out that his paternal grandfather, whom Tan's very very close with, is my dad's Ayah Angkat since I was, like, a year old? And Tan & I never met each other till we were both in Edinburgh.

Smmmmmalllllllll world, innit.

And then, we both got back to M'sia. I think he got back first, 'coz I had to complete my Adv.Dip.

But eversince coming home in 1999, he's never missed visiting my parents and I in Bangi for Raya. As much as aku banyak betul kesalahan ke dia, he's one of those Edinburgh friends (the other being Kak Fairuz) who treasures the friendship like nobody's business. TAK PERNAH miss visit my parents for Raya.

Ish, even aku pun tak tahu rumah parents dia kat Kajang kat mana. Teruk kan akak...?

Anyhow... the world became smmmmalllerrrrrr, when one fine Raya, he came a-visiting with his new bride...and to my surprise, is my old highschoolmate from Jasin, Nora!!!


Aku tak pi wedding dia dulu. Tak ingat naper la kan. Tapi Nora citer masa dok belek Tan's old albums, she came across quite a bit of my photos and asked her husband, you kenal dia ni???

Naper? Tan tanya. Anxious kot, takut Nora ingat aku ni aweks lama dia, kan.

Ni F@z my old schoolmate!!! Nora exclaimed.

And Tan went, Lerrrr!!!


Ini baru satu cerita '6 Degrees of Separation' aku. Ada baaaaaanyak lagi. Boleh buat buku sebenarnya. Akak tak leh wat jahat langsung, tawww.

And I'm sure you have a lot of '6 degrees' stories to share, too!!!

Nurin & Firas

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Happy

Quite, quite happy today.

Yeay-yeh dapat gaji!!! Yeay-yeh dapat gaji!!!

Alah, baru dapat slip gaji, daa. Gajinya masuk next week!

Tapi okay lah tu... aku tengah semput, siut. To a tee.

Jadi anak paling tua dan at the mo yang kerja paling tetap, dah pasti ada gunapakai lebih sikit masa Raya, kan. Lebih-lebih lagi Abang also anak lelaki paling tua in the family. Begitulah kira-kiranya tanggungjawab anak paling tua.

Mujur kucing-kucing aku tak perlu di "Raya" kan. Kot kalau depa merajuk sebab tak beli loceng baru, syampu baru, bekas makan baru, bekas uk-uk baru dan belanja makanan mahal -- mati akak & abang kau, dek non.

My 3rd matchmake project is looking gooooood. The boy dah visit the family during Raya. Jantanman gila budak tu, kan??? Padahal aku baru kenalkan 2 bulan aje! But most importantly, the family nampaknya macam adore the boy to bits. Okkkkay la tewww.

[By the way, my 1st matchmake -- dah beranak dua. My 2nd matchmake is about to have a baby this March 2009. Agak-agak Allah ada savekan tempat kat syurga tak untuk orang-orang yang menolong "bina masjid" ek...? *grins*]

Does projek 'menemukan semula dua kekasih yang telah putus di tengah jalan atas sebab tertentu tiga tahun dahulu' constitute as matchmaking too???

If it does, then that will be my Matchmaking No.4, uols.

And looks like it's setting on good, too.... Innnnnnnsya-Allaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Aku tengah doa panjang-panjang ni.... 'coz it's a matchmaking project for Celi and First Love dia...

Pagi tadi First Love Celi (FLC) tanya his mummy what would the mummy think if he gets back together with Celi. Mak dia terus sms aku and Umi, kau! Punya la mummy dia suka!

*sigh* Sweet, kan?

I just know they can't forget each other even after all these years. And so Abang & I thought we should just try our luck. Alhamdulillaaaaaaah.

A long-lost friend sms-ed me in the middle of the night last night, just because on his way home he stopped-by the Desert to enjoy the Arabian Fullmoon (or was it "...stopped to stare at the moon of the clear Arabian sky", somewhere along the line. So, he prolly stopped beside a market ka, city garden ka, carpark area ka... rather than by the desert, heh2. Thought that would sound more romantic ke apa, kan), and thought of me the Fullmoon Fanatic (and I'm sure he was thinking of his wife and two kids back in M'sia, too!). Awwww... thanks for the thoughts, mate!!!

Okay Abang nak sampai, tatas!!! Have a great makan-makan Raya weekend uols!!!


Wishes for Umi & Ayah

Arini Wedding Anniversary Umi Ayah Yang Ke-37.

Ke-37, kau.

I mean, kalau nak banding dengan Ba & Ma (my maternal gramps) mesti la tak boleh lawan, kan. They both have been married for sixty-two years, noks.

Tapi, ni, cuba banding dengan aku & Abang la kan.

This year would be our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. So, if Abang & I were to be married for 37 years... that would make us both umur 80 tahun and 69 tahun respectively. Umang ai.

Anyhoos... seperti 2,3 tahun sudah sejak aku kahwin, Umi Ayah asyikla lupa their Anniversary date. Pagi ni when I sent them anniversary wish on the sms, baru lah diorang bertepuk dahi: ish ish Umi Ayah lupa lahhh!!!

Laaaa, apa daaa... dah le malam tadi malam Jumaat & bulan mengambang! Kan dah melepas! heheheheheheheheheheheheeeee

[eh aku dah kawin apaaa, takkan tak leh gurau macenggini dengan mak ayah kot???]

Umi Ayah, Kak Lin minta maaf tak sempat nak arrange apa-apa special untuk malam ni... Kak Lin belanja kat wedding reception Zaki kat Putrajaya Ahad ni, boleh??? Umi Ayah naik sekali bersanding, kerrr...hehe

And eventhough adik-adik & I don't say it out aloud -- we all love you so so so very much. We may not be the best kids you both could ever have, but we promise we will take care of you the best we could when you two grow older (coz you both still don't look that old to us!!! hahaha) macam Umi Ayah jaga kami selalu, and of course, we promise to take care of each other, too...

Our prayers are always with you two, in every step of our way...

Happy 37th Anniversary, Umi Ayah!!!

We love you, like, LOADS!!!

Kak Lin & Zul, Celi, Ahy, Udi, Adi, Labu & Labi --> eh yang tiga ekor terakhir ni mana bley tinggal!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1st Day of Eid 2008M

I promised to write about my Eid, right? Unfortunately I only have the mood to post about my 1st day of Eid in Bangi. Hari-hari sebelumnya tu tidak segereks tahun sebelumnya.

We were supposed to be celebrating Raya as a 'complete' unit this year -- Udi pun dah balik dari Bath for good. Unfortunately, Celi had to be away for some courses, so, still jugak la celebrate Raya tak complete.

This Raya, punya la banyak kuih. Yang terhidang kat atas tu, baru sikit aje tu. Kami keluarkan ikut mana muat bekas kuih kristal aje.

Akak yang buat kuih??? Memang, buat "tunjuk" aje, pastu bayar. Hahaha.

Tak klapaq akew aih nak membuatnya. Malas giler tahun ni. Akak beli la dikit-dikit. I only made the compulsory jam tart. Itu pun, for the first time, tukar 'pattern' -- guna acuan tart yang lain, ala bulan PKR, kan. heh heh [see last photo above, on the bottom left]

Oh ya, the green cake tu was personally delivered by my marketing consultant. Home-made fruit-cake, you. Akak tak la berapa suka fruit-cake, tapi Ayah akak sukanya Ya Rabbi. Tiap kali lepas makan, dia pi potong sendiri kek tu, dibuatnya pencuci mulut. Biasa makan buah, tapi sejak ada fruit cake tu dia makan fruit cake aje. Ada buah jugak dalamnya, apa.

Lauk Raya, as usual -- rendang daging, rendang ayam, rendang kerang, nasi impit, lontong, lemang rebus.

This is the 2nd year Umi buat rendang kerang (yummmyyyyyyyyyyy gilerrr!) and also masak nasi impit rebus Ad@bi instead of buat sendiri the nasi impit where the kampit nasi impit will diimpit dengan batu penggiling cili, sebab lengan Umi tengah tak sihat untuk impit-impit nasi impit dalam kampit before kami angkat the penggiling untuk himpit atas kampit. Banyaknya pit pit pit. Haha.

Tahun ni pun tah naper mak tak sempat nak jahit-jahit beads ke apa nak Raya ala MakDatinz. So, this Raya baju mak blandz je. Alah, macam laaaar baju-baju Raya mak tetahun lepas glamz, kan. Suma jadi baju ofis aje in the end.

But this Raya, Udi The Photograph Enthusiast ada. He brought back his camera + tripod + remote. So, bebudak nakal tu (Ahy and Udi) dok gatai tangan guna remote control -- snap snap snap snap. Macam gambar kat bawah ni.

Sila click for larger viewing, and follow the arrow.

Kalau tukar the slide satu-satu guna Picture Viewer lagi best sebenarnya -- Umi, Ayah dengan Abang aje yang constantly looking at the camera. Yang bebudak gonjeng tiga ekor yang lain tu, macam ulat taik, tak reti duduk diam. Tapi memang fun giler.

Wished Celi was around as well masa tu... baru lah complete, kan?

Tak lupa si kartunis suruh ambil gambar dia yang macenggini for some unknown reason. That's that part of him very seldom people see lah kan... very playful like that. I call it Posing Kawwwtunis Kapit Telur. Tengok la tangan dia, macam nak nyanyi nasyid. Tengok la also kaki dia, dok sopan rapat macam tengah protect 'something', hahahahaha

Petang tu jugak dia guna the pic kat Profile Picture FB dia, boleh. Habis hilang macho, heh heh.

Ni pulak some of the guests who made to our house through out the day. I think I've mentioned this in this entry before.

Gambar atas kiri: Family Cik Wan, my mom's 1st younger sister (mom's the 2nd child among 8). Anak lelaki dia aka my younger cousin Shahnaz (yang berdiri paling kiri) will be getting married the coming 11th October, which was only 10 days away. Tu yang diorang tak balik Kelantan for Raya. Some more, Kak Eeda the elder sister tengah sarat for 3rd baby, menunggu hari.

Gambar atas kanan: Family Cik Su, my mom's youngest sibling. Not too sure why diorang tak balik Kelantan for Raya, but their eldest just got back for Raya hols from Surabaya (or was it Bandung??? Tah la akak). She's studying medic kat sana.

Second row is Umi and her very very very loyal best friend, Aunty Wan. Aku pun tak sure kenapa Aunty Wan tak balik Raya ke T'ganu this year.

Last pic is family adik Ayah, my uncle Pak Mail & Induk Midah... and also Ayah's cousin, Uncle Ramly & Mak Uda.

And this below, is of course, photo with YB Tian. This is Tian's 2nd year gracing our humble abode for Raya. Thanks for your time, Tian and Chin!!!

(dari kiri: Kawwtunis, Pak Mail, YB Tian, Ayah, Uncle Wan, Uncle Ramly, Mak Uda and Induk Midah)

By the way, Umi cek men berkenan ke dengan Tian pakai baju Melayu segala, complete dengan sampin lagi! Umi siap tanya aku, Tian dah kawin ke belum?

Naper? Aku tanya Umi.

Umi berkenan betul dengan Tian. Karang Umi kawinkan dia dengan Celi baru ya, hahahaha... Umi kata. Heh heh

Ini pulak our pathetic sampul for Raya angpow.

Orang keja last-last minit, gini la dia. Semua bank yang kami pi kehabisan angpow!!! Punya la teruk tahun ni. Kot dulu pi shopping ke Sogo ke JJ ke, ada gak dapat angpow, kan? Tahun ni tak de, kau. Last-last Abang pi kedai stationary and beli sampul surat putih ni haa.

Dua malam before Raya, before Abang beli sampul-sampul tu, Abang sms anak-anak buah dia: Anak-anak Pak Ngah, nak duit tak bersampul ka, atau sampul tak berduit???

Dah pasti le bebudak tu balas nak duit yang tak bersampul, kan.

Korang tau aje lah bebudak zaman sekarang ni kalau menjawab memang pandai. Heh heh.

Ok, sempena bulan Syawal ni, Akak dan Abang Zul nak minta maaf banyak-banyak, ya? Especially Akak ni haa, mulut kadang macam tak de insuran. Maaf, yaaa... especially ke kawan-kawan Akak yang ada sokong puak-puak Amenok tu, sokong Pak Det, sokong KuJil, sokong NajibTuya, sokong Sialfool, sokong PakLala... minta ampun minta maaf dari kami, dari ujung rambut saaaaaampai hujung kuku kaki.

Sebelum cuti Raya aritu, akak kasi team akak duit Raya sikit.

Dorang kata, terima kasih Kak Lin.

Aku kata, tu sebagai upah untuk maafkan salah silap Kak Lin kat korang setahun ni, bukan sebab Kak Lin nak bebaik hati ke apa. Lepas Raya, don't you bet on it that I won't be doing the same bossing around as previously.


So, nah, duit Raya untuk korang pulak.

Dah, pi. Pi men jauh-jauh, k.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Masih Makan Atas

Still rasa fed-up. Sikit, la. I mean, itemnya dah berkurang sikit, tapi rasa fed-up to that certain item still banyak.

But I found this "True stories, told in one sentence" on Shidin's Chelok page. Best giler bila baca. Especiallly bila baca Malaysiakini these days pun macam tak berapa sensasi sangat. Boring giler. Balik-balik pasal peralihan kuasa amenok. Tah bila la depa-depa tu nak properly govern the country, kan.

Eiii CEPAT la tukar kuasa Pak Anwar weh! Not only am I tired with the amenok drama [ikut suka diorang je among themselves nak dictate who MY and YOUR prime minister and dep prime minster are, kan], but hell i bloody need our life back la, can or not.

or maybe I'm just not cut out to be a chief-ed's woman, ey.

Anyway. I've submitted a one-sentence story. Tak tahu la approved ke tak. Read that thousands submitted their one-sentence story per day.

lest you think those pair o'boobsies above belongs to me ~ takkaaaaaaaaaaaan la aku nak letak gambar akew punya la weyyy.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Makan Atas

I'm fed-up and so tired of being taken for a ride for my emceeing services for tomorrow night, for the previous jobs, and for this up-coming two-full-days-from-morning-till-night at the end of November. 'Contribution' to the organisation, katanya.

I'm fed-up and so tired of not being able to get away from, from, from, West of Peninsula Malaysia to say the least.

I'm fed-up and so tired of not being able to wrest my husband out of his work and his handphone. God i just don't bloody care if the government tukar ke tak anymore, i just need my husband back, goddammit!

I'm fed-up and so tired of people getting preggers by the second, and people giving me the tips as if I'm the one with the problem [ye la takkan aku nak beritahu problem siapa sebenarnya, kan?]. And it sure doesn't help when he is also expecting a baby, perhaps, by my upcoming 3rd Wedding Anniversary.

It's certainly very tiring to be angry and annoyed and fed-up (or is it fed-ed up? fed-upped?), but it's also so, so annoying being tired and not being understood... know wot I mean.

Oh, on a wayyyy happier and chirpy note, malam tadi we went to visit IluShidin at Ilush's parents' house in Taman Alam Shah... seronok gila! They're flying off back to Manchester tonight at 1am...sigh, kejap aje dah 3 minggu they're back here for hols. But of course, dear Abang had to make and early exit 'coz kartun dia tak siap lagi. Ugh. Tak puas hang out dengan dorang and other ex-Edinburghers who dropped-by too.

Esok malam's my organisation dinner in what-was-once-known-as-Holiday-Inn-In-The-Park. Wish us luck. No, wish me luck. My 'token' got slashed big time. "Take this as 'volunteer work' for the Persatuan", the Bos Kewangan said. 'Volunteer work' my sorry @$$ lah kan.

Aiyooooh marahnya akewwwww.

*inhaaaaaale, exhaaaaaale*

Hey I've so, so much to update -- my Raya photos, a Raya video for anakanda Syamiem in Jersey, and about Fairuz&Shidin's visit for tea at my office last Wednesday.

Tah bila boleh update tah. Tengok je le nanti bila-bila. Masih tengah rasa fed-up nih.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Ini Labu Labi, dok diam-diam dalam bilik lepas kena hambat dengan Ayah masa orang tengah sibuk-sibuk prepare for Raya baru-baru ni.

Kenapa kena hambat?

Sebab ini (click for larger view):

Habis si Labu panjat meja-meja, hidu pokok-pokok Ayah, jilat-jilat dan makan bila dah tak tahan geram.

Kambing kaa, kucing kaa.

Mana la Ayah tak marah. Bukannya senang Ayah nak rajinkan diri pi keluar ke taman and potong pokok and buat 'ikebana'.

So, when Abang & I went to Pendang, Labu Labi were banished, dikurung di wet kitchen (wet kitchen Umi sangat lapang, by the way. Tis where Adi resides most of the time, too. Lest you'd think my folks menyiksa binatang ke apa).

Labu Labi, being pengecut of any screaming machinery (or the sight of it), would cower into their cage everytime Umi used the blender... like so:

Baru paaaaadan muka kawuuuu Labuuuu! [ala Hj. Bakhil in Labu dan Labi)

In the mean time, si Dak Adi tu pulak... apa kes tah, nak ngada makan rasuah suap everytime feeding time...

Itu Umi yang feed dia.

Nak minum air pun, sama. Kena paksa.

Umi yang geli dengan kucing pun, kasihan ke Adi. Kasi Adi minum air sambil pegang kepala Adi beralaskan kain. Adi tak melawan pulak tu kalau Umi yang suapkan air.

Ni Umi suapkan air ke Adi sambil Udi pujuk-pujuk Adi.

Ngengada, kan.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Long Journey Back

God we're knackered to a T.

You know how long the jam was last night?? Fifty kilometers. That's right, five funting zero.

10kms after the last post at hentian Bukit Gantang, the jam ain't gettin any better, it was almost midnite, we were moving at 10-15km/hour average (means, it'll take us two more hours to reach Jelapang Toll which was only 30kms away, and that's like between P.J and Shah Alam, I'd say?), both Abang & I were dangerously sleepy, and there was not even a suitable space to stop for some shut-eye 'coz the highway drainage sits precariously too near beside the emergency lane with nary enough setbacks for any stop to be possible.

So I ended up bercerita tah apa-apa dengan Abang, something to get him to respond.

When we saw the signboard saying 'Kuala Kangsar, Grik, 2km', that's it mate, we knew we just had to get outta there.

Tapi nak menyampai ke 2km tu Yaaa Allah.....siksanya!!! It was just TORTURING when you felt you been on that stretch for ayyyges, but then upfront you saw another board -- Kuala Kangsar, Grik 1km. Aaaaaaaargggggh.

But anyhow, we finally got to the exit. Jam sket la kat toll Kangsar and into the town. Tapi, kalau jam kat jalan macam tu, kita tidak la marah bengang sangat kan, coz bila-bila boleh detour guna jalan lain ke, pi hotel ke, resthouse ke.

Oh, we did make a couple of calls to some hotel/resthouse in Kangsar, tapi fullhouse kau. So we decided to just slowly continue our journey.

Our aim was to get to Ipoh. From there we would then decide to stop and rest, or just move on.

Surprisingly, jalan dalam to Ipoh through Kangsar was really big, comfy and smooth. It was already close to 1am, and aku dah tak tahan daulat dah. Aku minta izin Abang nak tidur, and Abang kata ok. And as soon as Abang habis cakap 'O' je belum ke 'K' lagi, akak terus hanyut!

Sedar-sedar Abang dah masuk park at hentian Ladang Bikam, and it was already 3am!! I didn't even want to offer to drive, coz aku memang ngantuk gilos masa tu.

I tell you, punya la ramai kereta berenti kat hentian tu, and kat atas jalan pun masih banyak lagi kereta!!

Gila betul. Like this part of S'jung M'sia didn't even sleep I tell ya.

So, we joined the other journey-makers at the hentian and had our sleep, in the car, with the windows wound down an inch so that tak da la masuk berita sebiji rotikacangmerah dan suaminya rotibakar dijumpai mati basi terhidu gas aircond ke apa.

Mujur kami ada bawa bantal and cimut, apart from cimut gentel aku. So we just can't complain.

I woke up 10 past 5am, kejut Abang, and the crowd still haven't subsided!! Ya Tuhan.

Aku tak berhenti weewee langsung dari mula the journey at 6.20pm semalam, but akak sanggup tahan la kan. Mujur tak rasa desperate sangat masa tu.

Satu kali when we drove out of the hentian, by God orang park keta sampai half a km outside the hentian!! I would guess should we arrive a wee bit later than we did, memang tak da tempat nak park inside the hentian.

Kereta atas jalan masih lagi banyak, tapi boleh speed up to 110km/hour la.

Yang peliknya, makin nak masuk KL, keta makin tak da. Depa disperse tang mana aku tak taw!

Bila lalu rumah-rumah and apartments with their lights still off, gila jeles. Rasa nak jerit, "Oooiii banguuuun, kami baru sampai dari Pendang ni tau!!" and hon keta kasi dorang sakit ati. Jaki rasanya, kau.

Finally, we reached our place at 6.40am, just sempat-sempat nak Subuh anak gajah.

Kononnya Abang kata dia nak mandi-manda dan terus pi keja (ofis dia dah mula keja since Saturday)...tapi lepas dia mandi terus dia tak tahan daulat -- he slept for two solid hours til 9.30am, and I drove him to work by 10.30am before balik Bangi nak ambil budak-budak.

I tell ya, tak leh bayang if kami balik harini....since esok ofis & sekolah dah buka balik. Mau 18jam kot atas jalan, dengan panas terik, hujan kilat petir....eiii tak sanggup nak mikionya.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jam, Jam, Everywhere Jam...

....but not a drop to spread on your toast. Elisa certainly cannot spread jam here, kwang kwang kwang.

Anyhoo, kami berhenti at the mouth of entrance to hentian sebelah Bukit Gantang. Mujur tapau lauk pengantin tadi, buleh la buat alas perut. Ni, nak masuk ke hentian pun dah jam, silap-silap makanan pun dah habis dalam tu.

Tadi ada sorang limo-taxi driver brenti behind us, nak tumpang relieve himself behind some bushes. He told us his friend ahead of us told him that jam till JELAPANG!! That's like another 40km ahead... like Bangi-K.L kau!!

Aku & Abang memang sumpah seranah keramat piangggg pada kepala bodoh siapa yang bijak sangat nak buat tol ATAIH jalan (Tol Jelapang)!!

H@r@m j@dddd@h. Satu Lagi Projek Barisan Nasional, that I can tell you.

'Saii 'Ppaa, laa

'Simpang ke Cangkat Jering/ Taiping/ Beruas -- 1km', the signboard says.

But the crawl already started wayyyyy before the signboard said 'Simpang ke ladeeda -- 5km'.

We've been moving at an average of 15km/hour the past, mebbe, 7km?? On a bloody highway mind you. 'Saiii 'pppaaa (pasai apa).

We wonder how much further down this highway we'd have to drive at this speed. Ni kalau aku jalan kaki ke KL pun akan sampai lebih cepat, taw.

Sabar je la akak, kan.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Tiga Generasi

Zarul, Ipah's husband.

Paghah (Farah), the 2nd kid.

Zara Sofia, the beautiful new addition to the Ul-Haque family. Cik Lin and Pak Ngah would later call the lil one "Piah".



Ni atas jambatan ke pulau, nak lawat Ipah, adik bongsu Abang. Dia baru melahir baby gurl.

Cantiknya pemandangan. Sigh, bilalah nak dapat berholiday lagi. Sangat sangat letih.


Semalam petang.

Mencari barang-barang untuk jamuan sate di rumah Mak.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jottings From The North-South Highway

Now at Sg. Perak, on the way up to Pendang, with my good ol' cimut gentel.

Yesterday (1st day Raya) started off very quiet.

Morning after the prayers, when it was salam-salam & angpow-angpow for umi ayah adik-adik & the photo session time, that was gereks. We had fun doing the 'photoshoot' since Udi used his Olympus digital SLR on a tripod along with camera remote control, all hell breaks lose. Macam-macam gaya keluar, especially since it was Ahy who held the remote.

Will put the photos online once back to real world (ya lor, now in festive world mah).

And then, things were quite quiet apart from the entire jinggeng of nearby neighbour (where my colleague Emi married the son of the said neighbour), then my 2nd aunt Cik Wan and family and cucu-cucu came, then youngest aunt Cik Su and family, and lastly Udi's family angkat came from S.Alam.

By 3.30pm it went back quiet.

"Tak macam tahun lepas, kan Mi?" I said to Umi.

Then, at almost 6pm Tian and his PA, Chin, came to visit, as last year.

And then the pandemonium began.

SEVEN full-load of cars of relatives, who heard from ayah that Tian was coming, started arriving all at the same time! Some drove all the way from Labu (near Seremban), some from Bangi itself.

Capol sangat mulut aku, kan.

Wahlauu I tell ya, we panicked like hell, coz makanan tak cukup!!! Umi dah tambah kuah for her lontong and 4 additional packets of adabi nasi impit (apart from the 10 earlier on), dengan pantas those too started to diminish!

We even had to hide sepaket nasi impit and semangkuk kecik lontong for a Hasrul's family who'll be coming after maghrib.

So, by the time semua 7 kereta dah makan, makanan memang ngam-ngaaaam cukup! Siap dorang kaut licin lauk-lauk dalam mangkuk, hahaha.

Eh anyway I actually planned to tell all these in my post raya rants. Terbabas bercerita pulak.

Tunggu lah, k.

In the mean time, ni dah kat area Bukit Merah, and kaki aku punya la sakit dan sengal dok bertungkus-lumus di Bangi semalam, hari ni nak pijak bumi pun perit.

Don't know how my 58-yr old Umi boleh tahan. Respect kat dia. Muamuah.



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