Monday, September 15, 2008

Shahadah & Janice

At a time when our country is facing some sectors stoking racial and religious tension, this entry by my best mates in Manchester, Ilush and ex-OKT husband Shidin (bunyi macam ex-convict je ek Shidin??? Rawk giler tu, haha) is timely.

It was about a weekend outing to a carnival with Shadah and her best-mate Janice, who clearly is a non-Malaysian (I think!).

Hell I know and understand what they're babbling about in the last two clips... but, does it really matter???

Let's pray that these and other colour-blind kids will grow up to be forever colour-blind, aaaameeeen....

And Shahadah is coming back home for a 3-week Raya break this 20th September! Can't wait to see how this wee girl has grown!

*note to kak ilush: she sings like you lah, pose and all!!! hahahaha



F manchester said...

Janice is M'sian born in manchester. Shahadah and her are both convinced that they are twins. Cute sangat.They went around the carnival telling people that they were twin/sisters.

Can't wait to introduce you to shahadah again... See ya next week!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
she looks more like a korean, lah!

alaaa tiut giler that they think they're both twins!!! comelll!


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