Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Seminar: Pictorial & Stories

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Wednesday, 27.08.2008

1 - The girls helping out with the 500-odd goody bags with isi yang pelbagai - CDs, pen, notepad, book programme, press-kit, etc.

2 - Ketua (Ko)Mandur, Intan Comel.

3 - Delivery at the hotel, with four adik-adik yang aku lantik jadi sekretariat aku di hotel ~ from left - Bob, Rose, Maz & Isa. The bags filled the entire corridor. Mind you, we delivered using a Pregio-van, and was filled to the brim!

D-Day 1, 28.08.2008

1- Hall - check.

2- Registration and payment counters - check.

3- Back-drop - check.

4- FULL HOUSE! Alhamdulillah!

D-Day II, 29.08.2008

5- Forum and debates.

1- Hilang sikit rasa letih...

2- Group photo of speakers, panelists, moderator, Head of Organising Committee and reps from PAM.

3- On the way to Janda Baik.

4- Up the steep hill we had to climb...

5- ... to this. Enderong House. Simply breath-taking.

1- The architect-cum-builder, Mr. Ngan, addressing the delegates.

2- Stone walls everywhere. They came straight from the Janda Baik earth itself, which is just bountiful.

3- Custome-made lighting in between pine-wood joists. Note: The timber came straight from the fallen trees from the Janda Baik forests, too.

4- The Viewing Verandah, from one of the 9 bedrooms.

5- Swimming pool in a distance.

6- Details. Timber intentionally aged for the worn-out cabin look.

1- Typical bedroom - 2 single beds with spare mattresses.

2- Serenity in bedroom.

3- Viewing Verandah - to the right of me.

4- Viewing Verandah - to the left of me.

5- View from platform of 2nd level staircase. That's Mek Rose as the scale model.

6- Viewing out from the platform of 2nd level staircase.

1- Viewing wayyyyyyyy below outside from the 3rd level.

2- Ar.Hanaz, my ex-classmate, from the Viewing Verandah.

3- The open-air tub, taken while...

4- ...I was 'testing' this W.C. hehe. Note the floor with natural stone. This goes for the entire 9 bathrooms.

5- Tanarimba Visitor's Center - looking in from the main entrance.

6- Tanarimba Visitor's Center - looking down towards the main entrance, from the Meeting room above.

[By the way, I was told by the Director of the Tanarimba Development (who also has his own suite in the Enderong House) that The House is also for rent at RM3000/night. With 8 bedrooms ~ 2 singlebeds + 2 extra single mattresses in each bedroom ~ that's like 32+ people can comfortably fit into that house okay. Kau boleh bawak tilam lagi and sleeping bags sendiri, silap-silap 40-50 orang boleh masuk situ. Dapur ada, washing machine ada. Apa lagi, buat Family Day aje la kat situ, kan.]


The welcoming dinner at KL Tower was at the end of D-Day I. Though that was like my 12th time being the emcee in my organisation, but it was by far the most exhausting.

What did I learn from the night??? Well, two things in particular.

One, be brave to say "No" to emcee functions where you are also the Organising Committee. Ya, ya, eventhough I did say "No" but it wasn't strong enough sebab aku rasa tak sampai hati. Akibatnya, aku rasa macam nak pengggggsanz malam tu 'coz I was so so tired. Mujur Abang ada (he was invited to attend for his 'contribution', hehe), adalah sikit kekuatan, kan.

Two, when dinner consists of gazillion-courses of Chinese, be brave also to ask for more token than the normal mere pittance you receive. The reason? Long Chinese courses would mean that you'd have to pay extra attention to the entire flow for the night. Kau akan jadi The Instructor From Hell to all -- to the kitchen people, to the Cultural performers, to the musician & singers.

Also, during these kind of menu, kena sabar when your guests complained that they were tired and kept asking you about how many more courses to come.

Lagi sakit ati bila the management of the restaurant only had 1 waiter per two tables (except for the VIP who had a one dedicated waiter), and then the servings tak synchronized between tables. Akibatnya, VIP table dah nak habis served, tapi table-table lain ada yang tak berganjak-ganjak servingnya.


AKAK ni yang kena berlari-lari jadi the Food Manager instead, minta dorang sensitive sikit on the synchronization. While my PR Officers dok sedap ati je makan... padahal ini keja dorang, bukan kerja akewwwwwww!

Gila barbie penat malam tu, kau. Tak berbaloi dengan token yang dapat.

Sampai je rumah at 11.30pm, aku letak kepala atas bantal and pengsan tak basuh muka segala till 4am.

The next morning I woke up phone aku dah kena bar. Great, innit. So, nak kena pi bayar bil dulu, baru dapat ke Seminar balik.

But prior to that, aku sempat text-biatch around about the PR Office to the leader of the Organising Committee, Puan N. And Puan N sudah beritahu pada this certain Puan H who was once the 'Gordon Ramsay of the PR Office' (but now transferred to head another department). So, apa lagi, Puan H pun tolong 'burn the PR Office to hell' la, so by the time I got to the hotel at 10.30am things have all pretty much ironed out, hehehehe

When you gotta bitch, you just gotta bitch, you know.

And whaddya know... during the dinner our Biggggg Boss was so impressed with us the in-house architects who did quite a great job in organising (of course not possible without the help and expertise of the PAM's Office) that he had bisik-bisik to the Head Committee that we are to organize a 'Green Building' seminar with other PBTs (Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan) by end of the year pulak. Kali ni buat sendiri-sendiri, tak perlu pertolongan PAM lagi katanya.

Lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Aku nak migrate kejap lepas ni. Habis Green Building seminar, aku mai balik ok?


All in all, twas a GREAT experience, though a very very very tiring one. Habis 2,3 minggu tugas hakiki aku terbengkalai. But I had fun, especially when serving the participants. They all came back to us and said wot an organized seminar it was. So, that actually lift everyone in the Committee's spirit up, really.

Plus, it was really really nice to meet up with my consultants, old friends (Thanks Hanaz, Aida and Azliiiii!!!), ex-Bosses and acquaintances who came over for support.

Mujur tak dak old flame je, heh heh.

And those architects loved them bags! Alhamdulillaaaaah.



Shabar said...

Hehehe...Faszt, exactly how I felt during organising a seminar back in 2005 (international...mind you!). That time I felt like cloning myself so I could be at few places in one time. Worst, I had to hold all the cheques and cash - fee payment, book purchase... I was walking with rm35K++ (CASH) by end of the day! Luckily I wasn't the emcee.

But all-in-all, it was a good experience. Alhamdulillah, dah 3 conferences kitorang organise without using event manager. And I'm sure that we did a damn good job when we won the bid to host the IOHA (you can google) 2012 Scientific Conference - also a celebration for IOHA 25th Anniversary. We're already gearing up to make the event grand.

Aku cakap kau...conference kat overseas punya la cikai...kadang2 makan pon depa tak bagi. Ada sekali tu, registration kat bawah pokok je...nametag pon main tulis guna marker. Kekeke...

Anyway, rest well. Badan nak pakai lama Faszt. Take good care of it kay? Selamat berpuasa!

elisataufik said...

eh we wanted to stay at the enderong house haritu (plan nya lepas tengok gajah @kuala gandah) tapi call number TamanRimba and email (sepertimana yg tertera di website nya), tak ada orang respon pun...
Pastu, tak jadi tengok gajah, so give up ajelah.
you got their number? Maybe next time I balik can plan again.
I lourrrvvveeee wooden houses.

bytw, congratulations on a job well done! Alin boleh!

elisataufik said...

p/s beg ada lebih tak?
*dengan muka tak malunya bertanya*

Roti Kacang Merah said...

i think, in our situation, the only grouses if it were to be international seminar would be the arrival and departure problems at the airport. other than that, for us it's better to organize foreign delegates coz less protocols!!!

But mind you organising a seminar being IN THE gomen... aiyohhhhh. sendiri jadi mangsa redtape and bureaucracies! I think, itu yang sangat memenatkan all of us here.

There are systems to follow, procedures and protocols to jaga... eiii bebenda ghenyihhh! rimas, kadang! Nak buat keputusan nak guna dua buah bas pun, kena buat report (they call it 'Minit Bebas')!!! tension akewwww. tapi apa nak buat, kot masa audit nanti tak menepati, ACA lak masuk check...

And to organize a seminar with attendance of PBTs??? LAGI la banyak procedure and protocol. silap-silap kalau tak betul, Pengarah Jabatan akan dipanggil mengadap 'dewa-dewa di atas sana'.

Lagipun, tugas hakiki aku is to jaga site and projects. itu aje dah tak cukup tangan, kan. inikan pulak nak organize seminar. sheesh.

mau tidak aku rasa macam nak migrate, kan.

cumanya, once you've succeeded organising something, memang nama akan mudah 'meniti bibir orang atasan'. you easily get recognized. tapi being recognized tak semestinya membawa perkara yang baik belaka. more often than not, asyik dipilih kena jadi macai!!!

apa nak buat Labu... terima saja lahhhh.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

nah nah amek ni nombor contact mkay??

Ms. Chen Yoke Peng
Admin Manager
Sitrac Corporation S/B (Developer of Tanarimba)
T: 09-2330655

A bag for you? I'll try my vewy best to cari jalan to save one for you, mkay! Tengah nak kena audit, ni!!! :-(

Zetty said...

tak menahan statement yg laaaaaast tu "Mujur tak dak old flame je" hahahaha.

p/s - bags nampak cun!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

etty tetty
ye la... suma ada ~ EX-colleagues, EX-bosses, EX-classmates, EX-consultants... EX-bf je yang tak de kat seminar tu. kalau ada, tak wat keja akewwwww.

goboklama said...

I did asked my two colleagues to join the seminar sampai tolon isikn borang lagik, tapi mereka punya lembab le nk clarify college's form and all, terus canceled! Tak dpt le I tengok 'The Bag' itewww... :(

Roti Kacang Merah said...

qisst oldcubbie
eiiii nyampah i kat colleagues yewwwww, kalau tak bley lar i kirim satu ke you, karn???

goboklama said...

ehey,ada lagi belen ke? bole le isik kukis Ahy dlm beg itewwww. ;)


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