Saturday, September 13, 2008

Massive Crackdown: Please Pray For Us

It's 5.22am, and aku baru nak masuk tidur, means, last I slept was 6.40am yesterday.

At 8.30pm, the Sin Chew journalist detained under ISA.

At 11.18pm, Teresa Kok detained under ISA.

At midnite, Abang received a call that his name was in the list among tens others.

So we hastily packed our bags, Labu, Labi...leaving the clothes in the washer, food for sahur in m'wave and batteries charged in chargers.

We drove halfway, dropped Abang off for him to get the taxi to wherever safe, while I drove back home alone to my parents' place, not without 1st alerted Umi Ayah on the phone.

At 4am, Abang called from an unregistered number that he's safe, that I'm not to worry, and left me with gazillion of things to do.

Umi Ayah terus solat sunat when I got home. They were clearly worried over Abang.

Please pray for us all -- Abang and his comrades -- , people. All this unwarranted arrests and crackdown hanyalah pekerjaan orang-orang yang terdesak dan pengecut, yang lupa that hanya Allah s.w.t sahaja yang Maha Berkuasa.


Thomas Mok said...

i am so appalled and sad that our beloved country is turning to be like myanmar.

my prayers with u guys, n rpk, n tk n d journalist.

i hope there wl b rahmat disebalik all these hogwash.

b strong and hv faith that the right wl always be redeemed in d end.

gedek! said...

OMG! Sabar dan tenang.... especially to You... I know 'Abang' very well. Dia sangat Firm no matter what..
Me & wife pray for u, babe...


elisataufik said...

I didnt realize that your family would be in danger as well..
hopefully this too shall pass.

Cepat2lah Anwar wehhhh

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abg tommy
thanks for the prayers... hikmahnya?? I get to hang out with my family for the entire weekend and help my bros with the kukis, heh heh.

Asal my husband selamat. I tahu dari mana pun dia berada, he would still "berjuang", insyaAllah!

bro G
thanks Abang G & Kakak... mujur ada family yang sama-sama tak letih menunggu berita their only menantu... ada lah kekuatan yang lebih sikit.

they just dengan senang hati put families in danger. parents tak tahu where their daughters are taken to, i tak tahu where my husband is hiding... patut ISA je si harmid and pakLelah tu instead. thanks for the hugs, elisa... :') *hugs*


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