Monday, August 18, 2008

To Know a Certain Language is To Reflect a Certain Community???

State MCA chief Liow Tiong Lai said of Arif Shah:
“As a Malay candidate who speaks fluently in Chinese dialects, he understands and reflects the views of the Chinese community here.” Here.


If that's how you see it, then my friend's daughter Shahadah could represent the people in Manchester 'coz she speaks Mancunian so fluently, and so can I represent the Scottish in Malaysia since I very well speak and understand a wee bit of the Scots language too.

Wha a wee piece of brein ye git there in yer wee heid fer tha keind of statement, Sir.

Calling someone from the most racist party to "understand and reflect the views of your community"? That's just, well, plain mingenly stupid.

But of course, knowing another dialect in Malaysia (Cantonese, Mandarin, Tamil) for a Malay is an added bonus, and with that aku respect lah juga si Arip tu sebab aku tahu swear words aje in those dialects.

Kena ambil kursus dengan Tian, Gobi, or Abg Tommy. Grins.

Just fer funn:
The Scottish Parliament in Scots.



Thomas Mok said...

kah kah kah, cik kak oi, depa tu tengah ball currying lah, dah nak capai kedudukan yang boleh menangguk ikan gemuk-gemuk, pastilah carry habis-habisan. orang politik ni, berapa kerat yang ada principle macam RPK? macam kita? ptuii...

yang lagi satu, hang nak belajao cakap pelat melako, ha, abg tommy boleh gak mengajao sikit2, tapi nak belajao bahasa cino tu, yang botul-botul nye, den tau ler, yang menyumpah seranah tuu, den khoghang sikit, al-maklumlah, dulu kalau pakai bahaso "kelas" sikit, mak akan cabaikan molot kito tu hah, sapo beghani nak menyumpah cik kak femes oi???

cakapaje said...

Salam Lin,

Aye, me lassie. Dosh pea-brain rachist-beshed party know noots wut they be talking about. Iv I ave wiv me those trust claymores of the highlanders, I'd give them a knock on their brains wid it!

Anonymous said...

ARM-NO has taken Islam to a new level. The purported "Imam" (Hadharist) that was used to swear Say-fool is an UMNO Youth member. Can you imagine that? I'm vomiting. He is a protege of Firdaus, Permatang Pauh UMNO perennial loser and former Masjid Negara "Imam Hadhari". Huh! Please share it with the peope who care for the truth. May God save us from evil.



Thomas Mok said...

you got tagged, go to my blog and copy the question and then answer, hehehe. sorry le, not many people to tag already...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bro tommy
pelat melako? Abah ese sendiri oghang nogori... keee, ada chinese dialects in malaccan ka.. ada ka?

bro shah
ayeee lad! i truily concuir theyr brein ken be as wee as tha darn moose (mouse) some times, just gotta give em a really gewd whack!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

anony 8/20/2008 01:56:00 AM
protege of Pirdaus??? *barf barf barf* wuek, munta ijo aku.

aku tak faham actually how a so called "imam" sanggup bersekongkol bersubahat dengan rasuah and all that. hati buta kapa???

bro tommy
aiiiiyaaaaaaaaaakkk... TAG ah???? why you notty one, tag tag me laidaaat... ok ok if i got time i answer ek? *grins* thanks for the thots, by the ways!!!

Thomas Mok said...

sebenornyo, tag ni kelakau lah jugak, at least people will get to know your inner self, somethings that you never expect to be asked. best lah jugak but not always lah, jadik boring pulak...


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