Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tag O You

Got tagged by Abang Tommy. Nakal tewww.

1.what is your fav chocolate?
It was Kit-Kat in the U.K (hey something about U.K's KitKat that tastes simply delightful!)
Now -- Cadbury's Black Forest

2.what is your 3 fav colour?
black, earth, yellow

3.who is the last person u talked to?

4.who is the last person u msged?

5.who was the first person u talked to when u woke up today?
Labi -- though not categorically regarded as 'person'

6.who is the first person u msged when u woke up today?
No one. many msges u recieved when u woke up today?

8.who msged you when u woke up today?
No one.

9.who do u wanna talk to now?
My best mate from Uni, Steve Devlin. He's Irish. Last spoke to him was on my birthday in 2002. Been emailing him but no reply. He found me on FB in May this year, told me at length about his life at the mo, and then hilang balik. Eiii budak tu kan.

10.who do u wanna see right now?
Steve, I suppose.

11.why do u wanna see that person now?
I just miss him. He's a darl.

12.what relationship are u with that person u wanna see now?
We are the bestest of mates.

13.if u could hug someone now. who will it be?
Abang. Corny I know. But he's been ill the past 2 days, ok. I miss him.

14.what are u doing now?
Watching "Solar Empire" on Astro, about life and connections with astrological matter, like the fullmoon, AND replying dozens of e-mails pertaining next week's seminar. (PLEASE DATANG AS SUPPORT, YOU GUUUUUYSSSS!!! Dapat beg yang Abang lukis, tauuu.)

15.what colour shirt are u wearing now?
not wearing any shirt (but something else other than a shirt, you perverts. a purple batik caftain.)

16.are u attached?
I'm attached to my selimut gentel (read about it here).

17.anyone u like?
way too many!
perhaps I should change the question -- "anyone you hate?". Well, at the mo, it's Sialful, Najis, Mat Ezam, Pak Lah and ALL their konco-konco. Oh, not forgetting, Che Det.

18.who do u like?
aiyoh i cannot differentiate lah between question 17 and 18

19.what phone are u using?
SE K770i. My 35th-Birthday pwezen from Abang. much money do u have in ur wallet now?
RM7. Miskin, kan? ;-)

21.what do u love looking at?
If nature: fullmoon
If living things: cats
If human: very many *winks*

22.who is the last guy u hugged?
Dah pastinya laki aku.

23.if u can choose to do something now. what would u do?
Join Udi, Sam and Abg Long in Perhentian Island. are u feeling now?
Sakit belakang; mengantuk lagi tapi dah tak leh tidur; anxious about things to come; sakit hati sebab tak dapat keluar dari this godforsaken KL.

25.if u can turn back time 3 times. where will it be?
don't really understand how this work -- 'turn back time 3 times'. But here goes, anyways:
1st time: My Jasin years -- form 1 till form 5
2nd time: my first 3 years in the U.K
3rd time: the first 2 weeks of August 1999 in Edinburgh

26.who are u thinking of?
quite a number of people...

27.what is the 3 things u want to forget?
I don't even want to remember the things I want to forget.

28.who makes u happy?
Abang, when his head is not occupied with work and ideas; my cats.

29.what is next to you?
now? -- my nescafe kaw kurang manis.

30.last show u watched?
Wall.EEEEEEEEE!!!!!! (Friday night, at Cap Square) many people are u talking to now?
None, Abang's still resting in bed.

32.if u can change something in ur life.. what will it be?
That I didn't have Asthma since I was a baby. It's just life-changing -- your life got restricted eversince you were small, you depended on medication, your body ballooning, your esteem lowered. Alhamdulillah though, my asthma's subsided a lot the past years (especially ever since I have my cat Adi in 2003, ironically enough ). u have pets?
Adi, Labu, Labi. All orange-coloured cats. Love 'em to bits bits bits!

34.what do u feel like eating now?

35.who are the 7 people u tag?
you, you, you, you, you, you and you. And also to Abg Tommy to do THIS tag. Hahahaha padan muka dia.

Ok Abang dah bangun, nak pi buat breakfast.



Thomas Mok said...

firstly, seronok juga baca reply tag tuu. tergelak besar some parts tuu.

secondly, kat jasin? oghang melako e-yo? satu kampong lah kito e-yo? tak sangko pulok den, hehehe.

lastly, i tak buka tag tu, dah tau nak kena tag, nak buka juga ke? takkan nak gi caghi penyakit, betui tak? so, tak yah nak reply, lalala....

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abg tommy

mana aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


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