Friday, August 08, 2008


At the beginning of last month, when I was, err, requested to join the committee for the international tropical architecture seminar this coming 28th and 29th of August, one of the things I was asked to do is to design the goody-bag.

The brief goes as such:

- It has to be kain belacu and not the non-woven ala paperish-canvassy-like bag you get in exhibitions tu.

- Gambar ala fern or daun paku pakis. To make it ala tropical.

- File keras A4-size tu must fit in it.

- Must not have name of the seminars and what nots on the bag. Small logos of the organisers will do. This is so that the bag will be used over and over again -- pi Tesco ka, Carrefour ka, shopping kat Sogo ka. So recipients of goody-bags tak malu and segan nak guna beg tu semula.

So, the first thing I got from the web, was this:

Some pewter-print of a fern.

So, I 'took' the fern out, and tak ingat dah what I did (paint daub, etc), terus jadi gini:

Thought it was quite cool.

And then I did this. Olive-colour kain belacu bag...

... and presented it to the jawatankuasa tertinggi, where in the meeting ada dua orang aje machai junior ~ aku and sorang budak PRO. Yang lain semua Timbalan Ketua Pengarah and Pengarahs and Timbalan Pengarahs.

They loved the 3D-fern idea so much. Or maybe sebab I succeeded in selling the idea, haha.

You know la architects -- we're all about bullshitting through our products.

And then Pertubuhan Arkitek Malayia (PAM) introduced me to their 'Bag Man' (BG) 'coz at this point in time I ain't gonna go through PAM as the middle-person between me and their Bag Man. Dok ding-dong-ding-dong nanti sampai bila nak siap.

And then, bad news ensued:

BG says kain belacu that I wanted tu could only be ordered from China. That takes time. If nak coloured belacu, LAGI takes time. Same goes to canvassy-bag, which is thicker than the non-woven. Have to order from China also (BLOODY HELL WHERE ARE OUR INVESTORS IN THIS SORT OF THING, AH???). However, he has samples of cotton bag, tapi material macam baju budak sekolah. And only in one colour -- very very pale beige. Some more to make the print-out look 3D like I sketched, it has to be printed on a sticker and heat-transfered on the bag. 'Else I've to re-design it to look two-dimensional for the simple and cheaper silk-screen printing. And oh, by the way, if I don't like the cotton bag and would have to revert to the non-woven material, the colours for the non-woven bag are also limited ~ there's no olive green. If I still want Olive Green, have to wait for order. So have to choose from the 4 types of greens available -- hijau pucuk pisang, apple green, yucky green, and dark green.


Dipendekkan cerita yang lebiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih panjang -- big bosses say, ok la we make do with the non-woven material, instead of the olive-coloured kain belacu. At least we could get the bag colour that we want (or closer to what we wanted). But we want the image with 3D effect, please.

Then, BG came back and said, "Just so you know that if you want the 3D effect, it can only be printed on A4 size, so the real image would be smaller than your sketch."

"So, it'll be like this, okay...", BG emailed me.


Why leh the logos in the middle laidat? Cannot go further to one corner ka??? I asked BG. Who is a Singaporean by the way. Really professional and patient guy. Kiasu tak nampak lagi la.

"Like I said, it's printed on an A4 size, mah... everything heat-transferred on the bag, and then peel off slowly".

Cannot do separately meh BG???

"Extra cost lor laidat."

And you said two-sides heat-transferred printing laidat already cost RM13!!! Aiyoh, end-product not worth the price lah BG!

"The heat-transfer and sticker quite expensive mah... Silkscreen is wayyyy cheaper, of course you know already by now," he said.

What the heck la BG, I said. Bring it on. 800 of them. One sample, please. On dark green non-woven, just like your sketch.

That was last Saturday/Sunday. Aku pun dah agak keletihan masa tu, had way too many things at hand and in mind.

And 2 days ago (Wednesday), he brought in a sample. Not on a dark-green non-woven though, but on a green bag yang dah siap sedia ada in his manufacturer's factory.

Good God.

Aku tengok pun aku dah tahu the Jawatankuasa Tertinggi will reject it. Meeting is the next day, Thursday. Semalam la tu.

Looked so tacky la BG!!! Aiyooooh. I sighed loudly to him, clearly making known of my frustrations.

After some deliberation with BG and discussion on making the heat-transfer sticker looked less tacky, we parted. My fingers crossing for some miracle to happen.

Next day Thursday (semalam la tu), we had the weekly Jawatankuasa meeting.

As expected, all rejected the bag. Even the PAM rep, also an architect.

"You buat keputusan sendirilah lepas ni, ok? 'Coz tak cukup masa," The Biggest of Boss at the time said.

I took that as good news, 'coz aku leh buat kerja dan keputusan terus.

At the same time, real pressure 'coz it means that I have to darn perform!!!

And I've only next week Monday to start producing / manufacturing 800 pieces of the bags!

Aku balik malam tadi, rasa berat sangat kepala aku. Kepala aku letih, tapi tak leh 'katup', know what I mean.

I've not only this bag to settle, but also the leaflets, book programme and name-tag (which, Alhamdulillah, semua almost settle).

Oh, not forgetting tugas hakiki aku at the office with four active sites doing piling works and all the administrative shit.

So, malam tadi aku 'nangis' ke Abang.... help me Abang, help, can you please do your cartoonist stroke on my fern, help, Alin dah tak larat penatnya ni...

Mujur Abang dah habis lukis kartun segala... so he was quite free last night.

He started off with so many strokes of brushes and pens... I've lost count on the papers and re-tracing that I had to do everytime dia tak puas hati dengan stroke dia.

At long last, he got it. He used the ink-pipe yang melekat kat penutup ink dia, and voilah...

I loike it...!

Dan punya la banyak dakwat yang dia guna, I had to blow-dry the paper for more than 30 minutes tengah-tengah malam buta pukul 11.30 malam before scanning it.

But at least, I'm happier with this result.

So, pagi tadi, I called BG to meet him at his office, I hopped on the LRT from Bandaraya to Maluri and he picked me up at the station, and both of us sat down with the manufacturer... and ALHAMDULILLAH, settle semua pagi tadi jugak -- image can be that size, that colour. Price is 30% lower. And manufacturing time is shorter.

Back at the office, I emailed to the Jawatankuasa Bosses lepas tu of the new design and price, and they're all happy.

Cuma kalau dapat sign 'Zunar' sikit kat satu corner of the fern tu, kan best? haha

Ok nak balik nak rehat nak rehat nak rehat...

God I learnt a lot this past few weeks. About life, about work, and about making a darn goody-bag.



Countess Miem said...

Yuhuuu.that's one real nice goody bag. Sentuhan dari 2 professionals, Kaklin+Pakngah. gagaga. Cnt wait to see the result. =]

gedek! said...

A classic move.... using 'air mata' as a weapon... and never fail.... Tak aci 'laidat'...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

miem yang suka menghitung (COUNTess, bukan kaaa?? hahaha)
i just couldn't wait for EVERYTHING to end!!!

bro gedeks
again, your fren tersengih-sengih when i read him your comment, heh2

drbubbles said...

i think you kena belanja bro zunar kow kow lepas ni!hehehehe...

p.s agak agaknya boleh jadi goody bag supplier tak lepas ni?hehehe

Roti Kacang Merah said...

doc bubbs
naper you nak beli ke??? i leh tolong design kan je la... pro bono! *grins*


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