Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quoting Bug

Spent the day at Abang's office. Internet laju rabak kat sini.

I read this from last-week's Suara Keadilan... doa Tok Guru:

"Ya Allah ya Tuhan kami ampunilah dosa kami semua dan engkau tutupkanlah kelemahan kami dari musuh kami dan ya Allah ya Tuhan kami janganlah engkau beri peluang kepada musuh-musuh kami menikam kami dari belakang. Lindungilah Anwar Ibrahim dari segala fitnah dan mehnah dan selamatkan beliau dari mara bahaya dan engkau jadikan dia sebagai orang yang sabar dan istiqamah.

Ya Allah ya Tuhan kami, kepada engkaulah kami mohon pertolongan dan pengharapan. Ya Allah ya Tuhan kami tunjukkanlah kebenaran itu adalah kebenaran dan kebatilan itu adalah batil, lindungilah kami semua dari segala kejahatan dari luar dan dalam dan berikanlah kami kebaikan di dunia dan kebaikan di akhirat."

Kalau aku jadi 'diorang-diorang tu' la kan -- Pak Lahlok, Najis, KeJi, PIG IGP, AG, Heyzam, Sialful dan orang-orang lain yang berperangai busuk tak kira dalam BN atau Pakatan Rakyat... I'll be very very very very afraid and won't be able to sleep at night.

Bukan calang-calang orang yang mendoakan ni. Bukan calang-calang orang di sisi Allah s.w.t, that is.


Masa aku kecik-kecik dulu, kalau aku diajukan soalan "Who is your idol leader?", tanpa berfikir panjang aku akan jawab "Dr. M".

If only I knew better -- that he in the end is a racist bigot and so desperately gila kuasa -- tobat pianggggg aku akan mengaku aku idolise dia.

Read this, "Mahathir has let me down as my mentor". And when the writer M Raken writes...

"A true Muslim will never succumb to the temptation of passing unsubstantiated false judgments on another fellow brother even if it may mean the gain of the whole world.

It is the designated court, whatever it may be, that will pass judgment on the accused. Tun Dr Mahathir has failed to impress me that he is a true Muslim. As a non-Muslim, I am truly ashamed of Tun Dr Mahathir."

...I hope he/she does not take that Tun M represents the real Muslims in Malaysia!!!

In fact, this whole she-bang of the Conspiracy II which is clearly created to 'assassinate' Pak Anwar, hanya memalukan Malaysia sebagai sebuah Negara Islam.

I quote Mr. Tommy Thomas from his article "A second prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim - is it in the national interest?"

"...It therefore defies belief that the Government can still repeatedly declare that politics is not involved in the Anwar sodomy case. They are insulting the intelligence of the Malaysians by such arrant nonsense. The case is all about politics, and nothing but politics. If Anwar were not a potential Prime Minister, and only an ordinary citizen, he would not face this prosecution. It is as simple, plain and obvious as that."

'Nuff said.



F manchester said...

Tu lah politiks kat M'sia- asik politiking kotor aje. Where are all the real issues and policies of actually running the country? This is largely ignored. Our newspapers and media are more like tabloids (news of the world) sort of thing kan...

how frustrating!

Thomas Mok said...

firstly, thank you very much RKM for dropping by my site, tak sangka pulak ada famous blogger stopping by my place. Touched deeply.

secondly, baru perasaan the malays blog also kena linked, now gotta to rajin2 post in malays jugak ler.

lastly, the current politics are very dissappointing to say the least. high time everyone really run the country. and stamp out corruptions at all costs. some people on the ground already whisper that the PR in S'gor dah terikut2 BN in the "not-so-transparent" way. I hope it can be nipped at the bud.

p/s - after you watched wall.e, share ya your comment, and GO and watch it. nice......

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
aiyoh i tell you, it's like those in ruling power so so desperate to stay in rule, they keep trying to distract the rakyat with so many unimportant issues so that the rakyat would 'forget' their weaknesses. They think the rakyat so bodoh izit.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abg tommy
aiyak stop la, me not famous lahhhh *blush*

yeah i also heard similar whispers about some bad apples in S'ngor PR (AND also Penang PR). they need good reminding, lah. I hope someone would write an open letter to M'siakini or smthn over that matter. Tarik sikit benang diorang turun balik ke Bumi, jangan kasi melayang jauh sangat ke langit...

I wanna watch Wall.E and Susuk (coz Amir Muhammad's one of my fav local Director!) and will share comments, God Willing!!!


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