Monday, August 18, 2008

The Life of a Cartoonist-cum-Chief Editor


I never thought I could neglect my blog the way I have the past weeks.

Life, for both Abang & I, have been a wee bit hectic these days. What with the Permatang Pauh event, and my in-laws coming over to our humble abode over the weekend yesterday to send one of Abang's niece off at the Airport for her engineering degree in New Jersey, U.S. As of now, the in-laws are all on their way back to Pendang.

And oh, also, worth mentioning is the arrival of Udi's Geordie friend, Sam, yesterday morning after a 31-hour travel, from Newcastle - London - Singapore - train to Sentral, for their 2-week adventure in the Peninsula. Udi, Sam and another friend 'Abang Long' will be going to Kuala Gandah, Taman Negara, the east-coast islands and perhaps Malacca and Penang. Larat la tu. haha


Abang hasn't had a total rest since God knows when, now that his paper is out weekly. Mondays would be his deadline day.

Usually on his 'Deadline Mondays', he'd prefer to reach his office before 8am to get things done before bombarded by phone calls and assignments to be given out to his sub-ordinates. Which means I'd be at my office by 7.30am. And then he'll head back home after their 'deadline office lunch' and take his much deserved nap-rest, which also means I'd have to take the LRT back to Cheras after work. He'll then be off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which he'll spend either on running errands or drawing for Malaysiakini and Harakah... mostly the latter.

Weekends? Can't remember the last we went out just to hang-out. Tak pe lah, demi negara, betul tak?

But eversince the Permatang Pauh vacancy, his schedule memang haywire. Even after his deadlines, there'd be meetings and discussions. Then he'll miss his much needed Monday nap-rest.

He'll then have his day off on Tuesday and try his best to get ideas for his weekly cartoon contributions, which usually does not bear any fruit (but if it's for Harakah, then he doesn't have much choice 'coz deadline for Harakah is Tuesday night). And then on Wednesdays he'll have more meetings and discussions, and then continue his 'idea time' and draw and scan and email to the editors. Kadang tak dapat-dapat jugak idea yang dia ndak ~ macam baru-baru ni, hari Khamis malam baru dia dapat idea for M'siakini.

Eii kesian tau. Korang ingat dia dapat idea macam petik jari, where as in reality it doesn't happen that way. Well, most of the time it doesn't.

Well... actually, idea dia banyak. Mostly he'll ask my opinion first about his ideas. Kalau aku gelak besaq, then that'll be it. If mata aku terkebil-kebil tak faham, then he needs to move on.

Kadang aku gelak, tapi tak besaq. Tapi aku kata, "Ala boleh la tu 'Bang, since you're running out of time." But due to his 'personal standards' which he is very adament in retaining and conform, he'll continue 'bertafakkur' till he gets what he think is spot-on AND funny.

Kadang, dah dapat idea, lukis, scan, render, email -- kena reject la pulak sebab too sensitive an issue. Haaa, kan kesian tu.

Dan bila dia nak cari idea, aku kena buka TV pelan-pelan. Kadang aku biarkan aje satu malam tak buka TV, and instead read books or menjahit or surf the 'Net. Kot jari ni gatal nak strum the guitar, I'd just take the guitar into the guest room and layaaaan.

Tapi bila dia dah dapat idea, kau bukak la TV channel apa dan kuat macam mana pun dia tak kisah... oh, except TV1 News, TV3 News and Geletek.

Cuma jangan ganggu dia masa inking so that he would not lose out on the strokes.

If he does, then he'd start back alllll over again.

The scanner I bought him really helped him I'd say. Without the scanner, he'd have to hurry down to the stationary shop before it closes at 9.45pm to scale-down his drawing to fit the scanner at the cybercafe, and then use the Adobe at the cyber cafe to clean up his piece. And then e-mail to the editors. And then baru dapat balik rumah.

Eii kesian tau.

Now he could scan and render at his own sweet time, in the comfort of his kain pelekat and a mug of kopi Aek Cheong. Alhamdulillah...

Kadang aku rasa aku lebih letih tengok Abang bekerja daripada aku sendiri rasa badan aku letih dan sakit-sakit for not having enough rest physically and mentally. That's why dulu, almost every fortnightly dia mesti jatuh tumbang ~ sakit sampai 2,3 hari. Mind you, he's an avid multi-vitamin pill-popper, and still tumbang sakit. It’s a clear means for his body to have total rest and shut-down I suppose.

Tapi Alhamdulillah sejak ambil spirulina pills, badan dia bertahan sikit. Kalau sakit pun, beberapa jam je. Ambil painkiller and terus he’s up and about semula the next morning.

The most clear indicator that he’s feeling better would be his out-of-tune singing in and out of the shower. Which I so do not mind, by the way!

Almost every Saturday I'd help Abang with some translation work either from home or join him at his office. And then, weekend juga lah aku nak kena urus hal rumah, kan?

You could say we could only have time and energy for work and our own immediate family these days -- Abang, the cats, Umi Ayah, adik-adik and Abang's immediate family ... not in any particular order.

We've not seen both my gramps for, like, almost a year? Depa dah pi mai pi mai KB-KL tah berapa kali, tak jumpa-jumpa jugak. Memang kena bletiaq kaw-kaw kalau jumpa dorang masa Raya nanti.

And meeting-up friends for social calls?? I think we're the most anti-social of them lot these days. To my friends out there... I'm sorry, guys... :-(

I've not watched the 14 DVDs I've bought progressively, and that includes the recent 'The Color Purple' DVD Abang bought me.

The last we both seen a movie was Kungfu Panda at Cap Square.

All we need is a total break from it all, but we can't seem to find the time.

I suppose I should remind Abang... even Anwar pun take a break and go holiday somewhere, tau. Inikan pulak kita insan marhaen. Nyeheheh.

Ya, ya, demi negara.



Thomas Mok said...

yay, update.

dah panjang dah tengkok macam zirafah.

bagus lah, like people said, kita buat jujur dan amanah, rezeki datng melimpah-limpah. i am happy for you guys, keep it up. God Bless you all.

tapi, kena lah juga ber-socialize sikit

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abg tommy
thanks for dropping-by!!!

insyaAllah, God Willing, kami juga berdoa so that kita semua will be protected dari nafsu serakah dunia.

and thank YOU for your prayers, and Allah bless you and family too, aaamiin!

socialize? dah lupa dah nak socialize camner...hehehe

cikta said...

sosial, jgn tak sosial!!!! Tu lar, orang ajak p yoga, tak mau! At least, destressed skit.

Thomas Mok said...

baguih jugak kalau RKM dapat join cikta gi yoga. dapat sihatkan badan sambil bersocialise, kan? mana tau kot dapat belajar sikit acrobatic stylo, pasti abg zunar tersenyum melebar je tiap2 hari, kakaka, akak favorite kita pun bersiul-siul je memblogging, kan? kan? betul tak cikta?

joke aje ye, jangan mare...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

cik ta
satni bila kita ada masa nak spend, PASTI akan join!!!! hmm, next year la tu kot. adaiii.

abg tommy
vewy notti ehhh. heh heh

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:


Qia is at home, on holidays. dia kata cik lin taught me a great trick mom...if your undies kena dot dot dot, you can soak it in salt water, then it would whiten it up...

err....kak rose tanya, what about if the undies is blue???

any trick cik lin?

hihihi (anonyomus laugh)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak Rosenymous
i think your dotty sudah kasi u ajaran sesat lah...

i said, if undies kena dot dot red dots, soak in salt water and the dot dot red dot will hilang. the salt bukan TO MAKE THE UNDIES WHITEN UP, laaaa... hahahahahahahaha!!! lawak, ar!!!

kalau cuci dengan sabun aje it won't do much good, there will still be the dot dot red dots.

why i taught her that? becoz your dotty put in her undies with dot dot red dot in my machine, and i cuci, and when i sidai ur dotty's undies the dot dot red dot was still visible so i actually took the liberty to soak your dotty's undies in the saltwater myself so that the stains would go away, mkayyyy. hope one day you would soak MY dotty's undies in salt water pulak if got dot dot red dots! hehehehe

Countess Miem said...

Hye kaklin. Miem dh smpai US. Dah call parents, pakai YM. hehe. Roomate pon dh kenal. People are very friendly here. Thanx sbb hntr hritu even sempat jmpa kejap je..hehe..Say thanx to Pakngah again.Btw, my lips are cracking and it hurt.I have my lip bum and use it all the times, but it still hurts. What should i do? Is this normal?

Roti Kacang Merah said...


Alhamdulillah selamat sampai!!!!

hehehe bukan "lip bum" la 'yang. itu, "bibir bontot". It's "lip BALM".

lips cracking the 1st time round you're there is normal. you'll get used to it. always always use lip balm and moisturiser for your skin. ALWAYS.

have funnnn!!!

Sanity said...

why are you guys talking about the dot dot red dots on BLOG?!? =.= can you guys be any more embarrassing? honestly...blaaaah.

well thanks alot, lets hope no one I know in real life reads this, aside from you guys lol

Anonymous said...

anonymous said "hihihi I think I know sanity in real life"...sane? I think not.


Sanity said...

sane? En Effet Im sane. for those of you NOT in the know, that means, indeed [in french, totally sexy. especially when I say it] I AM sane!!

you're obviously a horrible judge of character, annonymous one =.=

Anyway have a massive headache and an even massive pile of homework to do, will come visit when I have the time.

Au Revoir<33~

Anonymous said...

anonymous said aurebooor too.

and cik lin said, make your own blog lah klu mau gaduh gaduh.

sane kununnnn...



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