Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Enthusiastically Worn Down

My enthusiasm is indeed wearing me out.

The enthusiasm in easing out some really heavy make-or-break family issues...

The enthusiasm in solving some pain-in-the-neck international-seminar-organising issues...

The enthusiasm in middle-manning some, no, a lot of red-taped work issues...

Yup, ALHAMDULILLAH they have all settled nicely, ALHAMDULILLAH.

But it's really wearing me out, By God, it's wearing me out.


I'm supposed to be going for Kursus Bee Tee End down in Pontian tomorrow morning till Monday night.

Received the letter mid-last week before taking a 4-day weekend.

Jenuh kepala aku pikio how to get out of it. Bloody hell can't even take myself to imagine the 'brainwash' sessions I'll be getting. Aku takut aku sumpah seranah aje penceramah-penceramah tu nanti.

Dah le kena beli baju kurung putih untuk lectures 3,4 hari pagi petang siang malam kat sana. Like, WTF, kan??? Kem komunis ka pa? Asal baju plain colour tak de sulam tak de beads tak ngelit-ngelit, udah la! Aiiiyoooh. Like, lepas the course, bukannya a lot of us would continue to use the baju kurung putih tu, kan??? Not me, at least.

Satu kali, awal minggu baru ni aku dapat juga surat pemberitahuan untuk hadir majlis Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang (APC) minggu depan ~ raptai 6.30 pagi hari Isnin, final 6.30 pagi hari Selasa. Kalau tak datang, tak dapat hadiah anugerah ($$$, that is).

(Honestly, right.)

Anyhow, used the opportunity to minta defer Kursus Boo ToeBee Tee End due to the Majlis APC. Heh heh. Phew phew phew.

Ni defer kali kedua.

Deferment kali pertama aritu sebab Abang baru lepas operate, so kena jaga makan minum Abang.

Hopefully by next Bee Tee End session, kerajaan dah bertukar tangan, hence there will be more racial-friendly participation, and Bee Tee End will be a non-partisan Patriotic Camp rather than being propagandish (is there a word???).



Okeh, gotta go back to my, erm, enthusiasms. Adaiiii.



F Manchester said...

Baju kurung putih???!!!! OH... MY...GOD....! I don't know where to begin nak mengutuk such idiotic idea... sigh....

perhaps you should letak bintang 3 infront of the baju as a statement.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
EXACTLY my sentiment ~ baju kurung putih, of all colours in the world pulak tu! satu hal la pulak nak cari camisole segala. gila horror.

Scarred Soul said...

Salam kak.

I still remember my BTN in Malacca back in my first semester.

We were not informed of the white baju kurung and we wore regular ones during the whole programme, haha!

And you were right about the brain-washing thingy, we were not so happy about it.

As we were all Muslims and Malay, they did indeed show some degree of racism towards the other races.

And furthermore, I hope that they will try to re-evaluate the PLKN.

In my opinion, it's a waste of the people's money.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

dik scarred soul
that's right... really la, the BeeTee eNd is making all non-Muslims confused with us, tau... like we're racist bigots and all that!!! What is so Islamic about that, ey???

I've also told Abg Zul also about PLKN... 'think should make it as 'voluntary' rather than compulsory.

Countess Miem said...

I'd been to one. haha
serius kaklin, brainwash je keje diorg.My friends and I just agreed with what they said(to make the session shorter) hehe. We didnt enjoy that, but I enjoyed the other activities. Kembara(in paya bakau) and this one thing, where we had to climb down from a tall wall. haha. Best2. Hurmmm, I wonder..

*evil grins*

p/s: chaiyok kaklin.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

countess si anak menakan
wonder apa? wonder whether i could climb down the wall izit??


definitely cannot.

Countess Miem said...

No la. I wonder whether they have that for you. But, I heard that for professionals, they will put you in jungle(real jungle) for days. In darkness. ALONE. ;)


p/s : kaklin sure can do.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

miem yang pandai mengira
i saw the jadual. classes classes classes. yuks.

tapi last day tu kena masuk paya la... macam biasa.

eiii tak klapaq akewwww.


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