Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Long Bland Eve

Tis been a veeeery long day at the office today. To add more salt, they made me part of the comittee for an international architectural seminar this coming end of August.

They're expecting some 800 attendance, and I'm in charge of the logistics, study-visit, pamphlets and goody bags (custom-designed bio-degradable bag, while we're at that too. Aaaack.). Asked my Big Boss whether I could have the whole office to help out and make this as part of the office activity. He said, by all means, yes!

Phew!!! Leggggaaa sket akak, dek non oi!

And then, I suspect it's going to be a very late night tonight, too.

No, not night-long birthday-eve malam-Jumaat romp unfortunately. Hmph.

But there's Abang's coat that he's just bought yesterday after work and I haven't finished altering the lengan; there's the translation of his speech in Manila esok that I've to do concurrently while he writes; and a possible simple translation to his exhibition pieces that he just got to know about (having to exhibit works) this evening.

Aiyoh, can't wait for tomorrow noon, lah. Am heading for my 1st haircut/trim in 7-mths right after sending Abang off at Sentral. Pamper thy scalp and relaaaax.

Dan kalau tak letih, will try gagah angkut the boys to Bangi for the night. I know Umi would love it so so much if I could do just that.

Rather bland way to celebrate being half-past 30, ey?


Shabar said...

Faszt, in case I couldn't squeeze a call to you tomorrow, here's my birthday wishes to you : May the years ahead filled with yet beautiful life history under Allah's blessing and may it be prosperous in every way. Happy Birthday friend...have a good one today!

F Manchester said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I don't have any spectacular plans for mine either.... though Shahadah is planning a suprise for me- so she says anyway.I think its an investment for her upcomming birthday in M'sia- I scratch your back you scratch mine sort of thing (she's quite the cheeky monkey). She's even given me a brochure of toys and has ticked the ones she wants for her birthday... Should I be worried?

Have a good birthday anyway- do a combo of haircut, facial, menicure/pedicure, etc. and forward the bill to hubby. You deserve it!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hey tenchew for the wiiiish!!! hope your mom had a great day herself, being my 'twin'!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
hahahaha gila cheeky monkey si shahadah, tu! cuteeee!!!

hey what does she like, eh? she'll be in m'dia for her b'day, no??

forward my bill to hubby? mau termeloncat dia terkejut nanti, hehe

thanks for the tots and wiiiiiishhhh!!!


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