Friday, July 11, 2008

Artist Zakii in Petronas Gallery

Should you be at KLCC sometime between now til the 24th Aug, do drop by The Gallery to catch Artist Zakii's works.

In my ignorance, aku tak kenal dia. But his acrylic red sofa at the front wall caught my attention.

Suffice to say, walking through his works enlighten me. Since at school I've always been a fan of charcoal and chalk-pastel in figure drawing works, dabbling in the medium myself during my A-Levels.

So, his entire collection of life-size charcoal works are just mesmerizing.

There's the life-size wild-boar and badak.

Life-size of artists Lucien Freud and Andy Warhol.

Life-size studies of figures in silat. The two characters in the studies felt so real, rasa macam at some point the character would jump out of the canvas and menari pencak for you.

There's also one happy quick but detailed strokes of a court jester, clearly capturing the 'jesterness' of the pelawak istana.

A series of brilliant, brilliant figure studies and shapes and shadows of topless men. Mind you, the figures are all not ripping in muscles... Ada yang boroi, old and wrinkled, ada smooth skin, hairy chest, botak, ruffled wiry hair.

But my favourite in the exhibition has to be the Legong Series, studies of life-size Balinese dancers in charcoal. Aiyoh... Rasa macam nak ikut sama segala lentik jari dan badan. If you stand still and long enough, I promise you could almost hear the Balinese music from the pieces.

And one of the non-charcoal painting I love was this acrylic work of a leather sofa. Macam nak duduk atas dia, kau.

And I still feel that the gallery masih ada ruang to improve on the spot-lighting. Still can be a wee bit too glaring for the works lah beb. Potong markah sket tang tu.

All in all, best. Dah lama aku tak enjoy pi gallery like this afternoon.

Ok nak siap-siap balik Bangi. Nak kasi makan the furkids dulu.


Amy said...

Happy birthday akak! Hugs

Roti Kacang Merah said...

tenchew for the wiiiiiish!!!! *hug back*


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