Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Remy & Sally Night II

Photos of my Remy & Sally night last Tuesday.

Top left:
Ambil gambar during intermission. "Photography and videography are strictly prohibited, thank you." hehehehehe

Top right:
Who else. Muka tak leh concentrate.

Bottom photos:
The cast.

Sigh. Kalau lah buleh tengok lagi...

And, kalau lah boleh dapat tengok musical "Beauty & The Beast" kat KL Conventional Center this coming end of month... dah le aku hafal lagu-lagunya...



Sanity said...

oh the beauty and the beast musical, that should be really good. I wanna go see too!!!

how's you and pak ngah by the way? and everyone else? How was Tok Umi's birthday? Anyway hope to talkto you soon kay?

lots of XXXOOO

Sanity =P

Roti Kacang Merah said...

i wished i could go, but $$ pretty tight that time of the month! :-( hey get your friends to go see with you, lah... ada student rate, tau!

pakngah & i are okay... pakngah's getting real busy since being appointed the Group Editor the last few weeks. While I... still the same aunt of yours who plays the guitar and tends her lovely lovely cats... and oh, her blog, too... hehe

tok umi's b'day was awright, my sis bought her a cake the next day on friday and tok ayah belanja everybody some pizza.

hey when are you coming back to school, lah?


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