Saturday, June 28, 2008

In Memories of Thy Chikins

Once upon a time, there were up to 35 ayam hutan katik residing this reban ayam at night. It all started from two ayam hutan katiks that Ayah got from one of his hunting trips with Ba my grampa in late 80s. And over a span of a 1.5 decades, they grew into 3 dozens!

By the way, this reban was built by Ba my grampa and my lil bros, oh, i dunno, in mid-90s?

Ular sawa, musang, biawak and anjing liar suka visit the reban. Chicken market, maa. And when the housing construction began on the lombong yang dah terkambus behind our house, manusia pulak suka curi our ayam.

Dad used to tembak warning ke udara in the wee hours whenever he heard the geese buat bising.

Oh ya dad owns a senapang memburu.

Umi also used to infuse telur-telur ayam kecik into the telur dadar of the normal eggs whenever we had an excess of telur ayam kecik being laid in our wet kitchen. I wouldn't eat anything of just telur ayam kecik, coz i love the lil chicks that usually came out of them. 6 chicks could fit into my palm, so, kesian lah nak makan telur-telur kecik tu sebab macam makan baby chicks yang comel-comel.

So, back then Umi never told me the dadar she made had telur kecik in them as well. Dah seminggu dua lepas makan, baru Umi beritau.

Celi Ahy and Udi used to tell me stories of the ayam whenever I came back for semester or summer break. Especially Udi, coz ayam-ayam suka sangat panjat and lepak-lepak atas bahu and kepala dia.

Udi would tell me in detail on the scandals among the chickens. Ada sekali tu one of the hens even got the hots for the boy-goose, but got pecked away, haha.

We used to grumble sebab kena cuci taik ayam bersepah-sepah keliling rumah - front porch, back porch, aprons around the house, and s'times the wet kitchen where the hens love laying their eggs in and then berak besar macam telur ayam gak coz they don't poo for days when they mengeram the eggs.

We also think our jirans must've thot us as the neighbour from hell -- dah la asyik kena cuci taik-taik kat rumah banglo besar dorang sama, and then bila kami pi bercuti Ayah would pay their kids to tolong lepaskan ayam waktu pagi, rebankan waktu senja, ganti air mandi angsa and kasi makan dorang semua sama, heh2.

But yeah, kids in the 'hood suka sangat drop-by Uncle Rosley's backyard, main dengan baby ayam and other mak pak ayams. Like my sis and bros, the kids have now all grown up. Some dah kawin and ada kids of their own, pun.

We certainly grew up with those 30+ chickens, 3 geese, wild cats and the wild birds that came (and still do come) feeding on Ayah's fruits.

Tapi sejak 3 tahun lepas, ayam-ayam makin hilang. Tah pi mana. Maybe sebab my siblings pun dah tak ada nak main-main dengan dorang, or even care for them.

Now, this reban dah jadi ghost-town.

Hanya tinggal kenangan of our childhood memories.

Mak ai lapar. Still in Bangi, nak utilize the streamyx.

Nak masak maggi.



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