Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tomayto Tomahto

Tonight is one of those rare nights that Abang & I really sat down to watch NTV7 news... my fave channel for news, at least. They're precise, short & sweet. Having only 30mins to air, they don't have time to kipas montots sapa-sapa. So, I loike their Prime Time News.

I hope they will stay that way, like, forever.

News 1:
Padanlah jalan Dataran tutup pagi tadi masa aku nak pi ofis lepas hantar Abang. Ingatkan ada Labour Day march, rupanya ada Labour Day peace rally, hence, ada polis jaga.

Eh, peace rally oso got polis jaga ka dey?? And bukan ka KL tu negeri non-BN, awat yang hangpa sibuk, nya? The participants pun tidak la ramai - maybe 4,5 ratus orang je... itupun takut kaa?

And then NTV showed other global rallies - in Jakarta, Philippines, Korea, Russia, etc - with THOUSANDS attending. They definitely resonated well with the day being a day for 'WORKERS', hence it's The Workers' voices that are to be heard, bukannya pemerintah yang gaji dorang datang dari cukai pekerja.

So, you know, I have one kinder word with three syllables to those instructing the police to halang the rally:

The harsher word and lesser syllables?

News 2:
Unlike Balkis in Selangor who transferred their money into Bakti before their dissolution, PBT (Pertubuhan Bunga Tanjung) in Penang 'donated' their money to Bakti before their dissolution.

'Transferred, donated'; like, 'tomayto, tomahto', 'potayto, potahto'. Same bleeding difference to me.

News 3:
Wah, Tun M oso got blog ah? Got into prime time news summore! So, welcome to the zoo, Tun, where the voices of 'beruk' are The Power to reckon with these days, ey?? Haha


Remember the story of my tenant yang orang susah and I gave them time to settle payment, and then my cuzin caught them pasang bendera BN pre-GE?

Petang tadi kami pi jenguk dia 'coz nak beri the stamped agreement and also she wanted to hand me the rent and the long overdue 2nd-mth deposit herself.

When we reached Amanputra, thy tenant was still out to get kuih-muih eventhough I've told her tak payah susah payah 'coz kami nak singgah sekejap je.

So, it was the younger sister with down syndrome and thy tenant's two kids (out of 5) who greeted us and let us in.

Amboi, kemas betul rumah. Aku beritau adik dia, nama Mek La, "Waaaah kemasnya rumah! Baru kemas untuk Kak Lin datang, ke?" aku cuba pancing.

Mek La jawab, with twinkles in her eyes, "Hak ah! Mesti la!". Hahahaha, kiut je dia buka rahsia.

Her two kids at home sangat sweet, and even volunteered to take Cik Lin around when Cik Lin said Cik Lin wanted to have a look around.

And then thy tenants arrived, and the wife brought in SO MUCH kuih muih! But the husband went off -- the kakak said boss husband dia panggil dia ke kedai. Whateverlah, kan.

But she was very nice to susah-susahkan diri cari apam balik, kepok lekor and pisang goreng amidst kami bitau tak payah susah-susah.

And all 5 kids are just LOVELY.

Suffice to say, Abang & I sangat lembut and cair hati with them lot and the good condition of the house, Alhamdulillah. Dan insya-Allah berkekalan perasaan ni...


After Amanputra, we drove straight home 'coz Abang terlalu penat nak fulfill an invitation to some function in Kelab Tasik Perdana.

As we were sitting for dinner at a mamak restaurant near our place, Abang phoned up a friend whom he saw was about to leave the same restaurant we were in with his wife (Kak Lina) &kids.

As they were walking down towards us. Abang told me itu kawan dia nama Marzuki (Abang cerita dia pernah cerita that in Bkt Bintang Chinese School where he went, his name was Mah Joo Kee, haha) a.k.a 'Gedek', once the graphic guy in Gila-gila, who now runs his own graphics co.

As Abg Gedek salam Abang and greeted "Eyyy, Zunar!", he suddenly turned to me and said "Haaa ni mesti Roti Kacang Merah!". Alamak, terkejut akew! Dah le aku tak pernah jumpa bro ni, kan. Aiseh.

And then he proceeded to ask his 3 kids to salam Uncle Zunar and Auntie Roti. Hahaha, 'Auntie Roti'. Jangan 'Auntie Roti Bom' dah la, kan.

Abg Gedek bitau yang he watched Abang's vids singing to Iwan Fals, and practically read (and remember) almost every entry including the tenant-with-bendera-BN story and me learning the guitar! 'Seh... segan la plak rasanya, kan...

All started because he thought Abang, like Abang's other friends who run blogs, also owns a blog and so he googled 'Zunar', but ended up to my blog instead, and got hooked to Zunar's-other-half's life as means to keep up with Abang.

Abang kena bayar aku royalty la laidis, kan *evil grin*. Dah kena perangai BN ni. Hahaha

Anyhoos. Abang Gedek is apparently an avid Coca-Cola collector -- cans, bottles, ticket stubs, etc. I know I have Coca-Cola stuff from Berlin that I bought for my abang angkat some 9 years ago that's still stuck somewhere in Bangi. I'm just gonna try find them again and give em to Abang to be handed over to Abg Gedek instead.

Kak Lina soh aku google their webbie, Gudang Cinta (altogether now: Awwww!). Sweet sweet couple, and lovely kids! BEAUUUUTIFUL photos... rasa macam nak lukis aje gambar anak-anak Abg Gedek & Kak Lina!



PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Be warned. Mahathir's blog does not take negative comments on him. Test it yourself. I have done it. He only take good comments about himself. His own blog and he dare not counter any negative comments in it after accepting it. They were not vulgar comments.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

for some reason, am not at all even interested nor bothered to link his blog to my entry, but thanks for the warning...!

gedek! said...

YA Allah! My story in the famous roti kacang merah's blog! YEAY! I think im gonna faint, now!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abg gedek
nyeaaaahehehehehhhhh *evil grins*


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