Saturday, May 03, 2008

Substituting Swim

Beriya-iya pagi tadi aku keluarkan swimming gears aku (which consist of fully-covered swimsuit and black t-shirt over. You seriously wouldn't in a gazillion years think that I would don something less modest than this, would you???). I needed the swim. So I thought while Abang has his breakfast, I go for the year-long lapses I've not been doing. Ye la, nak catch before the sun gets too hot. And I want to avoid having the need to go to the toilet after my morning nescafè-kaw should I join Abang for breakfast.

So, while Abang was having his shower, I took out my swimming bag -- towels ada, sunblock ada -- but my brand-new goggles and my swimming watch tak da. Aik, mana pi??

Cari sana sini, tak jumpa. I mean, rumah aku kecik aje, maa. Abang pun tolong carikan, pun tak jumpa. And Abang perlu cepat 'coz he has to go to work.


Just when I finally got attacked by the swimming-bug (which, by the way, has been almost non-existence these days), benda paling penting plak tak daaaaaa. Aiiiih!

Last aku swim awal tahun lepas, kot! Kena check balik entry aku.

So, forget about swimming 'coz I can't swim without my goggles, I'd be blind as a bat in the water. Kami pun turun bawah for breakfast after which aku check dalam kereta pula... pun tak da.

Hmph. That's it lah.

So, I ended up boiling a full pot of tea (guna daun teh timbang Umi beli kat K.B) -- ikut petua Dr.Oz to kill the bacteria that causes odor -- and then rendam kaki sambil baca paper and main guitar -- not before kemas rumah macam halilintar that is. Lagi heaven.



cakapaje said...

Salam Lin,

Kalau free, tolong baca my latest entry dan berikan idea bernas. Terima kasih :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Bro Shah
done!!! though not too sure if it's done just in time!!! :-(


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