Thursday, May 01, 2008

Labour Day

These were recorded at Padang Kota. There were prolly 3 Pasembur stalls, but we chose this stall instead due to their originality ;-)

And I never thought much about Abang's hearty laugh (though I really enjoy hearing it) until commented by Mr. Anil Netto himself here... heh heh.


Now at the office, on Labour Day. Thought to clear off my table from all the paper work... but instead I ended up clearing off my inbox of my personal email.

Managed to read almost 400+ of them, ada lagi some 700+, hahahaha. Padan muka aku.

Aiyoh mintak maaf la rakan-rakan mana-mana yang menunggu my reply... like Shabar when she asked my oppinion late last February for the best architectural practise for her daughter to do practical training :-(. Very banyak sorry...

Next time sms aje, can or not... ish, aku ralat betul...


Oh semalam aku joined the Last Day Unlimited Haagen-Dasz bingeing, initiated by Maria and attended by her friend Kumar (both of whom are my cousin's closest friends -- my favourite cousin the reporter tu) and her niece at Bangsar Village, sans my cousin 'coz he had a 7pm office meeting.

Maria, my cousin and Kumar are all Haagen-Dasz lovers. And Maria was thinking since aku ni bukannya kesah nau stuffing myself up, so she invited me to join.

I was there from 6+pm till 8pm (they went back a wee bit later)... NINE scoops @ RM40! Tak pernah seumur hidup aku makan ice-cream macam makan nasik. Tapi puas hati!!!!!

Dan apa aku buat hanging-out dengan kawan-kawan baik orang lain??? Panjang ceritanya. Tapi, dipendekkan cerita, si Maria tu sekarang juga dah jadi kawan baik aku. Hahaha.

Will update photo via mms. Ni nak keluar ambil Abang di ofis, and terus nak jenguk rumah aku di Amanputra. I'm sure my tenant now is busy cleaning-up the house like hurricane! Nyyyiehhhehehehehehhh *evil grin*


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