Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Colourblind in Malaysian Parliament?

If one could propose a 'ritual' in the Parliament House everytime before a session starts, I'd certainly recommend the screening of these, Yasmin Ahmad's adverts, about racial harmony among kids... just to peringatkan semula that they were EXACTLY like these kids when they were small ~ colourblind. 'Coz Abang&I would certainly want to bring up our kids in these kind of environment ~ no prejudice, purely colourblind.

1-Tan Hong Ming



And congratulations to Kak Min on the awards for Tan Hong Ming and Race!!!


I told Abang, "... you know, should one day ada rezeki Pakatan Rakyat to take over the administration of the country, please please ask your comrades to look into the Kursus Biro Tata Negara, not as means to push political agenda and racial disharmony down the throats of the participants who are mainly more educated people than the BTN fascilitators @ fascis (read: fascists) themselves, but more for genuine National Unity and Patriotism, like how the Americans are, voluntarily darn patriotic even over their Jalur Gemilang???"

I mean, for heaven's sake, what does Lagu Warisan do to National Unity yang kau sekarang tengah sibuk uar-uarkan, eh AMENO???

Note: I like this piece, Azly Rahman's "A Malay View of Ketuanan Melayu". And this, "BTN: A Den of Blind Chauvinists". And this, dari blog seorang muda yang tidak takut berfikiran lantang.



cakapaje said...

Salam Lin,

You don't seriously expect those Sarkas goons to be colour-blind, are you? I mean, how can they, when they are in actual fact blind themselves! Blinded by corruption and abuse!

Thanks for the links, am going there now :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bro shah
ntah lah dorang tu... nak ngajor, memasing dah ada anak, bukannya bodoh. tapi perangai bangang belaka.

A true Malaysian said...

Those in BN still want to keep champion each other race? Sampai bila?

Wake-up lah, learn from these kids.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

true malaysian
depa dah terlalu terlena.

i can't understand how MCA and MIC boleh sabar aje tengok kerenah Umno in BN. REALLY tak da harga diri and just allow Umno to pijak-pijak them.

God bless 'em.


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