Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pak Non, Sasterawan Negara

It was such an honour to be able to join Abang to visit Abang's old acquaintance, Sasterawan Negara Professor Emeritus Dato' Shahnon Ahmad @ Pak Shahnon whom Abang adoringly calls as 'Pak Non', at his house No. 61, Jalan Changkat Minden 1.

We were also lucky that we decided to visit Pak Shahnon in the morning at 10am 'coz according to Mak Wan due to Pak Shahnon's present neurological illness 'Myasthenia Gravis', Pak Shahnon would easily be exhausted and ridden to his bed by after zuhur till isya'.

We were there for about an hour -- Abang and Pak Shahnon catching up stories while Mak Wan and I exchanging details of our lives.

For one, they have a pair of architect daughter and son-in-law, and a soon-to-graduate-architecture-from-RMIT grand-daughter.

And one of their besans a.k.a parents to their daughter-in-law apparently live on the same road as my parents'.

See? Aku habaq dah, aku tak leh wat jahat.

Pak Shahnon was also clearly impressed when he found out that Abang is now the Editor for SK, one of the papers that Pak Shahnon langgan.

And after makan-makan dan minum-minum hidangan kuih-muih dan nasi impit Mak Wan, we decided to make a move when we realised Pak Shahnon dah makin lemah dan letih.

But of course, him not without first handing Abang a signed copy of his 2006 book 'Perjalananku Sejauh Ini: Sebuah Autobiografi'. In return, Abang also left him a signed copy of 'Cartoons On Tun'.

Masa nak balik, Mak Wan pesan to read back buku 'Shit' tu, dan tengok sendiri segala yang Pak Shanon ramal dalam buku tu benar berlaku.

I think I might just do that bila balik KL.... cari balik buku tu.

Dan kalau aku tahu nak jenguk Pak Shahnon, dah pasti aku akan bawa buku 'Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan' untuk Pak Shahnon sign. Aku beli buku tu tika aku masih umur 10 - 11 tahun, woh (I also just got to know that this book was translated into 5 languages - English, French, Swedish, Japan & Turkey - and filmed in Malay and French).

Semoga Allah memberikan Pak Shahnon dan Mak Wan akan kesihatan yang bagus serta berpanjangan....aaaamin...



fudzail said...

I met Pak Shahnon twice, once during Hadiah Sastera Utusan 1998 (alamak, received the awards from Pak Lah....), I managed to get two hadiahs for cerpens while Pak Shahnon only one as well as beat him in ranking, that was an honour to be called twice to the stage after a comeback and shared a limelight with a great sasterawan.

Secondly I arranged an interview for Eastern Economic Review in Equatorial Bangi in 1999. The pix of Pak shahnon holding 'SHIT' book in the hotel's toilet was mine and I still keep that priceless autographed SHIT book till now....but I had not read the book in sequence though...knowing his styles of writing....

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abg fudzail
and the ironic that it is YOU that i haven't met, yet!

DIN said...

peh! bertukar-tukar buku lagik, jeles sih... tu abang kita kat dubai tu pon ada buku sendiri!


Roti Kacang Merah said...

haaa itu lah, buku abang dubai pung kita tak beli lagi.... apa lah zunar ni. hahaha


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