Friday, April 11, 2008

malas taip

The 'net is the crappest ever just when I've got time to check my emails and my FB photos [kak fairuz, i tak sempat check-out your piccies in Paris lagi!! :-( ].


i think i'm done being the first daughter, lah. or, maybe, celi would agree too that we're quite done being first daughters.

and also being first grand-daughter. and even being the 'liaison person' between this family and other families. aku letih letih letih.


next week tuesday till friday will see me going for a retreat to Genting Highlands again to gubal soalan. aiyoh. i HATE the retreat. kerja dari pagi till 10.30pm for 2,3 hari. letih letih letih.


nak main guitar je ni.


oh oh by the way mr.KL sudah 'customize' my guitar last tuesday. dia kata padanla jari aku sakit... my strings are so the very the jauh from the guitar body! so what he did was he took out the 'penyendal' tali kat pangkal guitar to make the strings lower/nearer to the body.

malam tu aku main guitar fuiiiyooooo best giler... sampai abang pun quite impressed la gak! aku tak pandai finger-pick lagi... strum bodoh boleh la. nanti aku record la sket... dengan abang sekali nyanyi, ok??? haha

ok gotta go tengok aku taip pun ala-ala nak cepat so very malas nak bother about capital letters.


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