Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Girls, and See Ya Again Penang

Oh, not forgetting, kami juga pinjam dua orang anak orang right after lunch, and went to have rojak buah for early tea just nearby the apartment.

Ayah depa pi ambil Mak depa kat airport, so we waited for them both at the apartment to join us later for a dip in the sea.

After which, they treated us yummy yummy seafood dinner at Jerejak for volunteering to take the kids in for the night so that they both could have Mummy Daddy time.... hahaha. You didn't think that we think great food really do come for free do you Kak Rose?? Hahaha ;-D (Anyhoos, thanks for the yummylicious food and the girls too!)

After dinner, the girls' parents went straight back to SP, and Pak Ngah retired soon after we got home from Jerejak. The girls and I stayed up watching the movies on Astro till almost midnite.

Kira till the packs of wild dogs kat luar started to bark and howl into nothingness la. Agak scary kawasan apartment tu waktu malam, though very brightly lit all throughout.

This morning, I actually promised the girls yesterday to take them out for a swim before we pack our stuff to check out, tapi since Pak Ngah was still asleep and resting, so we didn't go.

But for breakfast, Cik Lin has been wanting to get the roti canai durian that she last had with the girls' mother near USM exactly a year ago. Cik Lin and Pak Ngah did try to find the place outside of USM yesterday tapi tak jumpa.

The girls' dad said maybe Restoran Khaleel ada. So when we went looking for a place for breakfast up in Batu Feringghi, imagine Cik Lin's excitement when she saw a Restoran Khaleel in Batu Feringghi. Qia pun suka, sebab dia memang kaki durian and equally would like to have a taste of roti canai durian.

Alas, the Khaleel don't have roti canai durian -- bummer. So all 4 of us end up having roti tulur instead. Ni kat Bandar Sri Permaisuri pun bley pekena, kanna...

After breakfast, since Abang's interview with the new deputy CM Fairuz at 11am was cancelled at the 11th hour, we headed straight out of the island to send the girls back to SP. We need to reach the Vet in Cheras before it closes at 5pm today.

Dah nak sampai the bridge baru la Cik Lin teringat -- laaar, patut kita ambil the ferry to the mainland with the girls la 'Bang! -- Cik Lin told Pak Ngah.

More like Cik Lin wanting to buy more time with the girls, really... but by then a wee bit too late. Pak Ngah pun nampak macam tak berapa nak sihat, so Cik Lin pun tak berapa nak push sangat.

So, okay, we're now on our way back to reality -- big huge bummer -- and can't wait to get hold of my furry boys!

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Anonymous said...

Its Qia hehehe

oh we know you love having us over....well me anyway....unfortunately Im kind of a package deal....comes with one annoy...err...talkative chaterbox....yes well chatterboxes are usually talkative...hence the name chatterbox....oookaaay Im rainting...on someone else's blog

yea...suddenly mom's voice is echoing in my brain..." no lifeee..."

so not good....alright lol Im going to go away now but before I go....who's the girl in the picture wearing the purple top? very good looking....

-talks to the picture- " heeey good lookin' -wiggles eyebrows- LOL

alright see you soon yea? bubyee~~

Roti Kacang Merah said...

yeaaaa lah... also, who that gorrrrgeous lady in black ah? she looks greaaakkk, ey??? (sila baca in Scottish accent, that last line)

by the way, a chatterbox can't be working by itself if there's no other chatterbox around, no? haha

hey why doncha start have life by bloggin', hen... join the bandwagon lah. and THEN you can echo back in your mom's brain ~ "qia's got a blog.... qia's got a blog....qia's got a blog..." haha



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