Monday, April 21, 2008

About Labu, & Sheer Determination

Sekor lagi kucing pembangkang.

Labu. Abang's official favourite (and vice versa).

Like, tah sejak bila dia pandai cari jalan panjat naik atas almari and lepak atas beg, watching down to the world. Mentang-mentang dia slim & ringan.

Si Labi pulak, bila tak jumpa Abg Labu dia nak diajak bergusti, mula lah bising -- ngouuw ngouuw ngouuw -- sikit lagi macam anak rimau mengaum bunyinya, I kid you not.

And bila Labi jumpa and nampak Abg Labu atas almari, mula lah dia berleter pulak -- mengengengehhh, mmmehhh -- sebab dia debab sangat nak lompat naik to join Abg Labu.

And Abg Labu pula non-chalantly continues watching the world underneath him.


You know, back in May 2005, when Tian ajak Abang untuk sama-sama 'revive' the almost defunct paper, nobody wanted to print for them. No printers trusted them enough that they could sell the papers and settle the printing bills.

The 1st issue under Tian & Abang's helm was only 20,000 prints. Back then Harakah was already printing ten-folds per issue.

And without approved permit, vendors takut nak jual. At one point, rampasan akhbar berlaku all around the Peninsula almost every week. Tian, Abang and team worked so damn hard -- not only for the long overdue permit (I remember the time that Tian actually camped inside the Kementrian to see the officer-in-charge), but also to pay bills and overheads.

Every issue was a struggle, but I saw the unwavering & unquivering dedication that Tian&Abang put in the team.

People came and went, but the number of prints per issues kept growing. At one point, Abang was so short-staffed that even I had to help on some of the work. Vacant posts were advertised, yang apply 2,3 kerat je. Like, who would want to work with a press-office without a permit, kan??

But prior to and after 8th of March certainly changed everything.

Tian&Abang's paper sold out like hot-cakes. And as at two weeks ago, they had to print 90,000 copies, with printers practically berlumba-lumba offering them good bargaining prices.

Post 8th March also calls for rapid expansion. They're now looking into new premises -- their third move within their 3 years. Vacant posts are advertised, and the sambutan has been so good that at times Abang had to interview 10 candidates in a day.

And for this coming issue this Tuesday, they are printing 100,000 copies -- that's five-folds from the first time Tian&Abang took over almost 3 years ago.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah...

And this morning, while Abang was driving to work, I sat by the pool for my Sunday Star paper.

And then I saw it, on page N8 -- 'Permit for PKR Paper Approved' !!

I thought, aik? Awat Abang tak beritahu aku on the great news??

Aku terus call Abang, who hadn't reached office yet.

'Bang? Awat tak bagitau Alin pasal SK dah dapat permit??

"Haaa?? Mana ada!"

Laaa, ni dalam Star, page Nation-8... (and aku baca apa Syed Hamid Albar kata).

Abang terus menjerit, "YA KE!! Syukur!! Yahuuu!"

And that, to me, was my proudest moment this year thus far -- apart from me finally getting my hands on the guitar, of course!

Aku terus sms Umi Ayah on the great news, and also congratulate Tian and the team on the sms.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah...

Despite their challenges of being short-staffed, kena fitnah, kena back-stab and kena betray...aku ingat lagi pesan Abang: "Abang tak takut, sebab Abang tahu Abang ikhlas. I have no personal agenda whatsoever. If one day I've to go, I will go. In the mean time, this is an amanah to me and the team, and I've promised to do my very best for the paper and for everyone."

Aku tak pernah lepas berdoa, semoga kesungguhan dan ketulusan perjuangan Abang akan mendapat perlindungan dan balasan setimpal. Moga Allah selalu melindungi Abang dan rakan-rakan yang ikhlas (yang tak ikhlas boleh doa sendiri, ok. Aku tak mau masuk pot). Dan jika tiba waktu kena undur, moga Allah beri ruang untuk berundur cara paling disenangi dan terhormat.

Never under-estimate the power of sheer determination & commitment... Juga doa keluarga, dan isteri...

So so proud of Abang and team.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah...

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Anonymous said...

kak lin, jom minum!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

mai je ke ofis kak lin ni... naik shuttle! ;-)

fiq said...

jgn tekejut saya smpi. hahahahh. bleh jumpa puan fazlin


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