Friday, March 14, 2008

Uncle Kit Time For You To Rest Also, Lah...

Mr. Kit Siang's recent rejection and boycott over Tuanku Raja Nazrin's choice of the Perak MB from Pas left me feeling... demoralized. Even though he has apologized, and prior to that his son Guan Eng has instructed all DAP members to accept the appointment, damage done already nationwide, innit?

I have known quite many DAP friends... and having Kit Siang's statement as if representing my friends, I felt cheated.

I voted for them in my constituencies in the recent PRU12, putting aside race and belief. Maybe because I see my DAP friends' faces on the ballot paper and would not think even an ounce that my DAP friends would backstab us all (perhaps my own naive thinking).

And even here in the obvious Malay-dominated office environment, I tried my best 'educating' biased and racist statements, which includes to DAP.

And theeeeen, the LKS fiasco of boycotting the swearing-in....


Uncle Kit Siang, no thanks to you, you have certainly drop my water-face, you know. Among my officemates; and even my dad who is worried sick over your lambasted remarks.

Damage done lah, Sir. I rasa sangat kecil hati you know. Some more I highly respect your son Guan Eng who is one of my husband's comrades.

But then, there's today when surfing through the internet that I found out that there are quite many Chinese out there who do not support your guts!!! Ahhh... hati terus berbunga. I terus lega!

Perhaps it's high time for you to loosen up your grip lah Sir. Just like what En. Mahaguru58 wrote in his blog, as much as you are proud of your son, you may just be a liability to his future. And I also dare say, to DAP's future in the eyes of the Rakyat as well!

You, Tun M, Pak Lah... all should just retire and rest and let us the rakyat and also the younger generation leaders take over.

I may not be the biggest fan of Pas per se (though being a half Kelantanese, I heart Tok Guru Nik Aziz big time!), but looking through the new Perak MB Ir. Nizar Jamaluddin's resume, I would think that he may serve well to the rakyat. We need more educated and professional people like him through out ALL races and beliefs.

And if Yang Berkhidmat Ir. Jamaluddin fails, we cantas him in the PRU13. Apa susah?

So now, DAP dah setuju, PKR dah setuju... let's just bury the hatchet and move on.

In the mean time, Mr. Lim Kit Siang Sir, I don't and will not ever trust you any more. Not for a more unite Malaysia, certainly you're no healthy factor.

That said, here's a clip of LKS and De-Facto KeADILan Leader Anwar on Al-Jazeera, 12.03.08. Such a BIG HUGE DIFFERENCE than itu ZAM when he was interviewed on the same channel, no?:

Also, this is a good reading about should or should not a Deputy MB be a Malay as claimed by Sultan Selangor's private secretary yesterday.



buih said...

i really enjoyed reading this..but what to do....things said and done.

on a more joyous note,i did tag you in my blog.

roti kacang merah said...

you tagged me??? nanti i check! ;-D

Anonymous said...

sebagai orang tua .. mmg dia cepat lupa ..uncle kit siang ni nak ikut macam uncle samy kot .. sudah2 la .. kan kan kan kan .. dok diam kat rumah sudah la ..buat yoga pepagi .. at least ..oxcigen masuk dalam otak .. dan boley berpikir secara waras .. hahahaahhahahaha

p.s teringat jet li .. betapa hensemnye dia bila dia buat yoga.... hahhah

ija ..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

mungkin ada benda lagi yang dia tak capai, sebab tu sanggup kerja kuat.

kalau aku jadi dia, aku nak rilek je dengan cucu-cucu.


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