Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Test and The Real One

On the 2nd-half of the second day of the course, we were divided up into four groups of 5 to 6 people and were given a list of events to emcee. Each group was asked to prepare 2 out of the 5 events, and to present it to the whole class on the 2nd half of the next day, which is the final day of the course.

Masa pemilihan nombor giliran, tangan aku terpilih untuk pick the number. It turned out to be No.1 ~ we got to be the first to present. Cisss.

During the briefing of how the presentation should be done, the Sifu actually took my quote ~ "I want to hear you smile!" he said to the class. Hmph.

No, I did not get to be the best female student ~ another young girl in my group with suara very very lunak merdu got it. She deserves it even though she wasn't that experienced, but I certainly hope that that will give her a moral boost.

It was enough for me though, when the Timbalan Pengarah of the Bahagian Latihan who dropped-by as the VIP guest at the end of the course to hand us our certs, told me that I actually did not need the cert. In her books, I have long graduated. That was really nice of her. Aku bukannya terror sangat, pun. Just that aku tak pernah tolak kehendak orang bila perlukan perkhidmatan and have been highly encouraged by Abang to participate, itu je.

And she also told us that we were actually handpicked by her from 80+ other applications, and the course is being done only once this year.

So, Alhamdulillah, I was just grateful to be here ~ I have been asking for this course for the past 2 years.

Okay gotta go back to my scripts. Two emceeing jobs on Monday ~ at 8.30am at the library and 8.30pm at the KL Tower. Esok (Sunday) will be a full day ~ tolong Umi cucikan rumah sewa dia with Ahy and Celi, hantar Qia ke UiTM after Abang's office hourse, and I'm sure lepas tu I'll be dead meat.



F Manchester said...

You memang terrerrrr.... I unfortunately am quite the opposite when it comes to these types of things.. Seriously tak reti- absolutely no shred of talent in this feild to save my life! Though many view me to have a very 'extrovert' character, I unfortunately surrender when it comes to formal events- Impromptu debates, I'm up for it! Standing infront of an audience... kecut!

Nanti kalau shahadah kahwin- boleh I panggil you jadi MC/DJ/Penyanyi/Stand up....etc...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush

you think i'm gonna fall for this, is it??? hehehehe. seinci pun i tak caya cakap you! belum try, belum tau!

F Manchester said...

errr... dah pernah audition tapi gagal... Voice over- even with my queens english pun asyhik kena drop. Takpe lah.. makcik retire je lah from trying. Ni nak train next generation- yg mancunian accent tu!

Eh dah check out tak our easter break pix at facebook?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
i pun sebenarnya kalau pi audition memang flop-poppy punya! Serious ni! Tapi sebab tak da orang lain dalam organisation i ni yang nak buat...

ya ya train shadah lagi best!!! hehehe

i saw a weeeeee bit kat facebook over the weekend... tapi nak download punyala lambat! will look into it again bila ada masa nanti! but saw the 'sticker bombing' on your hubby's blog!

JEALOUUUUUUUSSSS you guys pi Paris anak beranak!!!


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