Sunday, March 16, 2008

The New Light of Abang

Dengan Abang, aku tak pernah tengok Abang 'naik minyak'.

Aku pernah tengok dia marah staff(s) kalau staff(s) tak keep up to his expectations. Dan mungkin behind my back dia pernah maki orang yang busuk hati dengan dia , but I wouldn't know. 'Coz I know Abang is one of those yang the least panas baran people I know.

Tapi this event I'm about to tell made me discovered something new about Abang.

It all started a day before the voting day. That Friday morning, my bestest-cousin-in-the-whole-wide-world called me.

Cuz, I been wanting to tell you this since 2,3 hari lepas, tapi asyik terlupa.

'Sup? I asked him.

I went to see my tenant the other day to pass him the agreement. And remember when I told you before that your tenant has got this white tent at the green area infront of your house?


Well they've got all those BN posters hanging down and around the tent, nampak seolah-olah like markas BN ke gamaknya.

Now, before I move on, My Cuz and I each bought a house on the same street in Amanputra, facing each other. I'm not too sure who My Cuz believes in -- BN or BR -- but I think it was out of due respect to my husband that My Cuz informed me about the bendera-hanging.

Anyway, to mask my disappointment -- dah la my tenant still owes me the month's rent and a month's deposit, and then they went on doing this knowing who my husband is -- I just laughed at My Cuz's story.

I told him Oooh wait until Abg Zul gets to know this, I don't think my husband would be too happy, I said.

After thanking My Cuz profusely, I actually waited a couple of hours before I sms-ed Abang about the matter. It was already almost Friday prayer, so I got a reply from Abang only after the prayers.

You see, I think I've mentioned before who my new tenant was -- an Ustazah in Sekolah Rendah, a year older than me, with 5 lil not-so-charming kids, and a small-time businessman husband yang kurang sihat due to diabetes and has not been able to work fulltime due to his illness, and also a mildly mentally-disabled sister that she takes care of and in return takes care of her kids while she's at work.

Now, Abang knows about her condition since Day 1. Abang knows about her missing this month's rent and her 2nd month deposit because I told Abang. Aku mengadu ke Abang sebab my account yang patutnya sewa bulanan masuk is almost empty when I've a series of direct debit payments assigned to the account.

Abang tak masuk campur, of course. But the kakak apologized profusely for not informing me earlier that she's waiting for some cheques to clear by the middle of month so that she could pay me off. Trying to be an understanding landlady, I just told her "Okay, tapi harapannya bulan depan akak tak kecewakan Alin lagi macam ni," 'coz I know I've been too damn nice to even consider her masuk rumah aku two weeks earlier than she should have last February. For free pulak tu!

Hey, she's a petite lady, taking care of her 5 small kids and a mentally disabled sister and a sick husband. I think I could be quite flexible, kan.

Or so I thought la kan.

Anyhoos, you know what Abang sms-ed me?


Aiyoh, aku tak pernah dapat sms semarah itu dari Abang. Not even once!

So I replied, Abang je lah call. Ikut Abang lah nak cakap apa kat dia, I said.

And then Abang called me to ask how much she still owes me. He told me he will ask her to pay up by Monday, or else move out.

Since dia orang susah, Abang boleh tolong lagi dan tak masuk campur hal dia tak bayar Alin, sebab dia orang susah. Tapi kalau orang susah yang menyokong rasuah dan penyelewengan, I certainly cannot take this kind of people! I have no reason to sympathize with them! Tak pa, let me call her up!

Five minutes later, The Ustazah called me and minta maaf profusely. She said dia tak da niat nak kecikkan hati Zunar, dia tak sangka Zunar boleh marah sampai macam tu. Rumah dia bukan markas BN, dan dia gantung bendera tu sekadar main-main aje sebab itu aje bendera yang dia boleh dapat. Dia kata.

I said... Kak, 'Zunar kecik hati' tu is such an under-statement. Lagipun, kalau akak nak bendera-bendera lain, akak boleh minta je dari Alin, Zunar boleh suruh orang tolong hantarkan. Dan Zunar kata apa lagi? Aku tanya.

Dia kata selagi rumah tu rumah dia, dia tak izinkan barang seinci pun benda-benda BN kat dalam rumah tu. Kalau akak tak turunkan bendera, akak kena bayar hari Isnin ni, atau keluar! Dia suruh akak turunkan petang ni jugak sebab nanti dia nak hantar orang datang check! Akak mintak maaf la 'Lin.... akak tak sangka Zunar marah macam tu...!

Aku beritahu dia... Itu pun mujur sepupu Alin depan rumah Alin tu beritahu. Kak, Zunar tu orang yang sangat pemurah. Kalau akak susah, dia boleh tolong. Tapi macam dia kata la, kalau orang susah macam akak pun nak sokong rasuah, dia tak suka nak tolong. Jadi, baik akak cepat-cepat turunkan bendera-bendera tu semua... Alin sendiri tak pernah tengok Zunar marah macam ni, kak!

And after a series of further apologies, we hung up.

And I had a good laugh telling My Cuz that he's now officially a mata-mata gelap for Barisan Rakyat...hahahaha.

Oh how I thanked him too for telling me about the bendera thing -- aku tak dapat bayangkan kalau aku datang mengejut dengan Abang ke Amanputra and saw what we wouldn't want to see. Aku tak pernah tengok Abang mengamuk, and I certainly wouldn't want to be the one witnessing it.

And I hope my tenant has learnt a big huge lesson out of it, now that they are all considered pembangkang in Amanputra, Puchong. hahahaha



Anonymous said...

Salam, sis..

Haha..thumbs up to both u.. i wud definitely take the same action!!

Ingat tenant tak kenal owner..dah kenal pun boleh nak test market lak??

Hope she learn her lesson..


drbubbles said...

hehehe..kelakar juga baca this posting (i have been your silent reader since your adlan benan's posting.sokong his stands's a matter of principle..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

itu la pasal! macam nak insult zunar or smthn. mujur my cuzin beritau.

Now that dia tahu orang depan rumah dia tu is "my kaki", mesti dia tak berani dah lepas ni, kot.

doc bubbles
haloooo you're VERY famous! I drop by your blog every once in while since 3 years ago! Thanks for dropping by! :-D

Pewaris Reformasi said...

mungkin dia salah baca. Amanputra tu dia baca Umnoputra..haha

akula said...

Maybe Zunar over reacted a bit?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

pewaris reformasi
Umnoputra hahahahahaha. Even Zunar pun gelak besar! hahahahahaha

for someone who practically never masuk campur dengan my urusan hidup, I didn't mind IF he WAS over-reacting on this matter, heh heh

Abang Ngah said...

sorry ye,
Mereka tu orang susah. Sekarang sudah jadi kerajaan takkan nak jadi kg berembang no 2 plak!

Doesn't matter what their political inclinations are. If they rent your house. They can hang any bendera they like.

Sekadar mengomen aje

BN are people too :)


Roti Kacang Merah said...

Hi abngaaaah!
Ish, insyaAllah we will NEVER repeat the Berembang thing that YOUR 'friends' did ;-p

In fact, we knew that they were Dacing supporters even before we let them rent the house coz kami tak nak pilih bulu. Orang susah is orang susah. In fact, I had other choices of interested people who wanted to rent my house back then, but I chose to choose the Ustazah since I thot helping them would be better in terms of pahala.

But, ibarat kata zunar...

"Ibarat kita tolong seorang pelacur (yang melacurkan maruah) sebab dia dalam kesusahan. Dia tahu kita nak tolong dia, tak kira dia pelacur ke tidak, sebab itu hal antara dia dengan Tuhan. Tiba-tiba belakang kita dia guna rumah kita as a whorehouse, seolah-olah kita sokong dengan apa yang dia buat."

Yeah yeah BN are people too... we know that. But as long as we can remember, BN juga yang mula-mula treat orang lain like crap... remember??? ;-)

Pewaris Reformasi said...

sdr zunar tak mau buat bengkel kartun ke?

abg saya dulu kartunis di majalah boom dan ujang. skrg dia dah menetap di singapura. minat dia tu adik ikut buat bidang animasi di lim kok wing cyberjaya.

dulu IKD pnah buat sekali, lepas tu dah tak ada. PKR kena tunjuk sikit minat pada ruang-ruang kreatif ni.. :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

pewaris reformasi
dah email ke zunar, your suggestions ni :-)

sebenarnya dia selalu juga dijemput to lecture in bengkel-bengkel melukis or penulisan. Minimum setahun mesti ada dijemput sekali. dan dia tak pernah pilih bulu ~ siapa yang jemput, dia terima. as long as tak coincide dengan deadline paper dia.


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