Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Benson&Hedges Dreams

I have two Benson&Hedges Dreams.

One is to swim and play with the dolphins on end.

Another is to catch CELINE DION show...and more meaningful if it's with Umi and adik-adik!


I dread to know the price of the tickets to her show at Stadium Negara (or was it Merdeka??) this coming 8th April. It definitely can burn a hole in your pocket, that I'm sure! Itupun aku tengok tiket-tiket show dia all around Germany this coming July semua sold out!! Gila!

Oh so many of her songs brought back tremendous amount of memories to me.

I first fell in love with her 'Beauty and the Beast' back in 91/92. Bought that album and was hooked from then on!

And then there's Titanic's 'My Heart Will Go On'... reminded me masa zaman-zaman long distant relationship in UK late '90s, and also masa I lost my loved one end '03.

'Because You Loved Me' was from us all adik-beradik to Umi.

And one of my all-time fave is her duet with Andrea Bocelli, 'The Prayer'. Aku sampai hafal la part-part italian lyrics dalam lagu tu.

Baru-baru ni, after I saw the making of her latest album 'Taking Chances' on the telly, aku terus suka sangat-sangat-sangat the album.

Aku suka her personality, her larger-than-life outlook, her passion for both her work and family, her humility... and never once have I heard of any juicy gossips about her. She's the biggest star ever, tapi perangai tak la se-diva macam J-Lo or even Mariah Carey. Ish, so inspiring lah.

When I grow up, I definitely want to be like her.


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