Monday, March 17, 2008

Kursus Pengacaraan Majlis

Today, tomorrow and the day after, I'll be all couped up in some "Kursus Pengacaraan Majlis" done by my organisation that I have been applying for the past two years.

There are some 24 staff from various departments taking part, and most of them, in one way or the other, had some stints in emceeing. The cikgu is a former government officer (now retired) who is, apparently from cerita-cerita dia, has been a favourite pick sampai ke peringkat Kementerian and majlis-majlis peringkat kebangsaan. He's had some 30-odd years of experience.... from mengacara majlis-majlis kecil, and now doing really high-class emceeing job that pays him quite handsome amount of dosh.

He's really good... a real pro! Dan sangat ringan berkongsi ilmu.

Today, he taught us how to do vocal exercise for emcees, sebutan-sebutan, nama-nama gelaran, protocol nama, protocol susun tempat duduk, cara-cara nak bullshit during emceeing.... eh, banyak juga yang kami belajar arini, ek?

Cuma yang aku tak berapa berkenan is dia suka terpesong dengan cerita-cerita gatai and pretty unnecessary.

Malas aku nak join the gelak ketawa of the class, which mostly were just nervous and polite giggles, you know -- the kasihan kind of laugh untuk orang yang buat lawak yang tidak la berapa lawak sebenarnya. Aku faham la dia nak make the class light and airy, but there's a limit to the jokes la I'd say. Especially if it comes from a 'Haji' dan umur dah more than half past 50, you know whot I mean?

Anyhoos, kau tau la akak ni kan. Bakat terpendam bukannaa? Hahaha. Hence, I was apparently picked as the best student of the day, siap jadi student contoh sebab akak "mempunyai sebutan yang jelas dan nyata, sebutan yang friendly to the audience and engaging, serta mempunyai intonasi yang sangat bagus -- anda semua harus mencontohi Pe'ah."

Ya, dia panggil aku 'Pe'ah', sebab dia tak ingat-ingat nama aku apa.

What he didn't know was that I have been doing emceeing since I was 15, cuma tak pernah get any professional training je. There have been many ups and downs... sometimes I get to be a really crappy MC. Macam menyanyi jugak la kan... tak da la perfect senantiasa.

But during tea break when he called me to sit with him along with some of the students, this I share with them:

"I'm not talented. It's all in the training, really. At the office, I encourage my staff to put a mirror infront of them so that before they pick-up the office phone, they would smile first at the mirror before buka mulut untuk bercakap. 'Coz the person at the other end can certainly hear you smile. And then take a deep breath, listen, and serve with the most friendliest manner you could afford. And then it would become habitual over a period of time,"

... says Pe'ah, heh.

Tapi yang paling penting, he taught me how much I could make myself worth when accepting emceeing offers! *$$$ in eyes*

Alah, hari ni je aku jadi pelajar contoh. Esok dan lusa tak tentu lagi!



Anonymous said...

waaa.... besh nyer... aku pung kalo ada peluang nak join mende nih ...nak mengrefinekan lagi skill yg tak seberapa nih...tu la kita ni kan lain dok sebok stage fright...kita ni.. frighten the stage lak...
hehehe nana

themessengersdaughter said...

Faz, dapat notes tak? kalu ada, tolong topostet aku satu set bule na...? aku bayar ko pun takpa.. sbb aku pun minat gak benda2 ni.. takat ni cuma event di opis (MIM) and MC majlis org kawin for starters la, itu aje aku penah buat.. biarpun aku penah buat voice over (VO) kat time highway radio (THR) once a upon a time a long long time ago masa dating dgn DJ Mancha dulu, zaman jahiliah aku dulu... heheheh

Roti Kacang Merah said...

frighten the stage? hahaha!

bley, I'll see what I can do about it! :-) wah wah wah dah panggil 'zaman jahiliah' eh... mentangmentang laaaaa ;-) ;-)

buih said...

ok ape nama tu..sedap ape..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

...and it stuck till the end of the course, that name!

Noni Kapet said...


Just a note that I have written a bit on our common friend, Allahyarham Adlan Benan. I thought it's corteuous to leave a note on that. And thanks - for everything.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

saudara rafizi
many thanks for informing and dropping by...much apprecited! have dropped by your entry, and as you can see, posted as my entry.

two names i kept mentioning to my husband on the wee hours of post-8th march ~ Reformist Umar Tan, and Ben. Bet they both have been smiling broadly since then from above.

Zetty said...

glamzzzz pe'ah!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

mistiiiii. bila lagiiiiiiii.


said said...

salam kak lin, nak menyibuk jap..saje bukak internet curik masa kat kelas ni..hehe..huh mcm best jer nak emceeing course yang kaklin attended tu..nak join gakss

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ala, our Bahagian Latihan tengah nak stock-up emcees and polish further the existing ones! I'm sure your kementerian can do the same!!

Eda said...

Hi Fazst,
I second your 'bakat terpendam'! You're a natural! Keep it up, girl! It's great that you're pursuing stuff that you love. We ain't getting younger, so no time like the present, huh?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ish aiseh coming from you.... buat segan i je...!*maluuuu*

tenchu eda!!!


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