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1 - The Munajat Rakyat Kelantan Pertahankan Kerajaan Islam, Jumaat 7/3/08, 3pagi

I got to know about all these from the e-mail.

Diberi 1,000,000 tahun pun Umno memerintah, tak akan rakyat turun sebegini ramai untuk memohon perlindungan kepada Allah s.w.t dari yang munafiq.

You'll definitely have tears in your eyes, and see for yourself keikhlasan Tok Guru in administering Kelantan, dengan kehadiran 50,000 orang untuk bersama-sama berdoa bersama beliau.

I'll be honest, I don't think even from the 3 million KL population that we could even garner 50,000 of us Muslims to do such thing.

My utmost, utmost respect.

Read about it, and his doa, see photos, and watch video.

2 - Serikandi Kecil -- Shahadah

Kalau dia ada kempen dalam Mancunian accent dia, LAGI best! heh heh (link)

3 - Tak malu ka dey???

Apart from KJ yang menang tak tahu malu (aku dengar Che'gu Bard dah dahulu by very slim vote, and Bard was still ahead even after the 2nd count. Tiba-tiba undi pos masuk for the 3rd count, and 6,000+ votes for KJ. Pelik, eh??? Bodoh sangat ke pengundi pos bahagian Rembau ni? Takkaaaan lah. Dah pasti-pastinya 6,000 hantu yang pilih beruk macam KJ tu), anak Tun M si Mukhriz pulak antara yang mungkin menang cara tak bertelur. Sini.

Hidung tak berapa mancung, pipi tersodong-sodong. Ish tak malunya.

4 - "...perhaps we had laid to rest the ghost of May 13th"

I loike this, by Malik Imtiaz.



muna said...

i've gone through all the comments about mukriz tu. apparently, statistic spr yang salah. spr salah kira total eligible voters untuk parlimen tu. supposedly ada 45k++ bukan 37k++, % keluar mengundi dia around 81% :) just to let u know, karang tak pasal2 terfitnah plak ;)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Ya ka salah? My apologies... but still, 81% orang keluar mengundi di Jerlun????

*wry laugh*


nizam said...


Now, governs the 5 states successfully. Show the rakyat that you can govern states and then Malaysia nation especially in economy, safety, justice, education, state administration, transparency and many more.

if you excel in the five states, you can convince the rakyat to choose you as a ruling party at federal level; the same manifesto or strength of BN.

in your future manifesto, pay attention to investor/ corporate sectors. Draft the manifestos as if you are going to become the Malaysia ruling party. Alike BN, play with statistics and numbers; say 10 million for education, say millions for safety etc. opposition should have shadow cabinet line-up to prepare these manifesto.

Now, concentrate on Sabah and Sarawak parliamentary and state seats. pkr (or the opposition front) must show that it is a party for all races and ethnics ie bajau, kadazan, dusun etc. most of them vote BN because their mentality (i might be wrong) is BN brings development. if you can develop the 5 states, they can open their eyes and vote opposition in next general election.

Pas, pkr, dap etc must groom leaders or candidates for the 13th general election. Pick candidates with strong education background so that people have faith in them able to govern states (or Malaysia). Starting from today, these candidates must turun padang to list down all the problem faces by rakyat and tackled the problems; win their heart and show them that you do works. if the candidates don't have enough time and energy, seek help from opposition supporters or appoint assistances as many as you need.BN won uncontested in 11 parliamentary seats meaning opposition lacks 11 leaders/ candidates.

Starting today until the next GE, keep record of mismanagements, corruptions (power and money), wrongdoings of BN for your campaigning points.

Most of the main media in Malaysia are controlled by the ruling party. opposition candidates must use alternative medium such as internet or blogs to convey their messages, counter the ruling party allegations, reveals corruptions by BN etc. if the candidates are busy, ask the party supporters to run the blog; maybe can elect media committee. The opposition have won five states and KL; make as many press conference as you can to address your developments, progress etc. each states have its own radio station; use these opportunity to deliver the messages.

Work very hard during this 4 or 5 years!!

If not, rakyat will vote for BN in the next election

if selangor can beat pahang or sabah or sarawak in economy, safety, education etc performances, the sabahan and the sarawakian and pahang people might choose the opposition in 13th GE.

The opposition must pick an outstanding state as a benchmark while governing the 5 states. If say pahang attracted 10 foreign investors, the five states must have more than 10 investors. If sabah crime rate is 10 %( let say it is a state with lowest crime rate), the opposition must have lower than 10% of crime rate. The examples are endless.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

what you said are all true, and ALREADY picked up by the opposition wayyyyy long even before election lah dik.

Anwar and the rest have even announced about their investors policy right after the election.

so, you know... a tad too backdated lah your opinions ni.

New and fresher ones, please???


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