Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Al-Fatihah: Salman Datuk Nasaruddin

Almost mid-noon tadi Umi Ayah called from Shah Alam, informing that they received a call about Salman kena langgar malam tadi pukul 10pm di jalan depan rumah dia while he was walking.

Umi kata doktor kata tak da harapan due to serious head injury. He's in Neuro ICU in UH, on life support.

Like, that car who knocked him down must be driving really fast to knock him badly like that while Salman was just walking by the roadside, no???

Anyway, Umi Ayah kenal Salman 'coz Umi Ayah know his late father, arwah Datuk Nasa.

I called-up Abang and inform him, 'coz Salman also works for PKR, I think more like DSAI's official photographer during his visits for ceramah.

His photos are MAGNIFICENT. His photos showed his passion on photography. (Go to DSAI's page and see his "Gambar-gambar Lawatan DSAI ke..." entries, like here.)

Aku tak kenal Salman ni personally. Perhaps because character-wise he's not as friendly as the others in Abang's office.

At 2pm, Umi called from UH beritahu Salman passed away at 1.50pm.

We've lost yet another very strong supporter of justice. He died way too young. He was only 24.

Takziah for his family and friends.


*** more photos and news of Salman here.



The True Confessions of a Wedding Planner said...

Dear writer,

I would like to say thank you for your kind words. I am Sumayyah, Salman's elder sister and me and my family appreciate your prayers for Salman.

Salman was a very special person, and he has shown such strong character event at a young age. He has fought for what he believed in, even to his last days. He was on the way to the office to continue his works for DSAI and that's when the accident happened. Despite his young age, and againts all odds that he has been through, he managed to continue to strive to serve the country the best way he knew how. He believed that every little helps, and with that he has shown us so much determination for the freedom of Malaysia.

So let us remember Salman for his strength and as one of the many unsung heroes in Malaysia, who fought for a better country for all of us.

Your's sincerely,

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Dear Sumayyah

The same thing I heard about him from a lot of people.

May Allah bless his soul, Al-Fatihah.

And thanks for dropping by!


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