Sunday, March 30, 2008

Berakit-rakit Ke Hulu

Tengok ni, in the bloody name of interest, aku sampai kena balut jari-jari aku to practise on the guitar.

Adeiiii, sakit siut jari-jari akaaaak.

Went to MPH semalam, and bought Playing Guitar book. Nak masuk 3 tahun guitar Celi duk lying about at home. So I thot why nokkk.

So, petang semalam and after dinner saw me tuning-up the guitar based on the tunes provided for in the CD which came with the book. And as at this morning aku dah dapat belajar 3 chords and 1 song, Love Me Do. Very slowly, and very painfully.

Sakitnya jari-jari akak, nak garu kepala pung sakit.

Aku sms 'dik Iffae, my colleague yang pernah jadi my background guitarist 3 years ago. Dia cakap kena praktis tiap-tiap hari sampai jari dah rasa tak sakit. And then practise on Leaving On A Jet Plane coz it's also a good basic song for beginners.

BAIK! Aku tak sabar nak jamming lagu tu dengan Abang!

Mujur menulis guna jari kanan, kalau tak, m.c la aku esok coz tak bley menulis. Heh2.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

That Million-Dollar Fiasco

No, no comment, tak mau masuk campur, walaupun aku tahu sedikit sebanyak cerita and also Abang's stand on the article dan aku ada baaaaanyak benda terbuku di hati (no, not to RPK by the way though he did specifically mentioned Abang in his entry).

But untuk rekod aku sendiri, baca lagi antaranya di:
1. sini
2. sini
3. sini

And when RPK said "... Nordin Kardi made his statement and he went on and on about how blogs have smeared the reputation of intellectuals such as himself. Hello.......since when is he an intellectual? If he is an intellectual then Madonna is a virgin.", RPK is so bloody spot-on.

Prayers that perlindungan dan kemenangan di sebelah orang-orang yang benar dan tiada tipu muslihat. Aaaamiiin.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Benan X: Ben, dari Kacamata Rafizi

Mr. Rafizi Ramli had kindly dropped-by to share me his touching 'recollection', & 'reflection' as he calls it, of the Ben he knew... here.

I certainly cannot imagine the loss that Ben's families and close friends, especially Rafizi, Dany and Rizal must have felt.

Thank you Rafizi, for sharing with us. You're one lucky guy to have known Ben as such.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Test and The Real One

On the 2nd-half of the second day of the course, we were divided up into four groups of 5 to 6 people and were given a list of events to emcee. Each group was asked to prepare 2 out of the 5 events, and to present it to the whole class on the 2nd half of the next day, which is the final day of the course.

Masa pemilihan nombor giliran, tangan aku terpilih untuk pick the number. It turned out to be No.1 ~ we got to be the first to present. Cisss.

During the briefing of how the presentation should be done, the Sifu actually took my quote ~ "I want to hear you smile!" he said to the class. Hmph.

No, I did not get to be the best female student ~ another young girl in my group with suara very very lunak merdu got it. She deserves it even though she wasn't that experienced, but I certainly hope that that will give her a moral boost.

It was enough for me though, when the Timbalan Pengarah of the Bahagian Latihan who dropped-by as the VIP guest at the end of the course to hand us our certs, told me that I actually did not need the cert. In her books, I have long graduated. That was really nice of her. Aku bukannya terror sangat, pun. Just that aku tak pernah tolak kehendak orang bila perlukan perkhidmatan and have been highly encouraged by Abang to participate, itu je.

And she also told us that we were actually handpicked by her from 80+ other applications, and the course is being done only once this year.

So, Alhamdulillah, I was just grateful to be here ~ I have been asking for this course for the past 2 years.

Okay gotta go back to my scripts. Two emceeing jobs on Monday ~ at 8.30am at the library and 8.30pm at the KL Tower. Esok (Sunday) will be a full day ~ tolong Umi cucikan rumah sewa dia with Ahy and Celi, hantar Qia ke UiTM after Abang's office hourse, and I'm sure lepas tu I'll be dead meat.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Amanda Out!


Amanda Overmeyer got kicked out this week??!!

But that horse-training girl at the bottom-two seats with Amanda, this was her 3rd time being at the bottom 2, tapi masih got included in! Argh!

Tak pa, tak pa. Even though Amanda din make it in the Top 10, she's STILL the No.1 in the 2nd rank!! *grins*

No matter, Adik Amanda rawks - forever!!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Kursus Pengacaraan Majlis

Today, tomorrow and the day after, I'll be all couped up in some "Kursus Pengacaraan Majlis" done by my organisation that I have been applying for the past two years.

There are some 24 staff from various departments taking part, and most of them, in one way or the other, had some stints in emceeing. The cikgu is a former government officer (now retired) who is, apparently from cerita-cerita dia, has been a favourite pick sampai ke peringkat Kementerian and majlis-majlis peringkat kebangsaan. He's had some 30-odd years of experience.... from mengacara majlis-majlis kecil, and now doing really high-class emceeing job that pays him quite handsome amount of dosh.

He's really good... a real pro! Dan sangat ringan berkongsi ilmu.

Today, he taught us how to do vocal exercise for emcees, sebutan-sebutan, nama-nama gelaran, protocol nama, protocol susun tempat duduk, cara-cara nak bullshit during emceeing.... eh, banyak juga yang kami belajar arini, ek?

Cuma yang aku tak berapa berkenan is dia suka terpesong dengan cerita-cerita gatai and pretty unnecessary.

Malas aku nak join the gelak ketawa of the class, which mostly were just nervous and polite giggles, you know -- the kasihan kind of laugh untuk orang yang buat lawak yang tidak la berapa lawak sebenarnya. Aku faham la dia nak make the class light and airy, but there's a limit to the jokes la I'd say. Especially if it comes from a 'Haji' dan umur dah more than half past 50, you know whot I mean?

Anyhoos, kau tau la akak ni kan. Bakat terpendam bukannaa? Hahaha. Hence, I was apparently picked as the best student of the day, siap jadi student contoh sebab akak "mempunyai sebutan yang jelas dan nyata, sebutan yang friendly to the audience and engaging, serta mempunyai intonasi yang sangat bagus -- anda semua harus mencontohi Pe'ah."

Ya, dia panggil aku 'Pe'ah', sebab dia tak ingat-ingat nama aku apa.

What he didn't know was that I have been doing emceeing since I was 15, cuma tak pernah get any professional training je. There have been many ups and downs... sometimes I get to be a really crappy MC. Macam menyanyi jugak la kan... tak da la perfect senantiasa.

But during tea break when he called me to sit with him along with some of the students, this I share with them:

"I'm not talented. It's all in the training, really. At the office, I encourage my staff to put a mirror infront of them so that before they pick-up the office phone, they would smile first at the mirror before buka mulut untuk bercakap. 'Coz the person at the other end can certainly hear you smile. And then take a deep breath, listen, and serve with the most friendliest manner you could afford. And then it would become habitual over a period of time,"

... says Pe'ah, heh.

Tapi yang paling penting, he taught me how much I could make myself worth when accepting emceeing offers! *$$$ in eyes*

Alah, hari ni je aku jadi pelajar contoh. Esok dan lusa tak tentu lagi!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

The New Light of Abang

Dengan Abang, aku tak pernah tengok Abang 'naik minyak'.

Aku pernah tengok dia marah staff(s) kalau staff(s) tak keep up to his expectations. Dan mungkin behind my back dia pernah maki orang yang busuk hati dengan dia , but I wouldn't know. 'Coz I know Abang is one of those yang the least panas baran people I know.

Tapi this event I'm about to tell made me discovered something new about Abang.

It all started a day before the voting day. That Friday morning, my bestest-cousin-in-the-whole-wide-world called me.

Cuz, I been wanting to tell you this since 2,3 hari lepas, tapi asyik terlupa.

'Sup? I asked him.

I went to see my tenant the other day to pass him the agreement. And remember when I told you before that your tenant has got this white tent at the green area infront of your house?


Well they've got all those BN posters hanging down and around the tent, nampak seolah-olah like markas BN ke gamaknya.

Now, before I move on, My Cuz and I each bought a house on the same street in Amanputra, facing each other. I'm not too sure who My Cuz believes in -- BN or BR -- but I think it was out of due respect to my husband that My Cuz informed me about the bendera-hanging.

Anyway, to mask my disappointment -- dah la my tenant still owes me the month's rent and a month's deposit, and then they went on doing this knowing who my husband is -- I just laughed at My Cuz's story.

I told him Oooh wait until Abg Zul gets to know this, I don't think my husband would be too happy, I said.

After thanking My Cuz profusely, I actually waited a couple of hours before I sms-ed Abang about the matter. It was already almost Friday prayer, so I got a reply from Abang only after the prayers.

You see, I think I've mentioned before who my new tenant was -- an Ustazah in Sekolah Rendah, a year older than me, with 5 lil not-so-charming kids, and a small-time businessman husband yang kurang sihat due to diabetes and has not been able to work fulltime due to his illness, and also a mildly mentally-disabled sister that she takes care of and in return takes care of her kids while she's at work.

Now, Abang knows about her condition since Day 1. Abang knows about her missing this month's rent and her 2nd month deposit because I told Abang. Aku mengadu ke Abang sebab my account yang patutnya sewa bulanan masuk is almost empty when I've a series of direct debit payments assigned to the account.

Abang tak masuk campur, of course. But the kakak apologized profusely for not informing me earlier that she's waiting for some cheques to clear by the middle of month so that she could pay me off. Trying to be an understanding landlady, I just told her "Okay, tapi harapannya bulan depan akak tak kecewakan Alin lagi macam ni," 'coz I know I've been too damn nice to even consider her masuk rumah aku two weeks earlier than she should have last February. For free pulak tu!

Hey, she's a petite lady, taking care of her 5 small kids and a mentally disabled sister and a sick husband. I think I could be quite flexible, kan.

Or so I thought la kan.

Anyhoos, you know what Abang sms-ed me?


Aiyoh, aku tak pernah dapat sms semarah itu dari Abang. Not even once!

So I replied, Abang je lah call. Ikut Abang lah nak cakap apa kat dia, I said.

And then Abang called me to ask how much she still owes me. He told me he will ask her to pay up by Monday, or else move out.

Since dia orang susah, Abang boleh tolong lagi dan tak masuk campur hal dia tak bayar Alin, sebab dia orang susah. Tapi kalau orang susah yang menyokong rasuah dan penyelewengan, I certainly cannot take this kind of people! I have no reason to sympathize with them! Tak pa, let me call her up!

Five minutes later, The Ustazah called me and minta maaf profusely. She said dia tak da niat nak kecikkan hati Zunar, dia tak sangka Zunar boleh marah sampai macam tu. Rumah dia bukan markas BN, dan dia gantung bendera tu sekadar main-main aje sebab itu aje bendera yang dia boleh dapat. Dia kata.

I said... Kak, 'Zunar kecik hati' tu is such an under-statement. Lagipun, kalau akak nak bendera-bendera lain, akak boleh minta je dari Alin, Zunar boleh suruh orang tolong hantarkan. Dan Zunar kata apa lagi? Aku tanya.

Dia kata selagi rumah tu rumah dia, dia tak izinkan barang seinci pun benda-benda BN kat dalam rumah tu. Kalau akak tak turunkan bendera, akak kena bayar hari Isnin ni, atau keluar! Dia suruh akak turunkan petang ni jugak sebab nanti dia nak hantar orang datang check! Akak mintak maaf la 'Lin.... akak tak sangka Zunar marah macam tu...!

Aku beritahu dia... Itu pun mujur sepupu Alin depan rumah Alin tu beritahu. Kak, Zunar tu orang yang sangat pemurah. Kalau akak susah, dia boleh tolong. Tapi macam dia kata la, kalau orang susah macam akak pun nak sokong rasuah, dia tak suka nak tolong. Jadi, baik akak cepat-cepat turunkan bendera-bendera tu semua... Alin sendiri tak pernah tengok Zunar marah macam ni, kak!

And after a series of further apologies, we hung up.

And I had a good laugh telling My Cuz that he's now officially a mata-mata gelap for Barisan Rakyat...hahahaha.

Oh how I thanked him too for telling me about the bendera thing -- aku tak dapat bayangkan kalau aku datang mengejut dengan Abang ke Amanputra and saw what we wouldn't want to see. Aku tak pernah tengok Abang mengamuk, and I certainly wouldn't want to be the one witnessing it.

And I hope my tenant has learnt a big huge lesson out of it, now that they are all considered pembangkang in Amanputra, Puchong. hahahaha


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lagi Himpunan

1 -- Informative Day

Hari ni was quite an 'informative' day for me.

At my 2nd matchmade wedding today (Alhamdulillaaah! hehehe), I met my Kelantanese ex-colleague from my first department when I first worked in the organisation.

Weh mung kelik Kelate ko masa ngundi??? aku tanya in my more-of-a-Siamese accent.

Eh mesti lah Kak Liiiin. In fact, kebanyakan kita semua balik nak 'selamatkan' Kelantan. Ramainya macam balik masa Raya!

Abis, kau sempat ke join Munajat Tok Guru aritu? Kak Lin tengok gambar, hebat betul!!!

Yang kat stadium tu, saya tak sempat join. Tapi masa lepas solat Jumaat pun diorang buat juga ramai-ramai seluruh Kelantan. Sekolah-sekolah pondok pun dah buat solat hajat tiap-tiap hari seminggu sebelum hari ngundi.

Wow! Bersatunya, korang!

Eh mesti la Kak Liiiin. Kak Lin nak tahu apa orang-orang Umno kata? Diorang kata, "Haaa ni lah dia orang-orang Pas, usaha tak kuat, tau berdoaaa je. Ingat boleh menang ke macam tu? Saja nak confusekan Tuhan!". Haaa padan muka dorang kalah lepas tu!

Eh betul ke kau cerita niiiii... takkanla diorang cakap macam tu!!!

Laaa betul Kak Liiiin, saya tak tipu. Boleh diorang cabar ugama macam tu!

Kalau ada orang-orang Umno baca entry aku ni: SHAME ON YOU. Kalau dah sanggup mencabar kekuasaan Tuhan, bererti you guys have lost cause already, lah. LOST cause, BIG time.

And then, soon after the wedding, a girlfriend called. She's a Putri Umno yang masuk Putri sebab dia nak tengok sendiri macam mana dalam Putri Umno, and then bawak cerita dalam Putri Umno and kongsi dengan abang-abang dia yang penyokong kuat Pas and KeADILan.


Hui, seronok gila borak dengan dia. Since she's from a well-connected family, she apparently gets quite a bit of juicy stories to tell.

Like how Pa'Lalalala personally caught Kera Jenglot and Minah Karan at the hotel room they were in and then tampar dua-dua manusia tu depan-depan orang and give stern warnings to Kera Jenglot; what Pa'Lalalala's family was actually doing in Australia; how Kera Jenglot's dad actually died.

Also, how gedik Putri Umnos really are -- gila glamer; tak da hala tujuan apart from nak cari laki; gatal nak mengurat Putra Umnos je kejanya; and if ada siapa-siapa yang have ideas to share, then the pencadang yang kena buat all the work.

Geli tekak campur geli ati akak mendengornya.

She also told me that her students told her about masa mengundi in one of the constituencies in T'ganu. Masa pi mendaftar kat pondok panas BN just before masuk tempat mengundi, the BN people will give you cash RM300, and then ask you to take an oath of something in the line of, "Saya bersumpah dengan nama Allah akan mengundi BN di tempat mengundi nanti."

Dah la ambil duit rasuah, pastu bersumpah dengan nama Allah. Tapi tak berani nak pangkah benda lain just because dah bersumpah dengan nama Allah.

HAHAHAHAHA the irony! Murahnyaaaaaaaaa maruah korang yang mengundi BN kerana duit AND kerana kepentingan periuk nasi ni.

Tapi kalau aku jerit kat korang, "OI! TAK DA MARUAH KA???", tahu la pulak dia nak melenting marah!

2 -- Cukuplah dengan Prasangka

Tadi aku singgah my usual hardware shop to get me some ballast and energy-saving bulbs. Lama aku tak singgah situ. Ada 4 hardware shops kat kelompok kedai kat situ, tapi tak tahu kenapa itulah kedai hardware favourite aku and Abang. Perhaps because it's the nearest to our favourite DVD outlet, kot.

Anyhoos, in the midst of him trying out the bulbs, aku tanya dia the young store manager (or maybe my age, kot).

Eh you undi mana hari tu???

Undi sini la!

Undi apa???

...dengan pantas dia menjawab dan dengan suara yang tinggi, KeADILan!!! Mestila!

Aku cakap, bagus bagus bagus.... you store manager yang ada otak, aku kata.

And then he told me and Abang about the things that he found out on the internet when he was trying to search about the MPs of our area that he was about to choose.

Waaah bila I jumpa banyak perkara dalam internet, I tengok pun terkejut. Sangat banyak benda busuk dia tak tunjuk dalam TV ka, suratkhabar ka... Lepas tu mau takut-takutkan orang dengan May 13 lah. Itu semua orang-orang tua saja yang takut, laa. Kita orang muda banyak sudah educated dengan banyak perkara. Mereka ingat kita semua ni masih bodoh, woo.

Simple, and yet well said.

I don't know about you, but I'm almost f*ckn tired of having all these 'prasangka' around me -- Melayu asyik nak berprasangka dengan Melayu sendiri apatah lagi dengan non-Malays; non-Malays pun berprasangka dengan Melayu -- aku betul dah letih la.

So bila a layman non-Malay store manager like him shares the same ideals of how we want the country to be, automatically prasangka tu vanished into thin air. Rasa lapaaaaaaang sangat fikiran & dada... ringaaaaan sangat hati ni.

Eh, korang tak suka ke perasaan macam ni, hidup di Malaysia?

And... 'Ketuanan Melayu'???

Aku rasa dalam Al-Quran or Hadith pun tak dak sebut suruh jaga 'Ketuanan Arab', apatah lagi 'Ketuanan Melayu', haha.

Dan kau kata kau 'Tuan' tapi kalau kau kalah judi, kalau syarikat dalam masalah, kalau kereta mewah tak mampu bayar, kalau rumah hampir tergadai, kalau kau perintah tapi tak ada istana -- kaum bukan Melayu yang kasi kau duit nak tebus semua tu. So sekarang, siapa jilat kaki siapa??? Siapa jadi hamba siapa sekarang ni? We have all become slaves of our own selfishness!

And if ada orang ungkit yang aku tak mungkin dapat fly overseas kalau bukan kerana status Bumiputra aku... people, I KNOW I deserved whatever loans I received. Back then I worked damn hard in school to get what was due for me, and aku dapat those convertible loans bukan sebab ihsan yang aku ni Bumiputra nor sebab aku ada cable (no, aku tak pernah guna cable) tapi sebab by merit I truly DESERVED it.

Kalau ada remarks saying that Obama would never be a President because he's black -- kita marah. Hitler bunuh berjuta-juta Yahudi -- kita marah. Russia himpit Muslim Chechnyas -- kita marah. Yahudi Israel himpit dan tekan Arab Israel & Palestin -- laaaaaagi kita marah.

Tapi kalau kita himpit orang-orang lain, tak pa ya?

Hmm, bagus la tu.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Uncle Kit Time For You To Rest Also, Lah...

Mr. Kit Siang's recent rejection and boycott over Tuanku Raja Nazrin's choice of the Perak MB from Pas left me feeling... demoralized. Even though he has apologized, and prior to that his son Guan Eng has instructed all DAP members to accept the appointment, damage done already nationwide, innit?

I have known quite many DAP friends... and having Kit Siang's statement as if representing my friends, I felt cheated.

I voted for them in my constituencies in the recent PRU12, putting aside race and belief. Maybe because I see my DAP friends' faces on the ballot paper and would not think even an ounce that my DAP friends would backstab us all (perhaps my own naive thinking).

And even here in the obvious Malay-dominated office environment, I tried my best 'educating' biased and racist statements, which includes to DAP.

And theeeeen, the LKS fiasco of boycotting the swearing-in....


Uncle Kit Siang, no thanks to you, you have certainly drop my water-face, you know. Among my officemates; and even my dad who is worried sick over your lambasted remarks.

Damage done lah, Sir. I rasa sangat kecil hati you know. Some more I highly respect your son Guan Eng who is one of my husband's comrades.

But then, there's today when surfing through the internet that I found out that there are quite many Chinese out there who do not support your guts!!! Ahhh... hati terus berbunga. I terus lega!

Perhaps it's high time for you to loosen up your grip lah Sir. Just like what En. Mahaguru58 wrote in his blog, as much as you are proud of your son, you may just be a liability to his future. And I also dare say, to DAP's future in the eyes of the Rakyat as well!

You, Tun M, Pak Lah... all should just retire and rest and let us the rakyat and also the younger generation leaders take over.

I may not be the biggest fan of Pas per se (though being a half Kelantanese, I heart Tok Guru Nik Aziz big time!), but looking through the new Perak MB Ir. Nizar Jamaluddin's resume, I would think that he may serve well to the rakyat. We need more educated and professional people like him through out ALL races and beliefs.

And if Yang Berkhidmat Ir. Jamaluddin fails, we cantas him in the PRU13. Apa susah?

So now, DAP dah setuju, PKR dah setuju... let's just bury the hatchet and move on.

In the mean time, Mr. Lim Kit Siang Sir, I don't and will not ever trust you any more. Not for a more unite Malaysia, certainly you're no healthy factor.

That said, here's a clip of LKS and De-Facto KeADILan Leader Anwar on Al-Jazeera, 12.03.08. Such a BIG HUGE DIFFERENCE than itu ZAM when he was interviewed on the same channel, no?:

Also, this is a good reading about should or should not a Deputy MB be a Malay as claimed by Sultan Selangor's private secretary yesterday.


The Faces of Khir Toyo

Abang kata letak gambar-gambar KT (Khir Toyo) ni.

Before -- happy happy happy

After -- hwaaaaaaaaaa!

Cuba teka kerana event apa?


Dah, Dah, doc. Please lah go back to your clinic in Kajang and become our family dentist again. I bloody need you to pull out my wisdom teeth on the left side pulak. Dulu you pulled the ones on my right side, without even having to cut through my gusi (I heard dentist lain kalau nak pull out wisdom teeth kena potong gusi sket...entahla). So, please lah. Your state administering is already proven as flawed, so just come back and be our normal local dentist will ya.

And dok diam-diam jadi rakyat jelata balik, boleh tak.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


1 - The Munajat Rakyat Kelantan Pertahankan Kerajaan Islam, Jumaat 7/3/08, 3pagi

I got to know about all these from the e-mail.

Diberi 1,000,000 tahun pun Umno memerintah, tak akan rakyat turun sebegini ramai untuk memohon perlindungan kepada Allah s.w.t dari yang munafiq.

You'll definitely have tears in your eyes, and see for yourself keikhlasan Tok Guru in administering Kelantan, dengan kehadiran 50,000 orang untuk bersama-sama berdoa bersama beliau.

I'll be honest, I don't think even from the 3 million KL population that we could even garner 50,000 of us Muslims to do such thing.

My utmost, utmost respect.

Read about it, and his doa, see photos, and watch video.

2 - Serikandi Kecil -- Shahadah

Kalau dia ada kempen dalam Mancunian accent dia, LAGI best! heh heh (link)

3 - Tak malu ka dey???

Apart from KJ yang menang tak tahu malu (aku dengar Che'gu Bard dah dahulu by very slim vote, and Bard was still ahead even after the 2nd count. Tiba-tiba undi pos masuk for the 3rd count, and 6,000+ votes for KJ. Pelik, eh??? Bodoh sangat ke pengundi pos bahagian Rembau ni? Takkaaaan lah. Dah pasti-pastinya 6,000 hantu yang pilih beruk macam KJ tu), anak Tun M si Mukhriz pulak antara yang mungkin menang cara tak bertelur. Sini.

Hidung tak berapa mancung, pipi tersodong-sodong. Ish tak malunya.

4 - "...perhaps we had laid to rest the ghost of May 13th"

I loike this, by Malik Imtiaz.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bau Stokin Kepam di Selangor

Abang kata semalam Tan Sri Khalid announced that public-related documents di pejabat Pentadbiran Negeri Selangor akan dijadikan open to public scrutiny.

What a great announcement for a start, ey? I hope TSAKI will not just announce, but take full action on the announcement and eventually turn it into a new culture in all government and government-link administration that relates to spending public money and assets.

Aku ingat lagi masa mula-mula Pak Lah naik dulu, I was really hoping that Pak Lah would take full action after his announcements on curbing the rampant bribery. Tapi terbukti janji beliau as Imam Hadhari tak boleh dipakai.

Hence, with announcements like TSAKI's, tak heran kalau ada yang kuat rasuah kat luar tu, sampai boleh bina istana di tengah-tengah kampung la kan, could get highly anxious over the announcement, and then kena heart attack malam tu jugak and terus innaaalillaah.

[note 12.03.08: dalam Metro keluar berita yang 'dia' kena heart-attack sebab distressed and stressed-out that Selangor jatuh ke tangan pembangkang. Kan dah kata.]

Yes, it's a distasteful and disrespectful remark coming from me, forgive me. But let's take a big huge lesson from this: kalau nak buat jahat di dunia, kita kena fikir anak keturunan kita. Sebab kalau Tuhan panggil kita, anak keturunan kita yang kena aib menghadap kejahatan kita yang tertinggal di dunia.

That said, aku rasa ada 'orang-orang di sana' yang cuba sengaja melewat-lewatkan pelantikan TSAKI as MB Selangor. Of course media-media kita tak akan beritahu the real reason, tapi enough to portray the impression as if the Barisan Rakyat masih bersiap-siap nak take over the MB office segala, with unfamiliar protocols to fulfill and so forth.

Kedah dah lantik MB on Sunday, right after GE on Saturday. Tak da kena ada protocol apa-apa pun??? Bukti tak takut apa pun kan?

And so has Penang dah lantik Guan Eng as CM on Monday. Bukti tak takut apa pun kan?

(Dear Mr. Koh Tsu Koon, Sir. You have now garnered yourself a huge number of admirers over your most gentlemanly take over your defeat... and one of your admirers now includes ME! If only leaders are like you, admit defeat with full honour and pride, then the world can certainly be a wonderful place to live in!)

Tapi Selangor??? Masih lagi tak lantik-lantik MB walaupun dah terang-terang siapa calonnya (unlike Perak) ~ so, ada macam bau stokin kepam dalam kasut, lah. Dodgy gila. Macam trying to buy time to sorok and shred any proof of questionable deeds (More photos here). So the very the obvious dolak-daliknya.

Diorang ni lupa yang copies of such documents ada di merata-rata -- di pejabat-pejabat lain, and even perseorangan. And diorang lupa that orang perseorangan sekarang tak ramai yang support dan sanggup lagi bersubahat dengan things that have been run in the administration.

Put it bluntly, hangpa tak leh lari memana, lah.

Tapi TV the asskisser would of course never highlight the fact that even Johor Pahang Negeri Sembilan Perlis Terengganu pun tak lantik-lantik lagi its MB.

Masih tak serik-serik lagi budak-budak media-media ni. Babap kang baru tau.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Out Of Work!

A plea received via sms that I'm sure most of you have received:

"My friend is looking for a job. His education background is not that strong. He has been working with the M'sian Government for more than 30 years. His last post held was Works Minster with Malaysian Government. His name is Samy Vellu. Please Help him."

Heh heh.

And then there's another sms, something in the line of "jika anda terjumpa seorang yang berambut putih, berkulit licin sebab makan tempe dan perasan hensem tapi muka jawa serta membawa penyapu, tolong laporkan pada mana-mana balai polis berdekatan sebab kunci pejabat MB Selangor ada pada dia sekarang, terima kasih".

Heh heh.

It's almost 12.30pm, and here in the government offices people are still talking about the tsunamics i.e tsunami politics. They are not afraid to talk about Anwar in broad daylight any longer. Everybody wants to be the analysts of the recent tsunamics. In fact, some of them buka ceramah Anwar and Izzah kuat-kuat di ofis... selamba je.

I think everybody's finally realised that kuasa ada pada tangan mereka sebagai rakyat, bukan pada pemerintah parti.

People keep thronging into my room and calling me on the phone, congratulating me on behalf of Abang and his comrades for making it big this time.

I said, let's thank the rakyat for this. Without them, Abang and friends could have never won the fight.

And with that, a gentle but firm reminder to us all, from Ustaz Zaharuddin -- "Tahniah Bagi Mereka Yang Menang & Peringatan" -- a must read.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Our Friends in Parliament

Ni budak comel Si Shahadah, anak pejuang reformasi Din & Ilush di Manchester

Did I mention we're still reeling????

The new Yang Berkhidmat friends that both of us personally know (of course Abang know more lah kan):

  • YB Abg Zul Noordin - P.18 Kulim ( y e a a a a a h h h h ! ! ! )
  • YB Tian Chua - P.115 Batu
  • YB Abg Din Nasution - P.029 Machang
  • YB Izzah - P.121 Lembah Pantai
  • YB Abg Azmin Ali - P.098 Gombak & N.19 Bukit Antarabangsa
  • YB Tan Sri Dato Khalid Ibrahim - P.124 Bandar Tun Razak & N.11 Ijok
  • YB Siva - P.107 Subang
  • YB Wee Choo Keong - P.116 Wangsa Maju
  • YB Joe Abdul - P.015 Sg. Petani
  • YB Gobi - P.017 Padang Serai
  • and it goes without saying, YB Kak Wan - P.44 Permatang Pauh

    And of course in Negeris there's Eli (Bukit Lanjan), Penny (Rawang), Nik Nazmi (Seri Setia), Amir (Batu Caves), Dr. Nasir (Kota Damansara), Ronnie Liu ... to name a few.

    TERBUKTI, Allah itu Maha Adil.

    Dia beri segala kemewahan pada pemimpin-pemimpin yang lupa diri... dan sekali Dia rentap, habis gugur segalanya. Aku boleh bayangkan Khir Tempe dan Semi-Vellu serta konco-konco mereka sedang scurrying deep into the burrows to kambus their rasuah documents.

    'Pembangkang Sifar', katanya. Look who is the Opposition now??? Heh.

    And Barisan Rakyat has won 82 seats out of 222 seats in the Parliament (with PKR leading having 31 seats), which automatically denies the 2/3 majority for BN to perintah cara kuku besi!

    Sekarang semua orang tahu siapa sebenarnya yang lebih berkuasa ~ Tuhan, dan RAKYAT!


  • ...and The Beginning Of A New Dawn

    I woke up this morning feeling hopeful.

    Abang and I are still reeling to the fact that kawan-kawan kami ramai terpilih untuk bawa suara rakyat ke Parlimen... Alhamdulillah.

    I'm sure Abg Umar Tan, Ben, Pak Lang Zaki, M.G Pillai, Salman and Chris(topher Fernando) are smiling ear to ear from above.

    TV-TV 1, 2 and 3 masih lagi mengampu-ngampu the Hadharian Government. Macam tak sedar-sedar lagi tentang Kebangkitan Rakyat. Astro Awani yang ok sikit pagi ni.

    Aku rasa nak ikut Abang pi ofis and keep abreast first-hand, tapi aku juga nak kemas rumah. Masalah besar, ni. :-p

    Oh, tiba-tiba kasih aku pada Malaysia melimpah-ruah tak dapat dibendung lagi!

    Selamat Menyambut Hari Yang Baru semua!!


    The End Of The Sweetest Day...

    What a sweet victorious day it has been today.

    It's now 3.15am, and I'm all set to call it a night.

    Abg Zul Noordin menang (Y.B ABG ZUL!! Tahniah!!), and so do Tian, Abg Din Nasution, Tan Sri Khalid, Mr. Siva, Eli Wong, Gobi, Dr.Jeyakumar, Dr.Nasir, Dr.Lo'lo', Kak Fuziah...and of course, Puteri Reformasi kita Nurul Izzah... to name a few.

    Wow, one day you wake up and suddenly your friends are now MPs! Yang akan betul-betul membawa suara rakyat!


    The photo above was taken at Pusat Pengundian Bangsar, and after SEVENTH counts (or so we heard), Izzah masih mendahului dengan 5000 undi!


    Unfortunately, as at 2am, we received a message that abg Azmin is still undergoing recounting process in Gombak! Eh, kalau kau dah kalah wahai BN, terima je lah kekalahan like a gentleman, kan.

    Like Samy (hope it wast the MOST MEMORABLE birthday for you, sir!), dah recount pun tetap kalah!!

    I think KJ was pure LUCKY. He only won after the 3rd recount. So, to us Che'guBard is still The True Winner!! Tahniah Bard!!

    Nevertheless, our friends memang tak sabar nak mengadap Khairy in Parlimen, baru tau langit tinggi atau rendah nanti.

    As for Tian, I got a message from a friend in SPR Batu at 10+pm. He told me, Tian dah lama ada kat tempat kira undi. Tapi BN's Lim Si Pin only make an appearance at 10.30, and then went out semula. I think Si Pin came hanya nak tunjuk muka... No point nak lawan Tian, woh. Tian's sting in Batu is way too strong for him.

    More sweet victory - Kelantan remains as pembangkang, Kedah Penang and Selangor now join the bandwagon. In fact, Parlimen di Kuala Lumpur SEMUA milik pembangkang except Setiawangsa.

    And as at 12am, the Barisan Rakyat has won a total of 76 seats - enough to deny BN's 2/3rd in the Parliament!


    This is indeed a new dawn... I can't wait to go through my days tomorrow, 'coz as of NOW, I'm CERTAINLY not the minority/pembangkang in the organisation anymore!!

    Jika kita Yakin, Tulus, Teguh, Sabar... Allah yang LEBIH Berkuasa, bukan Abdullah!



    Saturday, March 08, 2008

    Slot Sempena Pilihanraya ke-12

    Projek OTaK ~ Operasi Tawan Kulim

    Selepas kau baca cerita-cerita Abg Zul serta komen-komen yang ada (here, here and here), you would want to FIGHT for justice untuk bela orang-orang bawahan.

    "Pangkah pakai OTAK!!!"

    PLEASE turun mengundi, walaupun tak tahu nak undi siapa. 'Coz mereka-mereka yang malas nak turun undi lah akan diguna nama mereka oleh pengundi-pengundi hantu!!!

    Friday, March 07, 2008

    Listening to Abang

    Abang sedang jadi penceramah bidan terjun di Taman Dato Senu sementara tunggu Tian datang. Semua orang suka! He made EVERYBODY listens, including some MCA totok yg menyibuk nak buat kacau di sini.

    I am SO proud of him!!


    The Opposition Cat

    Even KUCING AKU pun keturunan pembangkang.

    Tengok dia minum air cara mana.

    Sebab itu kami kena alas bekas air dia ~ bila dia dah bosan minum macam kucing-kucing lain, dia akan 'kais' air dia macam ni.

    At least we now know that, No. 1, he's right-handed. No. 2, he's a 'leftist', a non-conformist cat, a kucing pembangkang... an opposition cat!!!

    heh heh.

    Seswaiiii sangat-sangat dia jadi kucing Abg Zul, ya Labi ya? Maaaawai sangat ni.

    (ps: also note Comedy Court's "Election Pak Lalalala" in the background as Abang was listening to it from the computer.)


    Niat Mengundi

    I LOVE this sms from Shabar:

    Sahaja aku keluar Barisan ikut Roket menuju Bulan kerana KeADILan.



    Aku YAKIN Allah itu Maha Besar jua. Kepada setiap yang munafiq Dia akan beri kemudahan dahulu, dan bila leka dan alpa sahaja Dia dengan pantas boleh RENTAP segala kemudahan itu barang sekelip mata.... Allahu a'lam.

    Selamat Mengundi everyone... dan undilah YANG TERBAIK untuk MALAYSIA dan KETURUNAN KITA, bukan setakat untuk perut dan hawa nafsu sahaja.


    Wednesday, March 05, 2008

    Identity Theft In Malaysia's Electoral Roll

    I editted the Al-Jazeera programme on Malaysia's 12th GE and took out only the identity theft bit, threw in a wee bit of translation and later on would disseminate this through the email to my officemates, who, 24 out of 27 of us are SPR 'paksarela's.

    I was really surprised that most of them don't even know the big huha that's happening around raSHIT and the EC.

    So, with the translation I want them to really understand the geist of the matter.

    I hope they will be a lot more aware of the stuff they'd prolly have to face later on come this polling day.

    Aku doakan agar mereka semua tak perlu tersepit bersubahat atas kebobrokan raSHIT.


    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    Poster Si Kera Jenglot

    Last night when Abang instructed me to do the poster on the left, I was elated. Aku memang dah lama sangat-sangat nak Abang buat katun based on the title of the film, tapi isu semasa waktu dia nak melukis selalu tak sesuai.

    Kali ni, Abang terlalu keletihan tapi dia nak aku tolong dia alter the posters.

    Dan aku dengan rela hatinya menambah satu lagi, yang belah kanan tu. heh2

    Though not perfect, but I'm damn chuffed. :-D

    That said, I must say posters done on Laman Marhaen are so darn cool!!!


    Al-Fatihah: Salman Datuk Nasaruddin

    Almost mid-noon tadi Umi Ayah called from Shah Alam, informing that they received a call about Salman kena langgar malam tadi pukul 10pm di jalan depan rumah dia while he was walking.

    Umi kata doktor kata tak da harapan due to serious head injury. He's in Neuro ICU in UH, on life support.

    Like, that car who knocked him down must be driving really fast to knock him badly like that while Salman was just walking by the roadside, no???

    Anyway, Umi Ayah kenal Salman 'coz Umi Ayah know his late father, arwah Datuk Nasa.

    I called-up Abang and inform him, 'coz Salman also works for PKR, I think more like DSAI's official photographer during his visits for ceramah.

    His photos are MAGNIFICENT. His photos showed his passion on photography. (Go to DSAI's page and see his "Gambar-gambar Lawatan DSAI ke..." entries, like here.)

    Aku tak kenal Salman ni personally. Perhaps because character-wise he's not as friendly as the others in Abang's office.

    At 2pm, Umi called from UH beritahu Salman passed away at 1.50pm.

    We've lost yet another very strong supporter of justice. He died way too young. He was only 24.

    Takziah for his family and friends.


    *** more photos and news of Salman here.


    Monday, March 03, 2008


    Baru-baru ni aku check the entire family's status in the electoral roll.

    Abang undi di Taman Melati; Aku Umi Ayah Ahy di Bangi; Celi and Udi tak registered in the roll.

    Am quite surprised to find Ahy's name registered actually, knowing how unbothered and non-chalant he is about all these. Nevertheless, I'm still happy that he is (registered), and printed his registration details as proof of registration.

    Little did I know from Umi Ayah this morning, Ahy told Umi Ayah over the weekend that HE HAS NEVER REGISTERED HIS NAME TO E.C BEFORE.

    Hmm, nampak gayanya ada orang kat luar sana yang tunggu masa je jadi Ahy, ya?

    Maka, the plan right now is, Abang & I will drive to Bangi the first thing in the morning of the polling day, pick-up Ahy, and Ahy & I will go to our polling station, hopefully to be the firsts.

    Supaya siapa-siapa yang rasa tengah berkobar-kobar nak curi identity adik aku akan terpaksa lupakan hasrat busuk dia.

    By then hopefully Umi Ayah tengah bersiap-siap bertolak balik ke Bangi dari menghantar my cousin Hafiz for his wedding in Penang.

    The conclusion?? You THINK you have never registered your name in the roll, but you never know now do you.


    With RaSHIT at the helm of EC, you can never tell the sort of crap he's saving up his sleeves.

    Ahy kata dia plan nak rosakkan undi. Kami kata, whaffor?? To still give victory to raSHIT??

    So... God speed, everyone. Tuhan kurniakan kita akal untuk bezakan antara yang munafik dengan yang benar-benar berjuang untuk cuba membetulkan keadaan.

    So, use your akal wisely, peeps.


    Sunday, March 02, 2008

    My Benson&Hedges Dreams

    I have two Benson&Hedges Dreams.

    One is to swim and play with the dolphins on end.

    Another is to catch CELINE DION show...and more meaningful if it's with Umi and adik-adik!


    I dread to know the price of the tickets to her show at Stadium Negara (or was it Merdeka??) this coming 8th April. It definitely can burn a hole in your pocket, that I'm sure! Itupun aku tengok tiket-tiket show dia all around Germany this coming July semua sold out!! Gila!

    Oh so many of her songs brought back tremendous amount of memories to me.

    I first fell in love with her 'Beauty and the Beast' back in 91/92. Bought that album and was hooked from then on!

    And then there's Titanic's 'My Heart Will Go On'... reminded me masa zaman-zaman long distant relationship in UK late '90s, and also masa I lost my loved one end '03.

    'Because You Loved Me' was from us all adik-beradik to Umi.

    And one of my all-time fave is her duet with Andrea Bocelli, 'The Prayer'. Aku sampai hafal la part-part italian lyrics dalam lagu tu.

    Baru-baru ni, after I saw the making of her latest album 'Taking Chances' on the telly, aku terus suka sangat-sangat-sangat the album.

    Aku suka her personality, her larger-than-life outlook, her passion for both her work and family, her humility... and never once have I heard of any juicy gossips about her. She's the biggest star ever, tapi perangai tak la se-diva macam J-Lo or even Mariah Carey. Ish, so inspiring lah.

    When I grow up, I definitely want to be like her.


    A Familliar Space?

    There's a huge possibility that in one of Labu's nine lives, he was a pair of Bata shoes.

    He definitely looks damn comfy in the box, don't he.

    And that's Adi in the background, jaga traffic kat corridor.


    Saturday, March 01, 2008

    Malaysian 2008 Elections on Al Jazeera

    I caught these on Al Jazeera Astro 513 at 3.30pm today.

    More on:-
    • Sunday, 2/3/2008 - 7.30 pm;
    • Monday, 3/3/2008 - 3.30 am, 10.30 am;
    • Wednesday, 4/3/2008 - 9.30 am, 2.30 pm.
    Or on YouTube, Part 1 here (where they even showed proof of names on the Electoral Roll with the same address but never been the inhabitant of the address) and Part 2 here (where our nervous EX-DPM evidently tried his hard not to be cornered by the reporter).

    I think I'd want to email the first clip to my whole office yang bekerja for the SPR this coming election day, so that they'll know what sort of dirty laundries they'd prolly have to cover.



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