Saturday, February 09, 2008

That Utagha Trip Last Weekend

First, there was the Dongeng Sebelum Tidur, here with lyrics (editted ones for original singer, here... which includes a karoke version, too!):

And then... there were these, too (please click at images for larger viewing. For the DSAI events, better photos are not used here since SK will be using in their coming issue):-

This was my first time attending DSAI's 'Ceramah Perdana', though not my first DSAI's event.

Fuh, memang best! His charisma that night, even though he had completed five other events around Kedah and also at the Dewan Hokkien prior to the Ceramah, was beyond words. He was funny, he was humble in his approach to the villagers... even dengan polis-polis (including the OCPD) who were waiting nearby pun he was respectful enough... even reverse-psyched them! "Kita kena berbaik dengan polis-polis ni... mana tau, satu hari nanti kita naik, kita pun perlukan khidmat depa.... *turns to police* hangpa semua pun, kena beringat-ingat sama, naa...", to the cheers of the crowd.

One thing I can tell you is that, he's definitely had not been sleeping in his work in the government pre-reformasi era, nor has he been sleeping NOW.

14,000 crowd! From Utan Aji and the surrounding area. You know lah how besar Perlis is, which is only, what, the size of KL? 14,000 odd crowd ~ imagine how desperate the rakyat wants a change this time.



Shabar said...

Faszt, this ain't about your recent entry. It's about maidin's ringtone you've created (the 'correct correct correct' tu). Just to share with baby bleh respond 'ha' bila aku ckp 'correct correct'. hehehe...damn funny! Just for the record, my 2nd daughter laaaaaagi hampeh. First time she heard, dia tanya 'Aunty, amender yang korek korek tu?' Wakakaka! I tell you, aku gelak nak pecah perut.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bukan maidin, daaa. it was lingam, heh heh.

jangan lupa beritahu sejarah ringtone tu, hehe

cute je anak-anak kau. hahaha


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