Thursday, February 14, 2008

K-era J-englot

Aku ingat lagi masa April 2004 aku ke KT untuk interview kerja, I was privileged to dipertemukan dengan a couple of cab drivers who willingly drove me from the airport to my hotel, and picked me from the hotel to the interview place, waited for me till interview habis, and on the way back to the hotel took a detour to some kepok lekor and roti canai segera places, and then that night after Maghrib picked me from the hotel to the airport... all in a total of less than RM40!

Wow. Jangan harap nak dapat first class treatment by cabbies macenggitu kat KL ni!

And in one of the rides, the Pakcik told me about the recent GE (March 2004) of how pengundi-pengundi hantu bangsa India beralamat di Pulau Duyung (Pulau Duyung tu kampung India, meh?) was desperately ferried in to cast votes in Terengganu in order to oust the then PAS Administrators.

Rata-rata, the whole of Terengganuans didn't like the idea that BN meneraju their state. They know they'll be exploited to the brim 'coz they have resources - petrol, tourism, warmth.

And then from earlier last year, I found out that there are also numerous Kelab Penyokong PAS in Malaysia... of Indians, Chinese, and even Ibans. And in real life too, I managed to meet some of them. Like Gobi, who is also Abang's mate.

(And I found out that there would also be a Konvensyen Kelab Penyokong PAS in Penang this coming 16-02-2008.)

Like, surely, there must be something really really right that PAS had done to accumulate such non-Muslims fans, no? I mean, even kita yang Islam ni pun ada yang tak minat PAS, kan?

In some ways, dari segi itu, dari segi pendakwahan, aku respect PAS sebab ada juga 'touch' the souls of the non-Muslims. Alhamdulillah.

But no, I'm not here to say that aku ni penyokong PAS eventhough rakan-rakan Abang memang banyak stalwarts and supporters of PAS (of course lah since Abang still lukis for Harakah, kan).

Cuma bila aku tengok kempen 'Pade Doh!' by Kera Jenglot in the TV, papers and net (here and here), I thought... my goodness. Orang-orang macam ni yang nak diangkat-angkat dan dibangga-bangga kan??? Macam budak-budak! Macam kera sumbang! Macam berkempen untuk Badan Wakil Pelajar masa MRSM dulu, gitu lah.

Perangai sekor-sekor dah la macam setan. Dia ingat orang ramai tak tahu skandal-skandal dorang? Kalau aku boleh bukukan dari cerita-cerita dalaman tentang depa-depa ni, aku boleh buat.

And ada hati nak buat slogan berbau lucah macam tu. Ditujukan kepada orang-orang Islam, some more! Easily proving that kepala depa memang penuh dengan benda-benda lucah, kan.

And orang-orang macam ni yang kebanyakan rakyat nak pilih untuk tadbir Malaysia??? Ya Allah.... wake up lah, rakyat-rakyat Malaysia!!!

And for once, and aku really tak sabar nak pergi mengundi 8hb ni!!!



F manchester said...

Reading through those BN links really brought back frustrations in which I hadn't felt for a while. It is so unbearably disappointing how low politics in Malaysia can be. The propaganda B**llsh*t we are forced fed day after day. The cronyism, the nepotism, the uneven distribution of wealth, the wastage, the corruption, the oppression, the greed, etc.... the list goes on and on... We are a nation that is sooo capable but is muted, apprehended and restricted in so many ways by the very people who are suppose to lead and secure us and manage our vast wealth and protential growth. Sometimes its beyong anger, and just sooo SAD....

Anonymous said...


hope you can release yr anger & sadness at d coming election..


Roti Kacang Merah said...

Kak ilush
there's a hell lot of things that rakyat still lacking to be educated about.

you'd be surprised that orang-orang di kampung ramai tak nampak benda-benda ni. coz they only have access to the biased mainstream papers and media.

Sebab itu sampai sekarang Zunar's paper tak dapat2 permit. U imagine kalau dapat permit, the whole of malaysia can be fed with the realities of the admistrators and politicians that the rakyat have elected.

oi oi jangan lupa vote, ok? can vote post, kan?

w'pun vote post tu tak semestinya bersih ('they' might change your vote masa mengira), nevertheless, it's better than them using your name for the pengundi hantus standing by.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kalau ada peluang, i tell ya, my friend here and her husband would definitely be the front people doing something for the GE.

her husband's been in the lockup zaman reformasi dulu. donch pray pray. heh.

F manchester said...

Wei hey!! Apperently a friend had inquired about voting through post-and suprise suprise, they say its too late to register. Will try and double check with M'sian High Comission. You're right about the hantu voters...

littlemuffins said...

I was there in KT before the election tahun 2004.. then after the pilihanraya we had to go to KT again.. on the way to KT, mmg bertembung dgn lots of buses from KT..
bila sembang2 dgn pakcik2 kat KT town semua kata on the elction day punya ramai Indians kat KT which they said was weird coz KT mmg tk pernah ada byk Indians..
from then on.. I believe in phantom voters..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

so now you know... vote for the munafiq to go out out out!


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