Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Day the 11th Administrators FINALLY Dissolved

Abang sms-ed at 12.15pm tadi, informing that Parlimen akan dibubarkan at 12.30pm.

Ah, sudah.

I was at a very tense site meeting at the time, and forwarded the sms to everybody at the office.

Itu tandanya ada harapan our Perasmian Tapak, due next Tuesday, ditunda LAGI untuk kali ke-2.

This time round, we had done wayyyyy so much work - drawings for banners, buntings, backdrops, Press kits, models, perspectives, presentation boards, name tags, mock-up cheques, sijil penghargaan, tempahan makanan, kenderaan, khemah, meja, kerusi, stage, audio, out-riders, traffic flows, pokok-pokok bunga, kemaskini jalan, used premix, media, etc - ADEH.

In fact, as at this morning, tapak dah cantik rata. Nak tunggu receive premix je esok.

Kalau kena tunda kali ni, I tell you. ESOK jugak kami akan pi karaoke dari 11am - 3pm macam aritu. No joke.

Aku sampai ke ofis at 2.30pm after two site meetings. And the Maintenance Unit called sebab dengar khabar angin yang Menteri may not want to proceed with the Perasmian Tapak.

Aku dah mula gabra. My Pegawai Tadbir, Mr.J, kena balik emergency ke KT pula tu pagi ni sebab ayah sakit teruk. Had to kacau him on the bus back to KT and asked him what I should do. He said Menteri's PA will call him this evening after post-cab meeting.

At 3.22pm, Mr.J called. "Kak Lin, confirm, batal. Tunda ke satu tarikh yang belum ditentukan lagi."

Haaa? Are you sure, J?

"Confirm, sebab pejabat Menteri baru call saya."

Teruuuuusssssss akak jerit, "Okay semuaaaaa! Perasmian Tapak, DITUNDA! Sila call semua jabatan-jabatan under your responsibilities to cancel all instructions and orders!"

We didn't know whether we were relieved, or more frustrated with the news.

We have put so much energy and effort.

And I even had to cancel my supposedly week-long break last week to complete my log book, for THIS.

Nevertheless, we made those numerous calls to cancel all arrangements.

Also to book one room in the Red Box esok, haha.

Kepala aku berdenyut-denyut, y'all. I need to lie down.


I really, really hate the selfishness and guts of the current (ex)administrators.

Kalau depa announce pembubaran lagi awal dulu, kan bagus? There's A LOT of things that can be arranged around the dissolving of the cabinet and the General Election. Kenduri kahwin, trips for umrah, melancong sana sini, cuti-cuti panjang ~ boleh plan if the rakyat knows about this well ahead.

I heard today after the announcement, punya la banyak lawatan-lawatan PM around the city kena cancel. Ada caterers dah masak untuk beribu-ribu orang yang akan datang, mainly for the surrounding residents! Khemah-khemah dah dipasang. Stage dah dibina. Cards printed and sent. Banners, buntings, all hanged. Everything arranged.

Suddenly, cancelled macam tu aja.

You see now who's slaving for who???

And I've friends getting married during the supposedly GE. They don't have a choice but to send out invitations, risking not having the intended guests coming for their wedding.

Sooooo menganiayakan rakyat!

And you lot STILL nak butakan mata for this???

Aiyoh, wake up lah peopleeeeeeeeeeee!



F manchester said...

I don't know why our culture selalu membesar-besarkan when a politician comes to either perasmian something or why we have them as our guest of honour, where we greet them like kings and we are their humble servents- no wonder they run the country like old tyrants.
Perhaps we should stop this 'culture'- make things simple. Less wastage. Here in the UK, only a handfull of people and media involved- afternoon tea or light brunch of tea and cakes and that will do the job, easy peasy.

goboklama said...

yah,t night b4 I heard PM said xde pmbubaran dlm masa trdekat,tetiba esoknya bubar?? Tipuuuu!!!!! Eh,menantu plak dh siap cetak agenda 18sx bagai,mcm dh tau lama plak,benci!!!

Anonymous said...


among bloggers & net frens i observed many disagree with govt.. sometimes i wonder do these ppl vote or not coz wen d result out.. arghh makes me feel like banging my head to the wall..

hope those staying oversea can come back & voice out their grouses..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
exactly the same sentiment!

but all the protocol shit. Gawd.

I even made very clear announcement in my office, that all the crap about daTO' or daTUK or sERI or sRI or ada YB tak da YB or who patut duk atas stage and who should give long-winded speeches should one day be scrapped in the future.

like as if all these is about THEM.

i respect Zunar's paper... their inhouse style dictates that all those tansrimansridatuksridatinsri crap is not applicable to them.

bukan boleh bawak dalam kubur pun.

Imagine the malaikat menyoal:
"Wahai Tan Sri KJ, siapa Tuhan kamu?"


Roti Kacang Merah said...

so next time, if dalam paper PM kata "tak, minyak/tol tak akan naik dalam masa terdekat ni", then you already know lah that silalah bawa duit lebih esoknya untuk harga minyak/tol yang baru.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

those overseas can also vote, what. and then there's the email and blogs and all, they can voice their grouses from anywhere.

tak boleh jadikan jarak sebagai alasan, when orang-orang kat Malaysia sendiri pun banyak yang jadi bodoh tak buat apa2.


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