Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cinta Alam

Dari gambar-gambar ni, kalau aku tipu aku pi holiday kat chalet mana-mana baru-baru ni, mesti orang percaya, kan?

Such serenity and tranquility this place was. I was only at the front porch, tapi berpuluh-puluh gambar detailing aku dapat capture.

Truth is, all these details came from a residential house, all meticulously designed and built using mainly solid chengal by four different architects I was told by the owner, a very prominent corporate figure who is now at the helm of keADILan. I would say, 80% of the house is made of timber. Right in the middle of KL. Bukit Damansara, to be exact.

I was in awe. Inspired, really. I told Abang, kalau anak-anak dia ada yang ambil architecture.... bertuah betul badan. Rumah sendiri as case-study. Semua detail ada. Complete!

Every corner ada ukiran - roof eaves, windows, wall panels, the stairs, even the perimeter walls! Like as if he's made a promise to himself that if he could afford it in his lifetime then he would want to be the custodian of every little detail in the Malay architecture.

Like the entire house breathes and speaks to you. Beautiful.

Tapi such humbleness - not even a luxurious car sporting on his drive-way. Or maybe dia sorokkan somewhere, kot? Anak-anak dia pun aku tengok guna Perodua Kembara je. Tabik.

He invited me to return to take more snapshots of his abode. "Jemput datang 12hb ni dengan Zunar, ya? Malam tu ada Malam Karyawan." Oh yes insyaAllah I will be delighted to, Tan Sri! I said.

That's tonight, yo.

Tak sabar. Rasa macam nak jumpa kekasih pulak, heh.
click at image for larger view

On another note, Perasmian Tapak untuk projek aku will be next week the 19th. There are just MILLIONS of things to do.

And to top it off, I've also two 'serah tapak' and another two site meetings this week. I haven't seen my mom for, like, 3 weeks now. I haven't had enough rest since coming back from that Genting retreat.

And at the risk of kena bletiaq dengan kawan-kawan Ar. aku, aku belum habis fill in my log book, due 29th Feb. Die.

I love the working hard bit, but I need to play hard too. Abang's too busy even to be my sparring partner (hmmm). But I'm lucky enough to have people at the office working hard for me too. Alhamdulillah.

Note to self, to get them all a special treat once all these are over.



elisataufik said...

waaahhh so cantik.. I love old malay houses' architecture.
Kita nak share collage ni with my husband, can or not?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

if you want to share the whole snapshot also can... nanti one day i download on an album and share witchu, otey???? :-)

Zetty said...

unrelated comment - ada a friend of mine looking around for ID. I recommended Ahy :)

blog member tu kat sini ha:


Roti Kacang Merah said...

tenchew for recommending ahyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

though tak sure if Ahy could afford to take up a project of that scale just yet (cantik dan besarnya rumah kawan awak tu!!!), but it could be of a real challenge for him!!!!

Thanks Zetty! wuv youuuu!!!!

F manchester said...

House- Beautiful! I hope the house stayed true to its functions- meaning natural ventilation etc.. and just not a decorative box. Hope there were no large A/C condensors on the other side!

Log Book- Ar. dah nak start meletiaq ni... heh heh heh. No lah, I'm happy to hear that you're going for it! I hope my/dedek's notes we gave you some 2 years ago are still valid and usefull.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
amazingly they have (stayed true to its functions). well, almost lah. coz they still had to put glasses at the natural ventilator slits high up at the wall to prevent insects and burung from coming in.

nope, so far, no aircond and condensers to be seen(tak tau la if dalam bilik ada ke tak), and in fact, kipas siling pun was nowhere to be seen!

tapi hangat juga la rumah dia.

I'll put some photos soon!


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