Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All's Well

Mintak nyawaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Real busy. Yang tak terkata punya. Perasmian Tapak yang ditangguhkan baru-baru ni, ‘on’ balik. This coming 19th Feb. Tolak cuti Chinese New Year cuti weekends, as at yesterday, we only have TEN working days to expedite everything all over again.

Mintak nyawaaaaaaaaaaaa.


And I did mention I was fair in my previous fiasco entries, kan?

So, in order to be fair, I must record this too : Despite the burst of emotions at S last week, that night we patched things up.

At first, he sent me pretty spiteful sms-es:
“… you know kak lin I really really hate you for what you did to me today you din have to scream at me infront of other people you could’ve called me in your room but at least now I know of all the people in the office I cannot trust you any longer I really really hate you I admit I’m not a nice guy but deep down I have feelings too and about the halal haram OT tu it’s up to God to punish me not you so please don’t get too busy body with us at the admin…”

Aku jawab. Also in strings of sms-es:
“… yes, forgive me for my behaviour I’ve to admit that was not the most professional conduct to be screaming at you in front of other people. I did plan to call you in my room but your officers and I have done that before and you still degil and tak makan kata, that’s why I just had to do that so that everyone there was being reminded too that there’s no room for fooling around in the office and it’s just so unfortunate that you yang kena and not your friend the typist. And you said you’re sensitive but it’s still okay for you to rendah-rendahkan orang-orang lain yang jawatan lagi rendah dari you?

It’s okay for you not to trust me any longer but when the technical boys bully you selalu you think it’s because they like you izit? And who have been the one backing you up from their bullies all those time? Has it not been me? And among everybody at the office, who have been treating you with utmost respect and professionalism when it comes to your scope of work? Has it not been me too?

And who are you to tell me not to be busy body with the situation at the office when I was one of the 3 people sent by the Mayor to first set up the Unit, from totally nothing up till all the comforts that you're getting here at the office… so you know you guys either do it MY way or take the highway!...”

Suddenly, after bombards of sms-es from him and equally of mine, he kept quiet.

And then he apologized and explained that he never wanted to have enemies. Ditto here, I said. I never wanted to make enemies, tapi I tak boleh biarkan orang pijak kepala orang lain. I apologize again of my behaviour, and I really hope orang-orang admin kat depan and also the whole of the office take things serious and with respect when it comes to dealings in the office.

And then, he sent me streams of ‘friendship sms-es’ to ambil hati Kak Lin dia. Sweet, eh.

Esok paginya, we had an office meeting for the Perasmian Tapak. He sat beside me. I even taught him how to do an assignment he had to undertake for the Perasmian Tapak.

And all I saw from every corner of the room was mata-mata yang terbeliak, like as if yesterday’s fiasco didn’t take place whatsoever.

All’s well that ends well.

But ever since that fiasco, I witness that semua orang take and do their work with more pride, not take their superiors for granted, AND have more fun… that goes without saying.

‘Coz I remember telling the whole office once from what I once gotten from the team of astronauts of Columbia who died on the way back to Earth 5 years ago: “If you’re not having fun in your work, there must be something really wrong.”

So, you know... Alhamdulillah, things tak melarat ke apa ke.

That said, aku tak sabaq nak cuti lusa hari Khamis ni. Letih the long weekend Fri-Sun baru-baru ni masih tak hilang-hilang. Both Abang and I just want to sleep-in with Labu and Labi and have real good rest.



Amy said...

Ambik Amy lah keje Admin ehehhe

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Tengok-tengok lah dalam surat khabar or on my organisation's webpage... kalau ada jawatan kosong, DO minta!

I'd be more than HAPPY (more like, LEGAAAA!!!) if you could work with us! :-D


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