Friday, January 12, 2007

Buy Buy Buy!

Tun BigNose ~ The Collection, by Zunar

Banner courtesy of Tok Rimau
Support our local most daring and original political cartoonist! Go get my husband's book now! :-D

(Also inconspicuously available at MPH Bookstores, Kinokuniya and Popular Bookstores... do ask at the counters!)

Picture gallery of the book-launching here by Azmin from Pretty Peektures.

“I don’t think there’s anyone out there who really qualifies to be called a political cartoonist apart from Zunar...”

~Steven Gan, Editor-In-Chief, Malaysiakini

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lil ms d said...


friday i dok gi cos i demam 'detoxification' ubat SNE (yang i blog tu).

mak oi. even abah was worried, suruh i stop makan. macam-macam keluar dari hidung telinga etc!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Kak D
aiseh...if only you'd have taken the meds on saturday instead!!! I tunggu-tunggu juga kalau kakak muncul, tau! I din even sit inside the hall the entire launch!

'Well soon, kakak!!!

Zetty said...

ada pix lawyer itu kah?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

nanti kak lin tanyakan abgzul.... *winks* hehehehehe.

susan said...

hi, it's really a pleasure to drop by your blog. zunar is my favourite cartoonist, and one of my favourite personalities too.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Hi susan! a really great honor for you to drop-by!!! Hope you to see you around one day! :-D

Anonymous said...

i just bought ur hubby's book. wahh.. dedication.. dahsyat tu.. :)

anyway was a bit disappointed lah. banyak katon dalam tu dah kua kat mkini and hdaily.

i was thinking more like new cartoons. i am disappointed. i'm gonna sleep all day becos of the disappointment. :|. heh.

Roti Kacang Merah said...


katun-katun dalam tu memang from msiakini and harakah lah... therefore, it's a collection...heh heh.

thanks for supporting anyway, yea!!!

Anonymous said...

oh right.. d'uh! (to me).


but seriously, kudos for a job well done. i've always admired your husband's work. and man.. where did her get all those ideas?

and yes, Steven Gan is very right.

anyway, keep up the good work. all the best to both of you. (should i extend the well wishes to your cats as well? :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...


where did he get all those ideas??? through readings, observations and sheer hardwork... his brains practically rarely shut down to rest!!! kesian dia.

anyway, really really appreciate your support and well wishes...and yes, i will extend your wish to Labu & Labi too!! :-D

Till the next book!!!

sempoii said...

congrates to ur asben kak rot.. mmg lawak la dia tu dr zaman gila2 dulu sampai la skang...

moga u both hepi sokmo.. :)

RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla said...

political cartoons collection...
that's cool!
should give that a shot!..
congrats to your hubby

Roti Kacang Merah said...


thanks for the wish!!! jgn lupa ar, cari the book kat MPH or Kinokuniya *winks*


phew, long name you got there lah! thanks for the wish, on behalf of him!!! now, now, pi cari di MPH or Kinokuniya and get one copy mkay??? hehe!

chegubard said...


can i borrow your nice banner about zunar book and paste it to my blog ?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Hi Bard! How's Korea like???

Yes of course you can borrow any of Zunar's banner/clips here for your blog!!!

Many thanks!!!

Brother Lans said...

Aslkum MdmRotiKacangMerah, BroLans here from Putrajaya.In your "toll naik 10sen" I asked whether your 'AbgZul' is Zunar & this article answers all.Like your archi memang kreatif:-)
Will keep reading your blog occasionally..psst,BroLans pun ex-archi student way back in 1980's at Jln Gurney,and..and I kenai the Mr.Zunar. Wsalam AufWiedersehen

Roti Kacang Merah said...

wslm Bro Lans!!! Baruuuuu je replied your comment kat "Talk To Ma Hands", sebenarnya! Thanks for dropping-by!

Anyway, jgn lupa beli buku Zunar, ya? *grins*

See ya around!

Brother Lans said...

Mdm RKM (that stands for the 'rotikacang...')I used to call him Zul, hehe dah lama tak jumpe Zul.Kalau ada launching kat Putrajaya nak pegi lah,mana tau jumpa BroZul@Zunar, dia mesti kenai punya..tanye dia budak archi yg duduk kat flet KgBharu (mcm dia sorang duduk flet KgBaru hehe) kalau dia tak ingat takpe,InsyaAllah boleh jumpe.Wsalam AufWiedersehen.p/s U seemed to like cats so much,huh?mesti minat kat CatFarish jugak nih!:-) Kirim salam kat Zul.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bro lans, spoken to my husband about you... and he remembers you still!!! apparently, you're his long lost best friend masa Uni! *grins* Dia suruh email his hp number to you! Tunggu!

Atok said...

salam hopping from dina's.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hi atok!

thanks for dropping by!

jonos said...

Saya belum habis belek koleksi baru Abg Zunar sejak dari membelinya kat pameran. Saya tengok karyanya dan saya fikir.."Kalau Predator(alien yg kumpul tengkorak tu)turun kat Malaysia..Predator tu akan penggal kepala ramai org yang dia buru lepas scan tengkorak manusia tu..Tapi bila Predator dapat scan tengkorak Abg Zunar dia akan ajak lawan bertumbuk macam Predator lawan Arnold Susah Nak Eja, dalam filem Predator yang pertama dulu." Ekeh keh keh. Semoga koleksi terbaru itu jadi best seller!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

heh2, what an analogue, to one of Abg Zunar's fav movie lak tu, heh2.

Thanks for the huge support, Jonos!!!:-D

jonos said...

Ekeh keh keh.

dill said...

Hi kak lin,

long time no see..ape kabar?
saje drop by.. hopefully semua sihat :)

kemsalam buat semua..abg zunar.. apak n umi :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hi shidah!
Jgn kirim salam ke AbgZul je, kirim-kirim lah juga order untuk buku dia! hehehe

you take care and thanks for dropping by!

VP StickonMe said...

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kimster said...

can I buy a signed copy by the author?

love 'em Zunar cartoons since the early Gila-Gila days! :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Mr. Kimster,
Have spoken to my husband ~ he will personally post the autographed book to you! Postal address (and names of autographees) to my email, please! :-)

many many thanks for the support!

OOD said...

jumaat ni i cabut to kino and buy buy buy!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

mdm ood!
such pleasure of you to drop by! :-D

if you need the cartoonist to sign sign sign, then he could actually post the book to you from his office, at the same price!!! :-D

Jaa said...

i always admired your husband's work.But i already had all the collection.Anyway...i juz bought zunar book and my favourite cartoonist. too zunar "lupa kawan lama kaa'....

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Hi jaa!

Thanks for the support! He said, "Mana boleh lupaaa" :-)

OOD said...

kino tak juai lah.. they dont carry that many local books, they said. shame on them.

ok jgk tu. nanti i bwk yg lain buku dia fm home 4him to sign too, can? i email u ok?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

mdm ood
aik? tak jual??? I better tell znr this... have msiakini check out on them. ish ish. thanks ah!

caaaan, you bawaklah truckload pun, he'll be more than happy to oblige!!!

vesewe said...

Malaysia under Umno was, is and will forever be a basket case. What we see now as development and progress are merely internal consumption.

Unless the government commits to real change and wiping out of the current rot in Umno, Malaysia is slowly but surely spiraling downward towards being a pariah country.

samp said...

If anybody who thinks that corruption and racial discrimination is not wrong then there will be nothing that is wrong.

This is what actually happening in Umno. They love the two evils:

(i) corruption to enrich themselves (ii) racial discrimination to make them feel good and superior to other races (when they do not know that they still need to be spoon fed and the tongkat) and deceive the poor kampung folks that they are heroes to their race who keep on voting for them.

They are actually robbing the country by making everybody poorer, malays and other races alike. Petrol prices are raised with hundred and one excuse, and tolls are raised without any transparency, and everything has gone up making the poor becoming poorer.

I do not see anything that they can be proud of, and nothing superior about them. Even to rob, they are all given assistance and tongkat to do it by having two set of laws, one for them and one for the ordinary citizens.

yuking said...

Dear Mahathir, 22 years you left us nothing but:

- A generation of poor non-malays who is gangsters or selling DVDs
- AP issues
- A useless currency in the ringgit
- IC Project in Sabah
- Keris waving political party members
- MAS in deficit
- Proton in financial trouble
- Racial divide
- Tongkat generation
- World's most expensive tolls anywhere in the city

And now, after being out of politics, you suddenly talk a lot of malays this and that when you had 22 years in power and you did absolutely, jack shit.

Please old man, you want to make a change, it is too late now. All you can do is look at that man in the mirror and cry before you meet your almighty maker.

Roti Kacang Merah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
goboklama said...

wowwwwy!!!.. what a comments!!!! Makes me restless just reading thru it,hihi...

That cookies,how am I gonna make orders? Don wanna call lah, I'm shy-shy lot. Kalau boleh bagitau tempat nak ambil,lagiii senang. Pls advise,thx & selamat berpuasa :)

affq gay said...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Afiq, looks like you're the only one among them here who's pretty much grown-up and seen the world, I must say.

It's good that these friends of yours voice out their oppinions now. Once they're really out there in the dirty real world and see what enfolds right infront of their eyes, they'll come back here and read their adolescent comments and laughed back at their "innocence-nonsense". And realise how correct you been!

Well done, young man. Keep it up!

keadilan said...

Afiq gay boy, you r natural follower of
Anwar Ibarahim...guess your arsehole jsut cant wait to go into keadilan....go man go follow your arse...

stop trying to trying to be respectable quoting quran so forth...wont fool us you dirty gay boy...mwaah

What so good about AFIQ the gay boy. You want your son to be like him?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

will email you!!! ;-) thanks for the support!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

whoever that affq gay is,
apa kaitan those who berani to voice out oppinions dengan being in Keadilan???

beza engkau dengan afiq & kawan-kawan dia adalah, kau tak de teloq and suka jilat juboq (a$$ ki$$er). as simple as that.

now, WHO is the gay one here. heh.

kalau kau suka sangat BN yang penuh dengan perogol budak-budak hingusan and simpan banyak pompuan simpanan... by all means, tak da siapa melarang. Free country, free choosing, mate.

romsam said...

This kind of word play shows a complete contempt for the intelligence of the Malaysian public.

Public perception in Malaysia is a crude measure of any institution's performance because the information provided to the public is generally packaged and filtered by Umno-controlled television station and media.

Universities are themselves fiefdoms, controlled not by qualified and capable academic administrators, but rather by Umno political appointees, many of whom have absolutely no background in education management.

Clearly it is because the results of the THES and virtually every other public or private ranking system show Malaysia institutions to be mediocre at best and most rankings do not even mention Malaysia at all.

Our neighbors like Singapore, Korea, Japan, China and Australia have a number of institutions that regularly appears in the top 100.

It makes no sense. The reality is that our universities are simply mediocre extensions of a flawed high school system. Our best students have no choice but to travel abroad to earn a decent education and must do so at great costs.

Our government has shown by example, that nepotism, deceit, corruption and bribery are the key ingredients for success in this nation.

julee said...

This country has racist laws that discriminate against minority citizens. Over the last 3 decades the discrimination has gotten from bad to worse.

The policies of this government reminds us of South Africa's apartheid days which was condemned by all humanity.

I wonder how these racists can reconcile their actions with the tenets of their religion.

yuking said...

Each time I read such comments, it always makes me feel how lucky I am to out of Malaysia.

Emigration is not for everybody but those who have done so, ultimately feel highly rewarded in terms of the future for themselves and their kids. Imagine them growing in an environment devoid of racial, ethnic and religious discrimination.

More importantly, they are now exposed to a wider community that embraces multiculturism, meritocracy, fair go and personal freedom. Guess which group will be better equipped to face the future challenges in this world?

ruyom said...

I found it rather ridiculous that the information ministry will be sending an official warning letter accusing Al Jazeera of being one-sided when reporting the Bersih rally while all major news media in Malaysia has been one-sided when reporting about incidents or news in Malaysia such as corruption, election, racial issues, the list can go on and on.

How often do we see the local radio, TV stations and major newspapers report comments or interviews with opposition leaders? I don't get to see Anwar or Lim Kit Siang appear on TV more than groups of impotent BN monkeys.

Zainuddin should really look back and see what our local major news media have been reporting before accusing other networks as being one-sided in reporting events happening in Malaysia. It will be like throwing shit back into our own faces if they know what our local news media have been reporting on the Bersih rally.

I pity the local journalists and news reporters working in these news media. Not only are they controlled by the ruling party in what to and what not to report, they even ended up telling lies to Malaysians. That is the kind of pathetic journalism they are practising. I don't even know if I should call it journalism anymore.

reek said...

This is what happen to a good country ruled by a bad ruling party.

Enriching themselves and forget the rest. Those greedy and selfish Umno are to be blamed.

chocolat said...

faz .. need the book .. but must signed by ur lovely hubby le .hehehehhe,,, faeiz

Roti Kacang Merah said...

eh, pasti lah boleehhhh!!! nanti aku ym or sms! :-D


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